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Ability to build custom related list in Visualforce

Development (Apex / LWC / VF)

Currently if you want to have a related list on a page whose list data is a subset of that object's data (for example, you want a related list of only grants rather than all opportunities) you need to build the control from scratch yourself. While this is not too cumbersome at a basic level, re-writing pagination from scratch is quite complex - and frankly a bit of a waste of time. Additionally, your custom related list will never appear in the upper hover area. It would be great if the related list tag could take a custom SOQL query and only display those objects. Even if it's only possible to do a filter on recordtype, that would be extremely useful. Many of our clients are asking for this. Something like: lt relatedlist list="Opportunity" recordType="Grant, Donation" rendered="true" /gt or even better: lt relatedlist list=Opportunity" recordType="Application" whereClause="stageName='Rejected'" rendered="true" /gt (with proper character escaping) p.s. your editor just erased my sample tags the first time through! Hence the lt and gt instead of the actual characters. thanks! Sara

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