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Allow Custom Objects on Mobile Lite

Reports & Dashboards

While I am grateful that Salesforce has seen to grant users of Salesforce a Mobile Lite license to make use of their CRM data on their mobile devices, Im also wishing for a little more. Currently, Mobile Lite allows you to see Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, Events, and Dashboards. These are great core CRM data sets. However, Mobile Lite does not offer the ability to use Mobile Configurations which you need to build filtered data sets and get data from your Custom Objects. Im not going so far as to ask for the ability to edit data on a mobile device. I understand that editing is a key value of purchasing the full Salesforce Mobile license. I would however like to be able to see my custom objects available in Mobile Lite as they contain some key data related to my Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. The other side effect of not having access to Mobile Configurations on Mobile Lite is that you cant reduce the size of the page layout thats displayed on the mobile device. You are showing them the same page layout theyd see on their desktop, which for some people is exactly what they need. For others, a mobile version of the data contains a smaller data set which is most key.

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  • Paolo Bergamo - 9 years ago

    @Jakester, you are right about iPhone. We are working on the button 'search for records related lists'. On other platforms it is called "find more" button. It lets you get quickly all the assets related to a record.
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