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Partial Delivery in Summer 16
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Add option to not save email attachment to Salesforce

Email & Email Templates

When I create an email with an attachment, and after I send it, the attachment is not associated with the email in the history. This is true both for files attached from My Computer as well as those from a Document folder. If I want to save the attachment with the email, I have to go and actually attach the file in notes and attachments, but there is not an easy way to link the attachment to the email in the Activity History. This extra step is a pain, and you lose information because you can't link from the email to the attachment, like you can if you send the email with attachment using Outlook Edition. It would be great to add a checkbox to the attachment list to cause the system to save the attachment along with the email and place a link to the attachment for future reference.

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  • Austin Tam - 6 months ago

    Hi everyone,

    I'm reopening this idea and marking it as partially fixed. A couple of folks had let me know that this idea isn't fully delivered (e.g see

    Here's what was delivered in Summer '16:
    When Enhanced Email is enabled, email attachments will be stored in the Email Message record if the email is sent from Email Author in Classic or the Email Action in Lightning (along with the full text, html content as well as information such as recipients and who sent the email). There is no option to choose which attachments to save on a per user or admin level. This is to simplify the functionality and also to ensure that the email message record faithfully represents what was sent.

    The Email Message records themselves use Storage Limits whereas email attachments are stored in Files which have File Storage limits of 2GB per user. This should be enough for most users but let us know if you run into any issues here.
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