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Allow Task(s) to be assigned to a Queue

Sales Productivity (Notes/Activities/Calendar )

Since for some reason this still hasn't been implemented (while I see simular idea's since 2008) I would like to bring the following to the attention of (well....everybody reading this)

In our company (and I assume more companies) we work with a Customer Service and Finance Department as a back office to our Sales Team. Since we are making our processes as open as possible (to make sure every back office employee can 'back up" the work for every employee) we do not have special assigned persons to each Sales Representative. So (1 example) when a new customer is brought into the company by a Rep he/she sometimes send a task to a departments email box, Since we started to work with Salesforce, we implemented different approval processes and workflow processes where we tried to do the same.

However, since we can not assign a (for example) Customer Service Queue to a task we are definitly missing out on effectiveniss in our workprocesses. We can create a workaround, but since this one example is just coming back in multiple workflows, approval processes etc this "Not having this functionality" is starting to be frustrating.

Therefore, we need to be able to assign a task to a queue.

The idea:
Allow Tasks to be assigned to a queue (and make it so that only 1 person from the queue has to complete it)

A workaround would:
  • Allowing Task to be assigned to Roles, where it wouldn't go to all people in that Role as separete Task, but as a "task to first to respond or something"
  • Allow Task to be assigned to multiple users (but also as a "first to respond")
Feel free to give comments, suggestions or just vote for implementation!
Thanks and regards,

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  • David Louie - 2 months ago

    A feature inspired by this idea is up for consideration in the May 2019 round of Prioritization. Help us determine which features you want us to prioritize as we begin planning for Spring ‘20 and beyond. Visit to access the Prioritization survey by June 2.
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