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Increase Formula Compiled Size above 5000

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Please increase the formula size above 5000. I know APEX is a solution; however it is time consuming and difficult to obtain the resources. 

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  • Shannon Hale - 7 years ago

    This particular limit is determined by the maximum query size that the database can execute, which is not something we have much control over. What we can control is the makeup of a query, by writing formula functions that execute more efficiently and compile to smaller sizes. It's a bit like a suitcase: we can't change the dimensions, but we can fit more into it if we move things around and fold them better.

    In Summer '12, we were able to decrease the compile size of many formula functions, some of them -- particularly the date-related functions -- drastically, by removing the checks that are done behind the scenes from the compile size. This meant that some formulas that previously compiled to more than 5,000 characters, now compile to less than half that (see my earlier comment for examples).

    This doesn't solve every case, and we are continuing to evaluate the efficiency and performance of our formula functions and engine to make further improvements -- trying to fit more into the suitcase, as it were. But the limit won't be changing or going away any time soon.

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