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Passing Hidden Values through Web-to-Lead Forms

Campaigns & Leads

If you have multiple web-to-lead forms on website you might want to automatically pass hidden data behind the scenes. For example, what web page generated the lead, was it a search engine referral, or what email campaign did the prospect respond to?

There are two ways to do this. Create a hidden custom lead field in the web-to-lead html or auto-assigning a campaign (also with a hidden field).


Here are some html samples of the different cases:

1) Here's just a standard input field created by theweb-to-lead html generator (simple text box to enter Company name in this case):

Company: <inputname="company" id="company" type="text" size=20 maxlength=80><br>

2) To submit a custom lead field with a Web-to-Leadsubmission, but hidden from user:

<input type="hidden"name="00N30000000lNRn" id="00N30000000lNRn"value="Sample Hidden Input">

(* Note that the ?Çÿname' and ?Çÿid'values are the sfdc assigned ID of the custom field... not the text name you givethe custom field when you created it. ?Çÿvalue' is just whatever data you wantauto-submitted into this field to show on the resulting lead record)

3) Auto-assign a campaign, hidden from user (shows in theCampaign History related list on the lead record)

<input type="hidden"name="Campaign_ID" id="Campaign_ID"value="70130000000106z">

<inputtype="Hidden" name="member_status" value="Responded -Attending">

Again, the sfdc assigned ID of thecampaign is used as the ?Çÿvalue'... not the text name.

John Meeker -Sales Engineer

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