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Report Filters Should Be Able To Compare Fields To Each Other

Instead of just being able to compare fields to values, there should be a way to compare them to other fields. For instance, if "Amount is great than Annual Amount" (Custom field). As opposed to just "Amount is great than 'some… Show more

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Delivered in Winter '13
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Multiple Contacts to be allowed on one activity, be it a task or event! Please!

Our sales reps have meetings where they could literally speak to thirty contacts or have tasks where they could involve 30 contacts. We too, want to track that activity. We want our reps to get credit for all thirty of those talks but we all know our… Show more

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Allow Task(s) to be assigned to a Queue

Introduction:Since for some reason this still hasn't been implemented (while I see simular idea's since 2008) I would like to bring the following to the attention of (well....everybody reading this)History:In our company (and I assume more… Show more

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Delivered in Spring 19
Delivered in Spring 19

Configurable default list view in Lightning Experience

Currently the default list view shows "Recently Viewed" records. Most users expect to see all records they can access and are confused by the default view during their first use of the platform.  A similar problem exists with classic. The… Show more

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Add a new Standard field type: Address

Often times Address blocks need to be added to Custom Objects are even Standard Object (often to Opportunities for example to identify precise shipping locations). The Address type already exists but Admins can't create them. Open it up! ; )

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Workflow email alerts to contacts should be recordable as activity history

The new ability to send email templates to contacts triggered by time-based workflow is a great process automation capability, but we need to see the history of those emails against the contact. There should be a check box when you create an alert… Show more

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Ability to Set Accounts & Contacts as Inactive

It would be very helpful to be able to mark Contacts or Accounts as Inactive and then have those records no longer show up in picklists (aka: Lookup Fields).

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Open - Not Planned

Ability to PRINT Dashboards

It would be brilliant if users were able to print dashboards directly from Salesforce in an usable format ie showing all the columns on a page. Another function would is being able to snapshot a particular object on a dashboard so it can be used in… Show more

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Global (Universal) Picklists

It would be fantastic if we could create our own custom "Universal Picklists", like the Industry picklist that is synchronized between Leads and Accounts. It would greatly streamline administration and data quality management, especially… Show more

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Eliminate Need for Master-Detail Relationship for Roll-ups

I want to be able to have a roll-up for any related object regardless if there is a Master-Detail relationship. If the object is linked to another object, then it should be able to roll-up.

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