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Link Campaigns directly to Accounts

It would be very useful to be able to apply campaigns to accounts and not only to leads and contacts. We send our promotional faxes and emails to our accounts but not specifically to a given contact within the organization but still would like to… Show more

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Delivered Summer 17
Delivered Summer 17

Synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce Calendar

Google now has calendar functions. Synchronizing the salesforce calendar with the google calendar would allow us to deliver tasks to a diverse set of tools used in the field. Like cell phones.... It would allow customers to scan sales calendars to… Show more

198 comments · 11 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Campaigns: 'add to campaign' button not available in Custom Report Type

We have made several Custom Report Types (Summer'07 feature!) to create better campaign target groups on multiple (custom) objects with Contacts. GREAT! However the 'add to campaign' button is not available on the custom report types… Show more

233 comments · 10 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 18
Delivered in Summer 18

Custom Time Field

It would be nice to have the ability to create custom Time Fields. Currently, we have the ability to create Time/Date fields, or just Date fields, but not Time fields. A time field would be handy for: - special event management - time tracking -… Show more

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Delivered in Summer 17
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Gmail to Salesforce - TRUE Integration

To integrate with Gmail and Google Apps, the proposed solution is to add the unique Email-To-Salesforce email address to be blind-copied on every email sent. Currently, emails BCC'd to one's personal add-to-Salesforce email address can be… Show more

161 comments · 10 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Change Letterhead on Template

I want to be able to edit an e-mail template and change the Letterhead. Right now I have a working e-mail template that is using an Old Letterhead. To change this I have to recreate the whole e-mail template instead of just updating the Letterhead. Show more

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Campaign History Tracking

Provide the ability to track history for standard and custom fields on campaigns.

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Enable automation rules to run more than ONCE!

Allow prospects, Leads etc.. to run through the automation rule more than once if they meet the filter criteria. Also allow the rules to run more than once or on a schedule (once a day, month year) One use off the top of my head would be to set a… Show more

27 comments · 3 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Object History related list isn’t supported in Lightning Experience

I gone through release Notes and found that Object History related list isn't supported in Lightning Experience . This is must required functionality. Please allow user's to add History related list in Lightning Experience.¬†Related… Show more

53 comments · 2 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 17
Delivered in Summer 17

Convert Lead process in New Lightning UI (Automatic create Account)

With the new Lightning UI,¬†Whenever we try to convert Lead than it will give option to choose existing account or we have to create a new Account manually, if existing account is not found and user try to save it . It will throw an error. It will be… Show more

104 comments · 2 years ago

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