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More Trailhead Ranks and to share on LinkedIn after completion of a badge.

How about Ranks after RANGER ? These ranks really motivates to learn more, and till 100 badges I felt like I have a goal after which I'll receive that awesome Rank on my profile. But after RANGER rank, my goals are like double ranger or triple… Show more

5 comments · 1 year ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

History Tracking for Tasks

Provide the ability to track history on Tasks.

353 comments · 12 years ago

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Ability to report on Users' Permission Set Assignments

Now that we have the great and wonderful Permission Set Assignments, we also need to be able to report on it. Just like we can already report on users' role and profile, we need the ability to report on permission set assignments too. For example… Show more

469 comments · 8 years ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Opportunity Queues

Currently you can create Queues for Leads, Cases, and Custom Objects. Customers would like the ability to create Queues for Opportunties.  Show more

168 comments · 5 years ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Allow Lookups fields to target Opportunity Products

Allowing Lookup fields that can target Opportunity Products would significantly expand the possibilities for creating dynamic Quotes and Work Orders. If you copy an Opportunity Product (as done in the Apex Sample Application) the connection between… Show more

136 comments · 12 years ago

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Allow quick action on related lists

Currently, buttons visible in Salesforce Classic on related list are not displayed in Lightning Experience.We'd like to be able to add quick actions on related lists.It would avoid us to pack all our buttons on the top right corner.

271 comments · 2 years ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Process Builder: Waiting Flow Interviews: Provide Better Information

When time-based workflows are triggered, we can monitor when they are scheduled to actual perform their actions using the Setup...Monitor...Time-Based Workflow page.  We can see the workflow rule, the actual record that triggered the workflow, and… Show more

267 comments · 5 years ago

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Import / Copy Buckets from other Reports

When using Buckets in Report Builder, it would be useful if there was some way of copying a Bucket field from another report, so if I have multiple reports that need the same buckets, I don't have to build them again. It could be restricted to… Show more

78 comments · 8 years ago

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In Development
Under active development by Salesforce. No commitment or firm timelines on delivery.

Add a new Standard field type: Address

Often times Address blocks need to be added to Custom Objects are even Standard Object (often to Opportunities for example to identify precise shipping locations). The Address type already exists but Admins can't create them. Open it up! ; )

796 comments · 12 years ago

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Add Alphabet Shortcuts to Lightning Listviews

In Salesforce classic, there is a feature that displays the alphabet (A-Z) in listviews that allows you to quickly jump to a letter. This feature is not available in Lightning. It is a huge time saver and makes it much faster to get to a record when… Show more

164 comments · 3 years ago

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