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Disable change my display / Customize my pages to force users to use standardize

Even though its good to give the experienced user the possibility to customize the GUI i have had several support cases where new users played around with the "change my display"-settings and could not follow our training material… Show more

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Merge Opportunity Records

 Ability to locate and merge duplicate Opportunity records. My users sometimes create 2 Opportunities on 1 Account record by mistake. I currently right now must delete one of the two Opportunity records where I chance losing valid information/notes… Show more

250 comments · 9 years ago

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Allow history tracking on Opportunity Line Items

It would be very useful to be able to track changes on Opportunity Line Item records

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In Development
Under active development by Salesforce. No commitment or firm timelines on delivery.

Lightning - Include Clone with Products action on Opportunities

A nice feature that exists within Classic is the Clone with Products button.  What makes this handy is that I can clone opportunities and have all of the related products brought over to the new record.  This can be a big time saver for users.I know… Show more

250 comments · 3 years ago

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Opportunity Queues

Currently you can create Queues for Leads, Cases, and Custom Objects. Customers would like the ability to create Queues for Opportunties.  Show more

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Configure opportunity forecast category field settings via field level security

Currently, editing of the forecast category field is governed by special logic specific to the opportunity object. That logic allows the opportunity record owner to edit the field, but prevents other users from editing even if they have edit access… Show more

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Partial Delivery
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Make Opportunity Contact Role a First Class Object

This sits as an umbrella over many of the other granular OCR requests - the ability to trigger Apex and Workflows from OCRs, the ability to customize the OCR as if it were any other Salesforce standard Object, and a number of other use cases that… Show more

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Global Search to Return Results on Opportunity Products & Quote Line Items

Does anyone know if there's a way to configure your Global Search to include both Opportunity Products and Quote Line Items? My users want to be able to enter a part number into the Global Search window and see search results at both the… Show more

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Allow Sales Path to be associated with multiple Record Types

Since multiple Lead and Opportunity record types can share the same Sales Processes, they should be able to share the same Sales Path.  Please don't make us maintain a second copy!

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Allow Lookups fields to target Opportunity Products

Allowing Lookup fields that can target Opportunity Products would significantly expand the possibilities for creating dynamic Quotes and Work Orders. If you copy an Opportunity Product (as done in the Apex Sample Application) the connection between… Show more

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