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Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

There are times when it would be ideal to show different fields or sections on a page based on field data. For example, if a field for "software interest" is selected on a lead page, it would be nice if a section and/or fields related to… Show more

822 comments · 13 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Roll-Up Summary Fields: Formulas Rather than Static Criteria

Currently, the Roll-Up Summary Field functionality only supports the use of static criteria for evaluating which records to COUNT, SUM, etc. Certainly, that works in many situations and this has been a great feature. However, there are so many more… Show more

302 comments · 12 years ago

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Create Account Lookup Field for Account Contact Relationship Object

Being able to relate a contact to multiple accounts has been great, however there is still missing basic functionality. In our org, we have several Lookup fields on the account to look up contacts, where there are strict lookup filters for if that… Show more

129 comments · 3 years ago

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Sharing Rules for Merge/Delete

Need to be able to create sharing rules/security permissions that will allow non-owners of records to merge/delete records WITHOUT requiring that they have "Modify All Data" permissions, and WITHOUT requiring that they be higher up in the… Show more

49 comments · 13 years ago

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Permission Sets with Page Layout Assignment

It would be great if you could override a profile's page layout assignment using a permission set. Often you need granular control over what types of layouts are assigned and this would be a great addition to the current permission sets.

152 comments · 5 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Rollup summary for Standard Relationships on Account: Assets, Cases and Contacts

Multiple ideas around enabling Rollup summary fields for some standard relationships on Account have been merged into this idea.This idea covers following relationships: Account -> AssetAccount -> CaseAccount ->Contact With some use cases… Show more

150 comments · 10 years ago

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Temporary variables in formulas

It would be really nice to have temporary variables in formulas.  That way if I need to re-use the same computed value several times in a formula, like an if statement that selects the value of different fields depending on a condition, I don't… Show more

93 comments · 8 years ago

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The Ability to Lookup "Queues"

You can create a field to look up "Users" but you are unable to look up "Queues".

264 comments · 10 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Text Area (Long) Formula support

If unlimited support for Text Area (Long) fields is too hard for salesforce to add to Formulas, let's at least provide limited support for these functions so one doesn't have to resort to APEX: 1. Test presence/absence of a long text field… Show more

268 comments · 10 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Default Values on Standard Fields

It would fantastic if we could have the same Default Value functionality on Standard Fields that we have on Custom Fields. It would make the user experience much better if we could default Opportunity Close Date to (Today()+30), or Opportunity Amount… Show more

174 comments · 13 years ago

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