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Roll-Up Summary Fields: Formulas Rather than Static Criteria

Currently, the Roll-Up Summary Field functionality only supports the use of static criteria for evaluating which records to COUNT, SUM, etc. Certainly, that works in many situations and this has been a great feature. However, there are so many more… Show more

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Under active development by Salesforce. No commitment or firm timelines on delivery.

Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

There are times when it would be ideal to show different fields or sections on a page based on field data. For example, if a field for "software interest" is selected on a lead page, it would be nice if a section and/or fields related to… Show more

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Permission Sets with Page Layout Assignment

It would be great if you could override a profile's page layout assignment using a permission set. Often you need granular control over what types of layouts are assigned and this would be a great addition to the current permission sets.

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Eliminate Need for Master-Detail Relationship for Roll-ups

I want to be able to have a roll-up for any related object regardless if there is a Master-Detail relationship. If the object is linked to another object, then it should be able to roll-up.

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Increase Name field length from 80 to 255

When you create a custom object and use the text type for the name field, you are limited to 80 characters in length. However on the CRM Account object, the name is allowed to be 255 characters. Custom objects should be allowed to have names with a… Show more

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Report on Field History Tracking for Detail Object in Master-Detail Relationship

Add the ability to report on Field History Tracking for a detail object in a master-detail relationship. For instance, you have a custom object called Quotes and create a lookup field with a master-detail relationship to Accounts. You enable field… Show more

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Enable Default Picklist Values on Dependent Picklists

Currently, if a picklist is the dependent field in a Field Dependency, its value will never be defaulted. This kinda makes sense when the field dependency restricts the default value from being an option. However, when the default value is an option,… Show more

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Open - Not Planned

Default Values on Standard Fields

It would fantastic if we could have the same Default Value functionality on Standard Fields that we have on Custom Fields. It would make the user experience much better if we could default Opportunity Close Date to (Today()+30), or Opportunity Amount… Show more

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Give option to remove "Always Displayed" fields from page layout

There are some record types where it doesn't make sense to have some fields "Always displayed" (identified in bold on the legend). Give us the option of what we want to always be displayed. I have custom fields to replace some of these… Show more

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ChangeSet functionality improvements

Would like to see the functionality to deploy standard objects via change sets.This should include picklist changes and all page layouts.It is frustrating that we need to replicate all picklist changes on standard objects when deploying from sandbox… Show more

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