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Increase the limit on the number of reports a user can subscribe to

The new report subscription feature is really nice, but only being able to subscribe to 5 reports is not helpful.  Most users who want to subscribe to reports want to do this for at least 10 - 15 reports.  I'm not sure why the limit is hard-coded… Show more

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Ability to report on Users' Permission Set Assignments

Now that we have the great and wonderful Permission Set Assignments, we also need to be able to report on it. Just like we can already report on users' role and profile, we need the ability to report on permission set assignments too. For example… Show more

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

New Fields - add to Custom Report Types

Love Custom Reports! Managing them would be far easier if there was the ability to choose whether a new field (being created) should be added to any/all Custom Report types where the object the field is being created in, exists.

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Under active development by Salesforce. No commitment or firm timelines on delivery.

Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option

The schedule report feature is nice but it would be great to have an option to have these reports as an Adobe PDF attachment. I run reports to our Executive Team and need them in an PDF format. Also, sometimes I also need to schedule reports to Excel… Show more

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Ability to report on who subscribes to reports

Hi. With the recent "subscribe to reports" feature that was released in Spring '15, it would be great to be able to report on how users that have subscribed to select reports, and to take it a step further, how many of the subscription… Show more

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Ability to pass Dashboard filters by URL (?pv0= functionality in reports)

I would like to have the ability to open a dashboard with a filter set by URL.Example:We have a standard dashboard for all Marketing Campaigns which can be filtered by each specific campaign to show general progress & statistics.  On the Campaign… Show more

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Allow more than 20 components on a dashboard

We are currently limited to 20 components to a dashboard. Please give us more! At least 60, please!!

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Text Wrapping in Reports

 When I create a Report it includes either a name, email address, URL or free text. However when viewing the report there is not cell, text wrapping so the report contains single lines of very long characters which required extensive horizontal… Show more

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Report Filters Should Be Able To Compare Fields To Each Other

Instead of just being able to compare fields to values, there should be a way to compare them to other fields. For instance, if "Amount is great than Annual Amount" (Custom field). As opposed to just "Amount is great than 'some… Show more

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Reference current User in Report

It would be extremely useful to be able to refence the current user in a report/view etc i.e. use the current user as a search criteria for example have a filter such as: Opportunity Associate [equals] $User ($User referring to the current user… Show more

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