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Randi Warner

Make Audit Setup Trail History available via the API

Under Point Threshold

It would be useful to be able to access the Audit Setup Trail History via the API so we dont have to 'scrape the page' to get the data.

3 years ago · 48 comments

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Ian Malone

Allow more than 3 columns in dashboards

Under Consideration

widescreen monitors at 1650x1050 resolutions could probably fit 5-6 columns of dashboard components, why limit it to 3?? expand option to up to 6 columns

8 years ago · 216 comments

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Natalie Gunther

Add help text in reporting

Under Point Threshold

Wouldn't it be great to put the help text in the reporting wizard?  So many times, I wish I could tell my users to just hover over the field and it would tell you what it means.  Especially for those fields that aren't visible in a page layout.

1 year ago · 22 comments

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Ryan McCullough

Metadata API: Hidden tabVisibilities are not retrieved for Profile

Under Point Threshold

See this article: This idea is to add support for pulling down tabVisibilities that are set to "Hidden" so they can be migrated using change-sets and the metadata API.

1 day ago · 1 comment

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Catherine Gabrieli

Enable validation rules on Knowledge articles

Under Point Threshold

There is no way to control our Data integrity today in the knowledge platform. We need the ability to create validation rules as we do on other objects (like cases) Some of the article fields should be compliant with specific rules (Product name in the product list, required fields based on Article status).

3 years ago · 16 comments

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Nathan Lindstrom

Copy/Paste with @ mentions

Under Point Threshold

It would be great if you could copy and paste @ mention to chatter posts when you are trying to notify a lot of people.  I know you can @ mention a group but having this copy/past feature would be nice too.

1 year ago · 3 comments

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Brad Voss

Bulkify Process Builder

Product Team Review

It appears that the new Lightining Process Builder (Beta) is running on the trigger flow engine, which has some bulk limitations. The Process Builder is great because it allows admins to easily build a process that would noramally have to be written in Apex. For example, the cross object limits do not apply to the Process Builder, so an admin can traverse as many relationships to look up values as well as update and create records.  The problem that I have found is that each one of these…

4 months ago · 98 comments

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Holly Ford

Lead & Contact Report

Considered for Future Roadmap

Would like to see a Salesforce report that would allow you to have both leads and contacts in the same report so you could see all your records at once. Particularly helpful for sales folks who may have numerous records at the same company, some as leads and others classified as contacts.

4 years ago · 123 comments

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System Administrator

Administrator Access to Personal Report Folders

Product Team Review

I often have users without the manage reports rights, who create reports in their own folders which they want me to access and copy over to a group folder. Please log that a system administrator should be able to access other users personal reports in order to do this.

8 years ago · 63 comments

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Pat Willard

Customizable Campaign Member Status Values picklist

Considered for Future Roadmap

On the "Campaign" detail page, there is a button labeled "Advanced Setup" that allows editing the list of "Member Status Values." Unfortunately, this only works for the specific campaign. What I want to do is edit the list globally. I've spent a lot of time looking through Setup -> Customize and cannot find any way to do this. Is it hidden in some non-obvious place? Is it simply not possible (Salesforce generally does a good job allowing global picklist…

7 years ago · 142 comments

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