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Jeremy Bardet

Lightning UI needs to support CTRL/COMMAND + CLICK (open link in new tab)

Under PM Review

The Lightning user interface does not support the CTRL+CLICK (windows) or COMMAND + CLICK (OSX) method of opening a link in a new tab. This is a nightmare for those of us who often need to open 15+ records at a time when we are drilling for information or analyzing a bunch of records. It's a minor thing, but important for our sanity!

12 days ago · 29 comments

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Stewart Foxall

Salesforce For Outlook - Support Outlook 2016

Under Point Threshold

Release 'SalesForce for Outlook' which supports Outlook 2016, which is automatically updated by Office 365.

11 days ago · 51 comments

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Vendor Deploy Admin

Support of other Languages for Spell Check

Under Point Threshold

We would like to request Salesforce to support languages such as Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Malay for Spell Checks. This feature would be very helpful for our organisation especially when we send out emails.

3 years ago · 93 comments

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Kelly Aveleno

Create Reports on Tablet

Under Point Threshold

I would like the ability to create a report from my tablet. I ran into this issue when I was at the Salesforce1 World Tour in Anaheim, even though I was out of the office my management needed a report ASAP, I had to open my laptop to create the report since I was not able to drag and drop the columns from my tablet. If this feature is enabled it will help to really allow us to run the business from mobile devices.

1 year ago · 14 comments

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Catherine Gabrieli

Enable validation rules on Knowledge articles

Under Point Threshold

There is no way to control our Data integrity today in the knowledge platform. We need the ability to create validation rules as we do on other objects (like cases) Some of the article fields should be compliant with specific rules (Product name in the product list, required fields based on Article status).

4 years ago · 33 comments

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Ben Wrigley

Add custom fields to notes object

Under Point Threshold

It would be great if we could add custom fields to the Notes object.

8 years ago · 65 comments

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Zach McElrath

Eliminate / increase undocumented "XML Tree Depth" Limit of 50

Apex's native XML parser currently prevents you from parsing an XML tree with a depth of > 50. This seems incredibly arbitrary and is quite limiting for folks trying to deal with very complex XML trees.  This limit is also not documented anywhere in Salesforce documentation. Our request: eliminate this Limit, or at least increase it to something like 200. 

3 days ago · 4 comments

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Orsolya Mate

Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

Under Consideration

There are times when it would be ideal to show different fields or sections on a page based on field data. For example, if a field for "software interest" is selected on a lead page, it would be nice if a section and/or fields related to capturing more information on "Software" is displayed. If the field is not selected, then this section and/or fields remain hidden. Allowing greater customization on the page level based on data rules would make for more manageable and…

8 years ago · 458 comments

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Pritam Shekhawat

Reports on Thrailhead showing my users trailhead training progress

Under Point Threshold

This would be great if we can create a report showing my users' trailhead training progress or Thrailhead score in my org reports. So according to this score we can assign their Tasks in Project.

10 days ago · 3 comments

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Michele Rowe

Provide Word-Wrap for Long and/or Rich Text Fields

Product Team Review

Salesforce needs to provide word-wrap for these type of fields as there is usually a large amount of text entered into these fields. Unfortunately the fields stretch the display/screen the entire length of the text and distorts the SFDC view. Users have to scroll quite a while to search for the fields on the right-side (if a 2-column section is in any part of the page layout) and/or search for buttons that may be in the center. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

5 years ago · 90 comments

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