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Cheryl Feldman

One Overall Events Calendar for ALL Salesforce Events

I wish there was one calendar where I could go and choose a city or a topic and see every single event that is Salesforce related.  When I say every single event I mean things like: Webinars Training Events (Salesforce1 tours, Dreamforce, Developer Week) User Groups (Location Based Groups, Developer Based Groups, Industry Based Groups) Partner Events/Training/Webinars Ideally User Group Leaders and other people that have events should have some sort of way to request their event be…

3 days ago · 2 comments

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Jamie Borodin

Link a single Contact to Multiple Accounts

Under Consideration

Currently, you can only link a contact to a single account. Sometimes, a single contact may belong to multiple accounts -- it would be helpful to be able to link that single contact to multiple accounts -- rather than having to create a duplicate contact for each account, which is time consuming and results in duplicate contacts to manage.

7 years ago · 359 comments

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Anne Renault

Enable email alert as workflow action for events and tasks

My sales director would like to be informed any time something happens on a certain account: change in contacts, new appointments, new oppportunities etc. I set up a workflow with email alerts for this but this procedure is unfortunately not possible at the moment for tasks and events. It would make our life far mch easier if it would be possible to select "Email" as workflow action when the objet is an event or a task.

6 years ago · 91 comments

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Dupe Alerts

Under Consideration

Automatically give warning message when you are entering a duplicate account or contact. Add the "Find Duplicates" function currently available on Leads to the Account and Contact pages-------Other feature Ideas in the comment thread for this idea have been moved to new Idea posts. If you are interested in any of the following features, please follow the links to read about and vote on them: Data cleansing tool for duplicate records -…

7 years ago · 363 comments

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Don Kelly

Ability to Set Accounts & Contacts as InActive

Under Consideration

It would be very helpful to be able to mark Contacts or Accounts as InActive and then have those Objects no longer show up in Picklists (aka: Lookup Fields).

7 years ago · 149 comments

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Tomasz Oczapowski

Assign Default Dashboard on Home Page Layout

Currently it's not possible to assign a default dashboard to appear on each Profile's home page. This feature will be specially handy when you have to roll-out a new dashboard to a large group of users. The same settings could be used by the application to display a default dashboard first time user clicks on the Dashboard tab.

6 years ago · 161 comments

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June Guida

Library Files versus Chatter Files

When searching Salesforce for a particular topic the search results return a record of "Files", which includes both Chatter feed documents and library documents.  Please create a separation between the two.

1 day ago · 0 comments

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Luis Botero

Salesforce1 mobile app for Windows Phone & Windows 8+ Tablets

The Salesforce1 mobile app is currently available to iOS and Android platforms. It is also available to other platforms via the browser app. However, there's no native mobile app yet for Windows Phones and Windows Tablets. A large number of sales associates and executives in my organization (and I'm sure many other large orgs) have been issued Windows devices and we can't adopt Salesforce1 unless it runs on Windows devices.

1 month ago · 26 comments

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Peter Italiano

Salesforce1 Calendar

Salesforce 1 is great!  Except for the lack of the Salesforce Calendar. It doesn't make sense to have calendar access outside of Salesforce. Please bring it to the app.

5 months ago · 55 comments

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June Guida

Library Author Field

The only way to change an author’s name to a document in a library is by “uploading a new version”, no option on the Content Detail Page.

1 day ago · 1 comment

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