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Marie Chandra

Ability to schedule when process builder triggers

Product Team Review

Right now, with the process builder, processes get triggered only when a record is created and/or edited. I thought it would be very useful to be able to schedule when a process should trigger.  Example: Create a new record (based on certain criteria) weekly / daily... 

1 year ago · 23 comments

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Atul Gupta

Allow existing picklist fields to use Global Picklists

Product Team Review

Currenlty we have the option to use Global Picklist values when creating a new picklist field. But we don't have any option to use Global Picklist's in existing picklist fields. This should be there, and will help in getting rid of a lot of picklist fields duplicated.

5 months ago · 71 comments

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Uvais Komath

Help text on hover inside lightning Experience

Product Team Review

Help text on hover inside lightning Experience would help users who just went under transition from classic to lightning

8 months ago · 69 comments

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Niels Tissing

Allow Task(s) to be assigned to a Queue

On Roadmap

Introduction:Since for some reason this still hasn't been implemented (while I see simular idea's since 2008) I would like to bring the following to the attention of (well....everybody reading this)History:In our company (and I assume more companies) we work with a Customer Service and Finance Department as a back office to our Sales Team. Since we are making our processes as open as possible (to make sure every back office employee can 'back up" the work for every employee) we…

6 years ago · 238 comments

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Max Alexander

Enable rollup summary field to add up formula fields

Considered for Future Roadmap

It would be much easier if roll up summary field can work on formula fields, will eliminate use of some of the workflow rules. And make admin job much easier.

7 years ago · 209 comments

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Richard Jones

Creation of 'Trail Complete' badges on Trailhead

Under Point Threshold

Trailhead is pretty amazing, it's true, but having 20, 30, 40+ badges on your LinkedIn profile can look a little untidy. It would be good to have a single badge denoting a full trail has been completed, as well as individual modules. It can also help anyone visiting your LinkedIn profile to quickly see where your specialism within Salesforce falls more easily. 

4 days ago · 4 comments

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Mor Ventura

Enable activities reminders in Salesforce1

Under Point Threshold

So simple! So requested! Many of my customers, using the Salesforce1 app, are keep asking over and over again, why can't we have activities reminder from the app? I think it should be similar to the phone calendar notification, and of course to let the users the ability to enable/disable the reminders from the app settings. We can extend the abilities, that by clicking the activity, it will link the user to the specific record in Salesforce1 for additional information. Additional…

6 days ago · 4 comments

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Rod Boileau

Case Merge Button

Under Consideration

Professional:I need the ability to merge two cases with all their associated emails, History, comments, etcSelect 2 or more cases, and merge them under one the cases ... selectable 

6 years ago · 97 comments

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Tom Nieman

Make the field label of a Dependent Field a link to the field's setting page

Under Point Threshold

Dependent Picklists are great and setting them up is pretty easy, one additional thing would help quite a bit.  When you look at a Dependent Field on a parent field page, you can click to see the mappings, but to get to that field you have to go back to the Fields link for the object and then find that field in the list. Please make the Dependent Field label a link to the field's settings page.

4 days ago · 0 comments

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Pat Buchanan

Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option

On Roadmap

The schedule report feature is nice but it would be great to have an option to have these reports as an Adobe PDF attachment. I run reports to our Executive Team and need them in an PDF format. Also, sometimes I also need to schedule reports to Excel where I need to do a little formatting before I send the report on to others.

7 years ago · 611 comments

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