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Eric Dreshfield

Copy/Paste Dashboard Component Formatting to another Dashboard Component

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Do you spend a lot of time building dashboards?  Wouldn't it be great if you could simply copy and paste the format of one dashboard component onto another dashboard component?  The main benefits of being able to do this would include saving time and having a consistent look and feel across dashboard components. Perhaps a way to accomplish this would be to add "copy format" and "paste format" options to the compnent setup.   

2 days ago · 3 comments

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Catherine Gabrieli

Enable validation rules on Knowledge articles

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There is no way to control our Data integrity today in the knowledge platform. We need the ability to create validation rules as we do on other objects (like cases) Some of the article fields should be compliant with specific rules (Product name in the product list, required fields based on Article status).

4 years ago · 30 comments

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Brad Voss

Bulkify Process Builder

Product Team Review

It appears that the new Lightining Process Builder (Beta) is running on the trigger flow engine, which has some bulk limitations. The Process Builder is great because it allows admins to easily build a process that would noramally have to be written in Apex. For example, the cross object limits do not apply to the Process Builder, so an admin can traverse as many relationships to look up values as well as update and create records.  The problem that I have found is that each one of these…

7 months ago · 132 comments

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Larry Tung

org-wide email addresses in workflow, routing address (e2c), and mass email

Product Team Review

"Org-wide email addresses which can be used by certain profiles" (delivered in Summer '09) is a very cool feature. That said, I'd like further integration into: 1. workflow 2. routing addresses (in email-to-case) 3. mass email ---------------- 1. Today, when you send an email through a workflow alert, I would like the recipient to see a generic, org-wide email address such as rather than the user who…

6 years ago · 45 comments

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Mary Tagler

Add a Share button for the Community on the Ideas board.

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When I come across a great IdeaExchange idea that deserves some attention, it would be create if there was an option to share it with the success community. Currently, there are options to Tweet, Email and Facebook it, but oddly no option to share with other community members. I see ideas seeking votes often enough to know that this is a very common occurrence. It would be nice if it were more efficient to do this.

2 days ago · 0 comments

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Mary Tagler

Better sort/filter options for Known Issues

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We need better filter options for the Known Issues page. It would be helpful if you could not only search by the tags and statuses provided (including release), but also sort the results by Last Updated and Created - similar to those options already available on the Answers board. We should also be able to sort by tags and statuses, so I could see what Summer 15 issues have a specific status, for example.

2 days ago · 0 comments

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Brian Kwong

Process Builder change order Criteria diamonds

Under PM Review

Process builder lets us nest mutliple "workflow rules" as "Criteria Diamonds" The process will go down the list of criteria diamonds and the first "True" stops any further criteria evalutions. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the order of the criteria diamonds. So if you make an error, or need to make an addition - you're stuck re-creating the entire process from scratch. Doing a "Save As" does not allow you make any changes to the order of…

9 months ago · 41 comments

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Dale Ziegler

Custom "Time Frame" options

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As an administrator, it would be nice to have the ability to create custom time frame ranges that meet my business's needs, in an effort to avoid creating custom formula fields that then eat into how many filters I can leverage in the report.   For example, if I had the option to create a custom time frame called "This Month through Same Month Next Year", and today is 7/29/15, the From and To would be populated as 7/1/15 through 7/31/16.  When the calendar changes to August and…

2 days ago · 1 comment

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Bhawani Shankar Sharma

Process Builder: Error messages

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Process Builder works great, but when there is a validation error or any other error, it doesn't provide the much information to user and user will never know how to resolve that issue. This is what user see when process throws exception/error. Admin gets an email for this exception with the proper message, but if we can improve the error messages for the end user also, that would be great.

7 months ago · 21 comments

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Pat Buchanan

Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option

On Roadmap

The schedule report feature is nice but it would be great to have an option to have these reports as an Adobe PDF attachment. I run reports to our Executive Team and need them in an PDF format. Also, sometimes I also need to schedule reports to Excel where I need to do a little formatting before I send the report on to others.

6 years ago · 534 comments

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