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Dupe Alerts

Under Consideration

Automatically give warning message when you are entering a duplicate account or contact. Add the "Find Duplicates" function currently available on Leads to the Account and Contact pages-------Other feature Ideas in the comment thread for this idea have been moved to new Idea posts. If you are interested in any of the following features, please follow the links to read about and vote on them: Data cleansing tool for duplicate records -…

7 years ago · 362 comments

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Jamie Borodin

Link a single Contact to Multiple Accounts

Under Consideration

Currently, you can only link a contact to a single account. Sometimes, a single contact may belong to multiple accounts -- it would be helpful to be able to link that single contact to multiple accounts -- rather than having to create a duplicate contact for each account, which is time consuming and results in duplicate contacts to manage.

7 years ago · 352 comments

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Kris Moyse

Cleaner feed by removing @notifcations for other users

 When other people get an @notification (especially if it is at the start of the message) it is generally a message just for that person.  In Twitter, these messages do not show up in other peoples feeds. Can we please hide @notifications of people I am following if the @notification is at the start of the message like Twitter? They absolutely flood my feed but I still want to follow what those people are doing in general. #cleanthefeed :)  

2 days ago · 2 comments

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Mark Ross

Frozen Users Should Not Receive Emails from Salesforce

Under Consideration

If a User has been Frozen using the new Freeze button on the user record, that user should receive no emails from Salesforce. They should not receive email alerts, scheduled reports, or system notifications.Often automated emails, especially reports, contain information that is current and relevant to the company, and if a user is Frozen it is generally because they are about to be removed. Therefore, if they are receiving emails about current events, that is a security risk!Thank you!

5 months ago · 6 comments

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Angela Hudson

Salesforce1 - Need ability to log a call on the lead

Salesforce1 currently doesn't allow users to log a call on the lead record. This is however allowed on the contact record. We want the ability to log a call on a lead record just as we would log a call on a contact record.

15 days ago · 8 comments

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Don Kelly

Ability to Set Accounts & Contacts as InActive

Under Consideration

It would be very helpful to be able to mark Contacts or Accounts as InActive and then have those Objects no longer show up in Picklists (aka: Lookup Fields).

7 years ago · 148 comments

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Marcelle Braithwaite

Endorsements for Chatter Free Users

I think the new endorsement feature is great, it wil be a great way for staff to nomiate/ endorse their peers for skill sets. Users will now have a 'go to' person they can contact for particular queries on systems, applications, processes etc Unfortunately you can't endorse a Chatter Free User for a topic - which to me renders most of the endorsement feature pointless. How can use the function for your users if its not enabled for the main users of chatter, Chatter Free! Please…

2 days ago · 0 comments

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Peter Italiano

Salesforce1 Calendar

Salesforce 1 is great!  Except for the lack of the Salesforce Calendar. It doesn't make sense to have calendar access outside of Salesforce. Please bring it to the app.

5 months ago · 55 comments

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Amanda Cawthorn

Ability to PRINT Dashboards

Under Consideration

It would be brilliant if users were able to print dashboards directly from Salesforce in an usable format ie showing all the columns on a page. Another function would is being able to snapshot a particular object on a dashboard so it can be used in a presentation. Currently the only way that we have been able to print or use the dashboards objects is to use a third party application called SnagIt.

7 years ago · 115 comments

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Anthony Foster

Link / Merge Community Profiles

I have two community profiles and no way to link or merge them after a recent job change. It would be great if there was a way to consolidate community profiles, similar to LinkedIn's "Previous Experience" section. This would enable members to "stay current" and monitor previous community interactions.

3 years ago · 7 comments

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