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Claire Jones

Trailhead: View badge completion dates

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I would like to see when I completed each badge on my Trailhead profile. To give a bit of context, I was asked to provide this information as part of my company annual appraisal, and couldn't. I believe others may find this information useful for keeping track of continual development. Within the Trailhead Success Community, I was told that they do have the data in the backend so it is theoretically possible for it to be exposed at some point. So vote it up NOW!

7 months ago · 7 comments

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Ajitava Roy

Track Aura Component Changes In Audit trial object

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Please it would be good  if the ability to track salesforce lightning aura component changes or salesforce lightning aura component creation or deletion in audit trail object .I hope this feature should be allowed in the comming realeases.

7 months ago · 18 comments

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Jennifer Lee

Use Custom Metadata Types in Process Builder, Formulas/Validation Rules

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Since custom metadata types is supposed to be the next generation of custom settings, I would LOVE and NEED custom metadata types to be able to be referenced in process builder (as we can in visual workflow currently) and in formulas and validation rules. Ideally, if I can replace custom settings in all entirety because CMTs and their records are deployable via changesets. The associated data records are not wiped out with each sandbox refresh or creation. If they were CMT, the records would…

9 days ago · 12 comments

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Rod Boileau

Inline Editing - Case Description Field - TOO SMALL

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Hi, When I try to do "Inline editing" of large text fields like CASE DESCRIPTION, the pop-up window is Wayyyyyy too small to edit... especially when someone writes a novel inside the field.

8 years ago · 17 comments

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Jocelyn Fennewald

Sandbox Refresh - Needs to speed up

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It has been taking extreme amount of time for sandbox refreshes to be completed. The average refresh is staring to take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. It seems to be random as to how long it takes for a refresh. Might be a good idea to reassess the process and timing for sandbox refreshes.

3 days ago · 0 comments

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Parker Edelmann

Flow "Compare" Element

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Many of us have run into situations where we desire to compare the values of sObject Collections and sometimes regular Collections within Visual Workflow. Currently, we have to use loops within loops, or, depending on the situation, you may be able to get away with just one, and a few assignment and decision elements. There is a limit, however, of elements that the flow can execute (2,000) so this solution is not desirable when dealing with many records. So what if we had one element that did…

5 days ago · 4 comments

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Charlotte Bergan

Make Conditional Highlighting in Reports Available in Lightning

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This is very useful in helping visualize variance in trend reports. We relied on this feature in classic and have found that our clients using Lightning don't have it. 

1 month ago · 2 comments

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Brittany Olds

Enable History Tracking for Sales and Account Teams

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It would be nice if we could enable history tracking on sales and account teams for reporting.  Currently, this is available for all the standard SFDC objects.

5 years ago · 9 comments

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Atul Gupta

Allow existing picklist fields to use Global Picklists

Product Team Review

Currenlty we have the option to use Global Picklist values when creating a new picklist field. But we don't have any option to use Global Picklist's in existing picklist fields. This should be there, and will help in getting rid of a lot of picklist fields duplicated.

6 months ago · 95 comments

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Bhawani Shankar Sharma

Process Builder: Error messages

Product Team Review

Process Builder works great, but when there is a validation error or any other error, it doesn't provide the much information to user and user will never know how to resolve that issue. This is what user see when process throws exception/error. Admin gets an email for this exception with the proper message, but if we can improve the error messages for the end user also, that would be great.

1 year ago · 102 comments

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