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David Esposito

Enforce CRUD and FLS in Apex

Under PM Review

Apex runs in system context. As such, the CRUD and FLS restrictions of the current user are not honored. This is outlined very briefly here: ISVs that wish to get their app listed on the AppExchange must pass a security review. It has now become mandatory for developers to code their application to honor the CRUD and FLS constraints of the currently running user on both reads and…

10 days ago · 15 comments

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Jim Gentile

Verified Reports and Dashboards

Under Point Threshold

My company allows users to create reports.  We have found this to be a great practice in self service solutions.  However, we also find that sometimes recipients of those reports do not always believe the data being reported and sometimes the receipt is right to doubt because wrong fields, wrong values or wrong filters were added to the report.  This can cause doubt with the data stored in My suggestion is to have “Verified” Reports and dashboards. With Verified reports and…

11 days ago · 15 comments

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Markus Kant

Filter on Custom Report Formula

Product Team Review

Please enable in Report Builder to filter on custom formulas

5 years ago · 105 comments

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Uvais Komath

Help text on hover inside lightning Experience

Under Point Threshold

Help text on hover inside lightning Experience would help users who just went under transition from classic to lightning

3 months ago · 3 comments

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John McGovern

ChangeSet functionality improvements

Not Planned

Would like to see the functionality to deploy standard objects via change sets.This should include picklist changes and all page layouts.It is frustrating that we need to replicate all picklist changes on standard objects when deploying from sandbox to live as changeset do not support standard objects.Close Case page layout is missing from the changeset options and cannot be deployed.It does not work properly for deploying email templates if they are in a sub folder. Even when adding the folder…

5 years ago · 129 comments

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Joe Glass

I Want to Copy a Sandbox From Another Sandbox

We create our release sandboxes from production.  However, since our monthly releases overlap, and we begin development on one release while deploying the previous release, our dev is out of sync with production.   We would like to be able to create our new dev environment from our integration/staging environment, instead of copying it from prod.

2 days ago · 3 comments

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Erik King

Upload multiple attachments at once

Under Consideration

We need the ability to browse for and upload multiple items at once, whether it be for adding to a record or to an oubound email.

9 years ago · 58 comments

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James Myles

Increase Number of Allowed Picklist Values For Standard Picklists using Record T

Under Point Threshold

The limits on the number of picklist values for Standard fields is way too low. We have 15 different Case record types each with their own Statuses. 3 weeks post deployment and we've hit the limit already and are looking for a workaround.

6 years ago · 1 comment

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Anand Sethupathy

Obsolete Reports

Under PM Review

As CRM systems evolve, your Object Relationships may change. What is currently a Master-Detail Lookup may someday just need to be a lookup or Vice Versa. In the current state when you alter a Relationship type it destroys all of the reports which are based on this relationship and marks them as "Obsolete Reports". As a Sys Admin, it would be cool if one of the following could happen: #1 (Ideal Case) - If the relationship is between the same two objects and we are only changing the…

8 years ago · 28 comments

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Ken Thomas

Featured Article functionality for phrases exact match and any order match

Under Point Threshold

Salesforce Featured article functionality does not work well for phrases. Right now, any part of the phrase is considered a match. This is very limiting and not good behavior. This should be modified so that the administrator can enter a phrase as a keyword and have the ability to make the entire phrase have to be present in the search for it to be a match.   Ideally, there should be an option for exact match (phrase in same order as entered) and an option for the parts of the phrase in any…

5 months ago · 1 comment

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