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Tracy Kronzak

Revise Core Platform Architecture to Support Proper B2C Transactions #Nonprofits

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There are a myriad of tools designed to interact with Salesforce in the B2C arena (which is, Business to Consumer, AND for #Nonprofits, Business to Constituent), including the Nonprofit Starter Pack, which relies heavily on Opportunity Contact Roles to support fundraising (and sales) transaction reporting - this is especially true for integrated sales/donation tools, as well as data entered inside Salesforce itself.  If Opportunity Contact Roles cannot or will not be made a First Class Object…

3 days ago · 2 comments

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Atul Gupta

Allow existing picklist fields to use Global Picklists

Product Team Review

Currenlty we have the option to use Global Picklist values when creating a new picklist field. But we don't have any option to use Global Picklist's in existing picklist fields. This should be there, and will help in getting rid of a lot of picklist fields duplicated.

3 months ago · 22 comments

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Tim Rehm

Manage Queues Permission

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We have a lot of queues we would like to have managed by regional admins who we don't want to have a lot of Sys Admin privileges. We currently cannot give them this responsibility because it requires the 'Customize Application' perm. This causes the Sys Admins to have to do all of the queue management which requires a lot of time. We would really benefit having a separate perm for managing queues. The screenshot has the perms that are required now

6 years ago · 47 comments

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Christin Miller

Schedule Reports: add "quarterly" as an available frequency

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Currently, we can choose to run a report: Daily Weekly Monthly Can we add "Quarterly" as well?

5 years ago · 57 comments

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Aissatu Sila

Enable Kanban view for Custom Objects

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The Kanban view/display is awesome, but so far it's only available for Opportunities. For many companies, it would be very useful to display custom records on a  Kanban board (i.e. tasks (standard), Candidates (custom), etc.).     

3 months ago · 10 comments

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Alex Hamilton-McLeod

Contact Roles on Accounts in Lightning Experience

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Currently Contact Roles are only available on the Opportunity object in Lightning Experience. Can we please have the same functionality on Accounts?! Thanks Alex

5 months ago · 1 comment

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Dan Boudreau

Onclick Javascript Buttons with Lightning Experience

Product Team Review

The Lightning Experience doesn't support onclick JavaScript buttons. These custom buttons are easy to spin up and extremely handy to conditionally redirect users to new pages. I've made use of them in Salesforce Classic for several years now and was dissapointed to hear that they are not supported with Lightning. Please add support in an upcoming release!

6 months ago · 81 comments

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Orsolya Mate

Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

On Roadmap

There are times when it would be ideal to show different fields or sections on a page based on field data. For example, if a field for "software interest" is selected on a lead page, it would be nice if a section and/or fields related to capturing more information on "Software" is displayed. If the field is not selected, then this section and/or fields remain hidden. Allowing greater customization on the page level based on data rules would make for more manageable and…

9 years ago · 485 comments

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Dana Feldman

Folders for Notes and Attachments Section

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There should be a way to organize attachments in the notes and attachments section of an account/contact/opportunity, etc. Just like the documents tab allows you to organize documents.

9 years ago · 30 comments

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Niels Tissing

Allow Task(s) to be assigned to a Queue

On Roadmap

Introduction:Since for some reason this still hasn't been implemented (while I see simular idea's since 2008) I would like to bring the following to the attention of (well....everybody reading this)History:In our company (and I assume more companies) we work with a Customer Service and Finance Department as a back office to our Sales Team. Since we are making our processes as open as possible (to make sure every back office employee can 'back up" the work for every employee) we…

6 years ago · 209 comments

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