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David Esposito

Enforce CRUD and FLS in Apex

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Apex runs in system context. As such, the CRUD and FLS restrictions of the current user are not honored. This is outlined very briefly here: ISVs that wish to get their app listed on the AppExchange must pass a security review. It has now become mandatory for developers to code their application to honor the CRUD and FLS constraints of the currently running user on both reads and…

4 days ago · 13 comments

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Jim Gentile

?Verified? Reports and Dashboards

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My company allows users to create reports.  We have found this to be a great practice in self service solutions.  However, we also find that sometimes recipients of those reports do not always believe the data being reported and sometimes the receipt is right to doubt because wrong fields, wrong values or wrong filters were added to the report.  This can cause doubt with the data stored in   My suggestion is to have “Verified” Reports and dashboards.   With Verified reports and…

5 days ago · 10 comments

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Erik King

Upload multiple attachments at once

Under Consideration

We need the ability to browse for and upload multiple items at once, whether it be for adding to a record or to an oubound email.

9 years ago · 58 comments

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Luke McKenzie

Permission Sets For Pubic Groups

Under Point Threshold

Love permission sets but would be great to be able to assign them to public groups! Thoughts?

4 years ago · 24 comments

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John-Adrian Pipe

Ability to prevent deletion of Activity History

Product Team Review

Surely I can't be the only one who has noticed this one... Basically, although we can prevent users from deleting open activities from their calendar/tasks, there's nothing preventing them from closing the task as 'completed' and then deleting it from their Activity history - so effectively the task may as well have never existed for reporting purposes. Even the SFDC help desk has admitted this is a flaw. Clearly this leaves the platform open to abuse by the unscrupulous. Surely…

7 years ago · 68 comments

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Rakesh Gupta

Ability to export report in Lightning Experience

Under PM Review

Currently, Lightning Experience ( LEX ) doesn't support export report functionality.  Please add this functionality.

4 months ago · 91 comments

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Nitin Indora

Formula fields with images aren?t supported in list views in Lightning Exp

Under Point Threshold

In New release  it can't supported images in list views. The field name displays but the field itself is empty. I think it is very useful in list view to show record with avaliable images or attachement for  that record.

5 days ago · 3 comments

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Rhonda Ross

Print option should print all items that are part of case feed

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The print option available from detail pages are used for a variety of purposes. One common use case is to be able to provide a PDF version of case records to lawyers should the case be involved in a legal situation.  Currently, when chatter is included in the printout, it is only for items that are linked directly to the case and does not include related records such as tasks, emails, social posts, etc.  Anything that shows in the case feed view should also be included in the printout.

3 days ago · 0 comments

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Jennifer Lee

Allow option for process builder and flow to use names rather than IDs

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I noticed that in Process Builder, while I can select the criteria to use a Profile Name, the PB only works when I convert it to a name to the ID. Also, Flow uses IDs. The problem with just using the SF ID is that when you create these in the sandbox environnments, the IDs do not match the higher sandboxes or Production so as we are deploying these to other environments, we need to go into the flow or PB to manually update the IDs to match the IDs in the environment. Would be good is we can…

11 months ago · 4 comments

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James Myles

Increase Number of Allowed Picklist Values For Standard Picklists using Record T

Under Point Threshold

The limits on the number of picklist values for Standard fields is way too low. We have 15 different Case record types each with their own Statuses. 3 weeks post deployment and we've hit the limit already and are looking for a workaround.

6 years ago · 1 comment

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