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Andres Gluecksmann

Add a new Standard field type: Address

Considered for Future Roadmap

Often times Address blocks need to be added to Custom Objects are even Standard Object (often to Opportunities for example to identify precise shipping locations). The Address type already exists but Admins can't create them. Open it up! ; )

7 years ago · 225 comments

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David Pier

Process Builder: Dynamic Dates When Updating a Date Field

Product Team Review

Would like the ability to enter dynamic date conditions when updating a date field via Process Builder or creating a task. i.e. Today + 2 days, Rule Trigger Date + 7 Days, etc...

5 months ago · 61 comments

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Jeremiah Dohn

Create List Views for editing field-level security for multiple profiles

Product Team Review

Please create a means to edit multiple profile Read/Edit permissions in one view.  This would greatly accelerate Admin productivity.  Currently, this is how I document permissions for field level security for profiles and it would be great to have a format that expidites this entry.Also, please have a means to export this view for valuable documentation on who can see what in an easy to understand way!  Object Name  Profile Some ProfileSome ProfileSome ProfileSome…

2 months ago · 33 comments

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Brad Voss

Bulkify Process Builder

Product Team Review

It appears that the new Lightining Process Builder (Beta) is running on the trigger flow engine, which has some bulk limitations. The Process Builder is great because it allows admins to easily build a process that would noramally have to be written in Apex. For example, the cross object limits do not apply to the Process Builder, so an admin can traverse as many relationships to look up values as well as update and create records.  The problem that I have found is that each one of these…

3 months ago · 81 comments

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Patrick Maxwell

Highlight Multiple Fields on Multi-Field Validation Errors

Under Point Threshold

When writing a Validation Rule, we are able to set the parameters around multiple fields.  However, our options for how to display this error are kind of limited.  We can either create an ambiguous message at the top of the page with something like, "The mysterious fields with the word sales in them have not been filled out correctly." which doesn't really lead users to a specific area to complete correctly, or we can highlight one field, which won't make sense if the…

6 months ago · 2 comments

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Martijn Reekmans

Dashboard table average total

Under Point Threshold

Right now, if you you check the "show total" checkbox in a table dashboard component, it automatically calculates the sum of all the (grouped) field values. In some cases however, e.g. when the field values contain averages, this total sum does not make sence (see example below). Therefore I think it would be a good idea to be able to choose other summary possibilities (average, max, min) as well for totals in table dashboards components (cfr. the summarize options for…

3 years ago · 13 comments

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Ken Carraher

Increase Storage Space Available for Data Records

Product Team Review

Actually address the idea that was claimed to be delivered in Winter 09. The issue is GENERAL DATA STORAGE not file storage! Raising the File Storage does not address the issue. The link below is to the original idea. We have been told no one else has this problem then we see on here that lots of people have this problem. We already pay for extra space and are at 99% again. 1GB is a joke and the alternative Salesforce gives is to pay high prices or delete data. We have a system so that we…

5 years ago · 182 comments

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Judi Sohn

Process Builder - Allow Action to create Opportunity Contact Role record

Under Point Threshold

A common request is the ability to automatically create an Opportunity Contact Role record based on the contact that is selected in a custom lookup field. A nonprofit use case is the specific contact who is the primary Solicitor of a gift, who is not a user in the instance. The organization would want this as both a parent record (lookup) as well as a contact role for proper soft credit accounting. It would be ideal if a Process could be built to automatically create that record based on the ID…

5 months ago · 4 comments

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Becky Webster

Move the record Chatter feed to the right side of the record

Under Point Threshold

I've found it rather challenging to effectively view the Chatter feed on a record along with the record data itself. With the Chatter feed sitting on top of the record, in order to view the record's data you must scroll down through the Chatter feed to view the record, at which point you can no longer see the Chatter feed in context of the record's info. I would love to see the UI layout shift so that the Chatter record feed is on the right side of the record, rather than on top..…

9 months ago · 4 comments

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Bruce Van Buren

Allow triggers on Account Team Member Object

Product Team Review

Allow triggers on Account Team Member Object.  It would be nice to be able to use a trigger to manage account teams instead of having to use web services or a batch job or create custome objects to replace the account team object becuase of the lack of functionality. .  Why is there no trigger on this object anyway?

3 years ago · 80 comments

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