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Hemant Jawale

Enable sort options for Articles in Communities

Under Point Threshold

To enable sort options for Articles as available in Discussions in Community Builder.

10 months ago · 5 comments

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Scott Fletcher

Open Salesforce URLs in emails, chats, etc. in existing Salesforce Console

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Currently, if a user has an active session in the Salesforce Console, clicking a Salesforce URL in an email, chat message, document or other source outside SFDC will open the Salesforce object in a new browser tab. This defeats a key feature of the console, which is to keep the user's CRM work focussed in one place. Even if the link the user clicks is in the console-style format, it opens in a new browser tab, resulting in multiple consoles running in one browser window. Click three links,…

1 year ago · 10 comments

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Pritam Shekhawat

Convert Lead process in New Lightning UI (Automatic create Account)

Product Team Review

With the new Lightning UI, Whenever we try to convert Lead than it will give option to choose existing account or we have to create a new Account manually, if existing account is not found and user try to save it . It will throw an error. It will be great if it automatically create a Account with same name as company name as it's working in Salesforce classic, whenever user click on convert lead button. So it will easy for Admin to convert lead in Salesforce. Take below image for  reference …

8 months ago · 44 comments

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Edoardo Piccari

Practice Exam for Certification

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In this moment, I would like to take an Admin certificate but it's very difficult to find a good " practice exam ". The Trailhead is very good opportunity to learn CRM and Salesforce but it's not enough. In this days I did a lot of pratice exam on internet but some is contradictory or\and incosistent. Example:   Best regards, Thank you for your attention, - E. Piccari 

14 days ago · 11 comments

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Garrett Farwell

Allow Web-to-Case to support Case Attachments

Under Consideration

I would like the ability to generate or write into the HTML code the ability to attach files to cases before they are submitted through the online form.

8 years ago · 104 comments

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Niki Vankerk

Joined reports using Global Picklist as common field

Under Point Threshold

We would like to leverage Global Picklists as a common field between objects for Joined Reports.  Since you can base a picklist field in any object off a Global Picklist, it would be great to then be able to report in a Joined Report with those fields as common.  For example if you had a Products global picklist in a 'Sales' object and a 'Purchase' object, we'd like to have a joined report showing qty bought vs qty sold by product.

11 days ago · 1 comment

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Mark Bloomquist

Administrative Reports on Enhanced Folder Sharing Access by User

Under Point Threshold

We would like to be able to create a report that shows who has what level of access to a series of report folders. Currently there is no way to create a report like this - not even in workbench. You have to go into each report folder, one folder at a time, to review who the managers, editors, and viewers are. This makes administrative management of report folders very labor intensive.

2 years ago · 15 comments

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Max Alexander

Enable rollup summary field to add up formula fields

Considered for Future Roadmap

It would be much easier if roll up summary field can work on formula fields, will eliminate use of some of the workflow rules. And make admin job much easier.

7 years ago · 204 comments

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Tom Fuda

Allow Apex code to be run in post-install ghost user context

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We are an ISV that deploys our application via managed packages. Each of our packages includes an Apex class that implements the InstallHandler interface to perform various post-install upgrade operations. There have been many occasions where we've encountered post-install operations that run fine when run from regular user context, but fail when actually run at post-install time for various reasons. This is due to the fact that at post-install time, the code runs in the context of a special…

11 months ago · 2 comments

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Sönke Rohde

Lightning Night Mode

Under Point Threshold

Provide a mode to switch Lightning to a dark background to work nicely in low-light environments.

2 months ago · 16 comments

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