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Antulika Bhadouriya

Salesforce User able to define a delegate user with start and end time

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The Salesforce user should have the ability to define on his/her profile a delegated user with start and end time of delegation, whereby the delegate user agains the access similar to the user and is able to progress the action on both Standard and Custom Objects on behalf of the absent user.   Currently the delegate funtionality is only available on Approvals.

3 months ago · 27 comments

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René Fromhold-Treu

Allow Salesforce admins to login-as Chatter Free users

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Situation: An organization has Chatter Free enabled, and a fair amount of activity coming from the Chatter Free users. In order to verify compliance, troubleshoot issues and verify activities, Salesforce admins would on occasion need to login as a particular Chatter Free users. This is currently not possible, and any auditing has to be done through an external app, or through a custom internal app. Idea: Simplify auditing and verification of communication by allowing Salesforce admins to login…

3 years ago · 19 comments

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Ken Erb

Cut and paste image into rich text fields

Under PM Review

Now that we rich text fields with the ability to view images in line it would be a great benifit to allow for cutting and pasting images directly into the field without having point to a saved file. This is especially useful for support organizations who have the need to cut and paste screen shots into the Cases.

5 years ago · 70 comments

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Jamie Borodin

Link a single Contact to Multiple Accounts


Currently, you can only link a contact to a single account. Sometimes, a single contact may belong to multiple accounts -- it would be helpful to be able to link that single contact to multiple accounts -- rather than having to create a duplicate contact for each account, which is time consuming and results in duplicate contacts to manage.

8 years ago · 573 comments

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Dan Boudreau

Onclick Javascript Buttons with Lightning Experience

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The Lightning Experience doesn't support onclick JavaScript buttons. These custom buttons are easy to spin up and extremely handy to conditionally redirect users to new pages. I've made use of them in Salesforce Classic for several years now and was dissapointed to hear that they are not supported with Lightning. Please add support in an upcoming release!

26 days ago · 16 comments

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Erik Jegel

Need the ability to add and subtract months and years in formula fields.

Product Team Review

Currently we can add days to a date however we can not add months in custom formula fields. The closest accuracy we could get would be to add 30 days per month to the date. Unfortunately "close enough" this is not acceptable in business when it comes to things like contract expiration dates. Years would be feasible yet cumbersome to add using the DATE and YEAR functions but I'm not able to come up with any ways to properly increase dates by months.

6 years ago · 76 comments

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Paul Daniel

Remove 'Kokua Template Title' as the default page title

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Since the Winter '16 update to the Kokua community template, whenever a user accesses a page on the template the page title in the browser tab will first show 'Kokua Template Title' and will then switch to the custom page title. For example, our template home page custom title is 'Support Center'. When a user navigates to the home page they will first see 'Kokua Template Title' in the browser tab, and when the page fully loads the title will switch to 'Support…

17 days ago · 2 comments

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Iván Velasco

Be able to filter by "New Value" and "Old Value" field on History Report Types

Product Team Review

When running a History Report you can filter by the "event/field change" and you can see the "Old Value" and "New Value" for the field (in case is a field), but you can't actually filter by this "New value" or "New Value" as if it were a normal field.It would be very useful for eg. a report to show all Events/Field Changes for "Closed., Created., Status"  Where "New Value = ",Re-Opened" so you can see for example all…

1 year ago · 96 comments

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Marshall King

Badge multiple people in

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Currently you can badge multiple people using the app but you can't do it from Chatter.  It would be great if the next version of would allow you to badge multiple people at the same time.  Thanks!

1 year ago · 18 comments

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