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Jeremy Bardet

Lightning UI needs to support CTRL/COMMAND + CLICK (open link in new tab)

Under PM Review

The Lightning user interface does not support the CTRL+CLICK (windows) or COMMAND + CLICK (OSX) method of opening a link in a new tab. This is a nightmare for those of us who often need to open 15+ records at a time when we are drilling for information or analyzing a bunch of records. It's a minor thing, but important for our sanity!

15 days ago · 32 comments

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Stewart Foxall

Salesforce For Outlook - Support Outlook 2016

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Release 'SalesForce for Outlook' which supports Outlook 2016, which is automatically updated by Office 365.

14 days ago · 56 comments

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Joe DeSouza

List View Filtering via alpha-numeric character in Lightning

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With the new UI, this feature is now gone.  It would be really useful to have it added back in. From the Release Notes, "Navigation through list views has changed. Because list views have infinite scrolling, you can’t specify the number of records to show per page. Also, you can’t navigate through pages with arrow buttons, and you can’t jump to a specific page of results. Jumping to records with names that start with a particular letter isn’t available."

1 month ago · 3 comments

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Ashima Saigal

Export EVERY field in EVERY object in the Data Export

Recently I uncovered that Data Export does NOT export all fields from all objects. The one in particular is the IsPrimary field on the Opportunity Contact Role. After a bit of back and forth with Tech support, they have created this knowledge article about this specific issue: and this Known Issue:…

14 hours ago · 4 comments

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Jamie Borodin

Link a single Contact to Multiple Accounts


Currently, you can only link a contact to a single account. Sometimes, a single contact may belong to multiple accounts -- it would be helpful to be able to link that single contact to multiple accounts -- rather than having to create a duplicate contact for each account, which is time consuming and results in duplicate contacts to manage.

8 years ago · 569 comments

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Peter Monks

Native Chatter Desktop Client for Mac OSX and Windows

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I just wanted to resurrect this idea.  The Adobe Air based Chatter Desktop Client is awful, mostly because Adobe Air itself is awful (definition of "awful" follows).  Native Chatter applications for Mac OSX and Windows are highly desirable, and the web UI won't cut it as it's a poor substitute for chat-centric collaborative use cases (though it's adequate when chat is occuring in the context of, say, a CRM workflow). Some of the ways Adobe Air and the Chatter Desktop…

2 years ago · 3 comments

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Michael Chitayat

Increase limit of Object References / Spanning Relationships

Under Consideration

Increase the limit of Object References 

3 years ago · 124 comments

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Login error message should give the specific reason - ログインエラーメッセージで理由の表示

Under Point Threshold

When we try to log in but can’t, the error message should give the specific reason, telling us we can’t log in because the password was entered incorrectly, or because Login is temporarily disabled, or because of an IP restriction.When a system is being repaired or upgraded, users are prevented from logging by the temporary restraint placed on Login. That’s OK, but there are many users throughout the country and some of them don’t read or learn about downtime notifications sent out in advance.…

5 months ago · 2 comments

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Ben Wrigley

Add custom fields to notes object

Under PM Review

It would be great if we could add custom fields to the Notes object.

8 years ago · 66 comments

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Kelly Aveleno

Create Reports on Tablet

Under Point Threshold

I would like the ability to create a report from my tablet. I ran into this issue when I was at the Salesforce1 World Tour in Anaheim, even though I was out of the office my management needed a report ASAP, I had to open my laptop to create the report since I was not able to drag and drop the columns from my tablet. If this feature is enabled it will help to really allow us to run the business from mobile devices.

1 year ago · 14 comments

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