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Brad Voss

Bulkify Process Builder

Product Team Review

It appears that the new Lightining Process Builder (Beta) is running on the trigger flow engine, which has some bulk limitations. The Process Builder is great because it allows admins to easily build a process that would noramally have to be written in Apex. For example, the cross object limits do not apply to the Process Builder, so an admin can traverse as many relationships to look up values as well as update and create records.¬† The problem that I have found is that each one of these…

3 months ago · 45 comments

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Deepa Patel

Set colors for bar chart on bucket fields

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It would be fantastic to have the ability to control the bar chart color for bucket fields. Like in this example, the green color is assigned to a negative trend and I would love that color to be red. Thank You!

9 days ago · 13 comments

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David Pier

Process Builder: Dynamic Dates When Updating a Date Field

Product Team Review

Would like the ability to enter dynamic date conditions when updating a date field via Process Builder or creating a task. i.e. Today + 2 days, Rule Trigger Date + 7 Days, etc...

5 months ago · 48 comments

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Chuankai Zhou

Report Builder: type to search field when creating custom formula summary

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I just noticed it is very painful to create a custom formula summary in report. Suppose you have hundreds of # fields in opportunities, accounts, and another custom objects, when you create the custom formula summary, you have no idea where(which object) the field is from, and you cannot type to search, neither can you type A/B/C etc to go to field name starting with A/B/C, etc. When you add filters, at least you know where you are (fields are separated by sections telling you which…

4 years ago · 7 comments

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Alexander Sutherland

Nesting Folders / Sub-folders for Reports, Dashboards, Email Templates, etc.

Product Team Review

It would be great if we could create folder hierarchies for Reports, Dashboards, Documents, Email Templates etc. I have had many, many Salesforce users and admins request this feature. It would especially make the Reports tab a lot easier to navigate, and would help administrators be able to keep analytics better organized and easier to find - which would greatly help user adoption.

6 years ago · 286 comments

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Charles Stevenson

Publisher Actions - Create button should also close the publisher action

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Custom Publisher Action - e.g. create an opportunity from an account page. After the user presses 'Create', the screen currently refreshes back to a blank publisher action form. ¬†This is probably very usful if a user is creating lots of opportunities all at once - similar to the 'Save & New" buttons elsewhere in salesforce. But as the administrator I would like to be able to control it. Ideallly I would like to be able to choose the following post-create actions :…

1 year ago · 33 comments

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Merge contacts accross accounts

Under Consideration

I would be helpful to be able to merge duplicate contacts from different accounts instead of having to make sure they are all in the same account before merging.

8 years ago · 47 comments

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Ian Malone

Allow more than 3 columns in dashboards

Product Team Review

widescreen monitors at 1650x1050 resolutions could probably fit 5-6 columns of dashboard components, why limit it to 3?? expand option to up to 6 columns

8 years ago · 209 comments

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Chris Thompson

Roll-Up Summary Fields: Formulas Rather than Static Criteria

Product Team Review

Currently, the Roll-Up Summary Field functionality only supports the use of static criteria for evaluating which records to COUNT, SUM, etc. Certainly, that works in many situations and this has been a great feature. However, there are so many more situations where a Roll-Up Summary field is needed but the necessary logic cannot be defined without the use of a formula. Hence, this idea... Add the ability to use formulas when creating Roll-Up Summary fields. Below are some examples of Roll-Up…

7 years ago · 74 comments

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Carolyn Dismuke

Email Templates in Multiple Languages

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Getting our email templates translated into different languages is very necessary since the app is available in multiple languages. Getting the translated values into separate templates is hard to manage and a huge time consuming task. How about setting an option on the email template properties that distinguishes it as available in other languages or even says what languages? Then, translators could translate the templates right in Salesforce.

6 years ago · 3 comments

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