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Melinda Myers

Hello! I am also fairly new to QUIP and this week I received two notifications from people I don't know who want access to our QUIP. I know I can delete them but curious how they are able to request outside of our organization, and do people have any policies/procedures around this. Thank you for any guidance you have! More

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Tessa Clark

This is a pretty basic question. I'd like to add a list of open opportunities to a Quip document. Is there a way to do this without having to create an individual list view for each account I need this for? More

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Fred Tchang

Curious if anyone has inserted a Code Block in a doc, and what the use case was for it? Or if you know of an online resource which provides the same info. I'd like to include this kind of demo if I know there are developers in the audience, but I don't code myself. More

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Fred Tchang

... just when I was about to post a request to the Idea Exchange... just noticed the Quip Release Notes for 2/10/2020 - we can now directly import Related Lists into a Quip document - Yeah! 🎉🎉😀😀🎉🎉 No more needing to create a special List View just to get the list of Contacts for an Account plan (when the Account is already connected to the Quip doc). check it out- a bunch more goodies: https://quip.com/release-notes More

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Mark Hartley

Has anyone had success in actually moving a Quip document to a specific folder or creating the document a specific folder using Salesforce. I have set up a tab on the Account object and added the Quip Document lightning component. The Quip Document component is configured for One Template for Each Record. Additionally, the URL for the Quip template is configured and the "Choose a field to store new document URLs" has a URL field assigned. Everything up to this part works as I can create a new document from the template and it modifies the document through the mail merge syntax. It's what I need to do next that is troubling. I have a folder in Quip that is shared to all and need the newly created document "Moved" to this folder. Currently, the document is created and resides in the Private folder. Performing the "Add Quip Document to Folder" action does not move the document, it only adds a secondary reference which of course results in seemingly two documents (we all know it is one). With so many documents to be created in the manner an individual's Private folder will become unruly. Bottom line, how can I get this newly created document to only "reside" or be referenced in a single folder that I designate using Salesforce automation (Process/Flow)? Thank you all in advance - Quip RULZ! More

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