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Tammy Begley

Don't forget to register for the User Group next week Wednesday..... More

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Tammy Begley More

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Tammy Begley

Please register to attend the next User Group event on Wednesday 20th February at 4.30pm. Please note we will be at 401 Collins Street WeWork offices and not the WeWork on Elizabeth street. More

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Tammy Begley

Spring Release '19 was announced today. We will be going over all the new features in the February Usergroup meeting. Please pencil in the 20th February 4.30 - 6.30 for the Melbourne Pardot User Group meeting. We will send the event invite out within the new week so that you can RSVP for catering purposes. More

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Sam Oakley

PARDOT FORM INFO - some good info has come out of my chats with SF and my development agency around the download PDF function. The information in their article on SF is actually a little bit incorrect Note that it's correct if you want the PDF to download in the same iframe - but won't work correctly if you have that iframe embedded into a pre-existing webpage (as it opens it within the iframe, which looks and works terribly). The original article itself is here as a reference; The correct snippet of code to use if you want a form to have an end action of : - Submit to Pardot database + any other completion action - download the PDF for viewing, in a new tab/window (the important bit) <script type="text/javascript"> var howLongToWait = 3; //number of seconds to wait var urlOfDownloadContent = ''; function triggerDownload() {, '_blank'); } setTimeout('triggerDownload()', howLongToWait * 1000); </script> Something for others to use should you so wish! I know there may have been other workarounds, like just saying to people to download from a link or even sending an automated email, but neither of those options are what we wanted to achieve. I'm sure we're not the only ones who would like to have the file downloaded immediately upon filling in the form data. Have a lovely Christmas/New Year break all! PS: My question about Form submitting and sending to an individual email is still open.... Thanks Sam More

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