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Sam Oakley

Hi Melbourne B2B Marketers Group; I have a reasonably tricky personalisation question - I'm not sure how possible this is in Pardot but I'll give it a crack on explaining it: We have a excel database of 85 dealers (each with a single email address) Each dealer has filled out a Survey Monkey survey with pricing for 40 products (so each dealer has 40 products, each with it's own individual price) File is available as a .csv file Somehow we need to create a "check" email where we can personalise an email to each dealer asking them to confirm their pricing (a simple "CONFIRMED" or "CHANGE" call to action). So in each email we would have: Dear {Dealer} Please see your list of products below, please reply to this email with either CONFIRMED or PLEASE CHANGE with any updates: - Product 1: $xxx - Product 2: $xxx etc etc - Product 40: $xxx Kind regards Davey How would you go about this to merge the data from the csv into the email? Is that even a thing in Pardot emails right now? Thanks Sam More

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Tammy Begley

Please make sure you register to attend next months User Group where we will be talking about Account Based Marketing (ABM). Stephane With Senior Solution Engineer for Pardot APAC will take us through how to use Pardot and the Salesforce platform to execute an ABM strategy More

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Tammy Begley

See the latest Pardot features that will be live at the end of August. More

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Tammy Begley

Please find the link to the Webinar recording from the User Group session last week. Please also save the date for the next User Group where we will be covering using Pardot for Account Based Marketing. This will be a face to face user group on Wednesday 25th September at 4.30pm. Thanks Tammy and Cat More

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Cat Binstead

Thanks to everyone who attended this mornings webinar hosted by @KRAIG SWENSRUD and @Anthony Parolini from The recording will be posted to this group by the beginning of next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch. More

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