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Debajyoti Chanda

Hi everyone, I've 3 questions that I'm asking, being a newbie, for understanding purpose. 1. How can one user A share access to a record to another user B only and no one else? 2. Employee A have manager mA Employee B have manager mB How can A share record access to B? 3. A manager M is at a higher role in the hierarchy than the employee E, but still he/she is not able to view the employee M's record. Why? And how can M view E's record? More

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Jermaine Brewer

Hello, So I am trying to import accounts and contacts into Salesforce that are combined on an Excel sheet. The only option I have is to use Data Import wizard and not data loader because it is Professional edition. The problem I am having is that if the contact is already in Salesforce associated with another account or not, it creates a duplicate of the contact. So it is showing 1 contact for 1 account. Now if I have duplicate rules activated it will not even import the new account because there is a contact already in Salesforce with the same name associated with another existing account. So is there a way for me to import new accounts that have contacts that are already in Salesforce? Hopefully, this makes sense because it is kind of hard to explain. More

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Brandt Pemberton

Hello! Thanks in advance for any help with this.. I own a media company that works primarily with the real estate industry, but we also do about 15% of our business with other industries. We provide marketing media services such as photography, videography, 3D Tours, drone, etc. for the real estate agent to help them market their listings. We have grown and are currently doing about 40-60 homes a week, which is why I am turning to Salesforce to help me stay organized and on top of all my clients and business. Now to the question. Being that each "real estate agent" is their own business, what is the best way to set them up in Salesforce? Should each person be set up as an account, then as a contact of their account? This seems a bit redundant, but I want all the features with communicating and organizing my contacts and not sure if I just set them up as an account if that will mess things up down the road. Is it possible to set them up as just a contact without an account? Or? Again, thanks in advance for any help with this.. all feedback is appreciated! More

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Claudio D'Amico

Hi All, I've to delete some values in "Pardot Data" Section in the Lead object. After I've deleted them, Pardot push back again the data in Salesforce. There is a way to avoid this not deleting campaign or stops synch? Thanks Claudio More

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Caroline Glover

Hello. I am working on a Validation Rule for the custom object Badge Type. If the profile of the user is not System Administrator or Integration Profile and the user changes the Badge Type field for a Member, Candidate or Public badge then the Validation Rule should fire. Currently, how the Validation Rule is set up, the rule looks at the Badge Type that it is changed too, rather than the original Badge Type. I tried using the PRIORVALUE function but that seems to be only for picklist values. Below is my Validation Rule. Can anyone help? AND( NOT( OR( $Profile.Name = "System Administrator", $Profile.Name = "Integration Profile" ) ), OR( OrderApi__Badge_Type__r.CFAMN__TypeId__c = "Member", OrderApi__Badge_Type__r.CFAMN__TypeId__c = "Candidate", OrderApi__Badge_Type__r.CFAMN__TypeId__c = "Public" ), ISCHANGED( OrderApi__Badge_Type__c ) ) More

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