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Ilyas Boudrari

Now, when most sales teams are working remotely - it is especially hard to stay focused on sales activities. Automating activity logging to Salesforce can really help them stay on track while providing a better view of sales activities. With Salestrail app you can: - Automatically log calls/emails/meetings with clients to Salesforce - Add notes after meetings and calls - Schedule Tasks and follow-ups and enrich Salesforce with quality data Book a demo with us, Or feel free to download the solution and give it a try: More

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Hari Krishnan

Hi Team, Could you please help me with some information in Calendar in salesforce. Are there any restrictions that we can view activities up to the last 365 days. If yes, do we have an option to increase the timeline to view data for the last 3 years? Or any alternate option for the end users to view these records would also be helpful. Thanks, Hari More

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Bill Reese

We've been chipping away at Lightning conversion for 18 months (we have had way too many custom VF pages). I recently ran a new Readiness report and I am seeing that the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter dashboard lists VF pages that we deleted almost a year ago (usually after creating alternative solutions) and that these pages had hundreds or thousands of page views in the last 90 days. I know what date I deleted pages because I log the deletion dates by page name to a file. Plus if I click the page in question, SF will display an error page indicating that the resource is not found. Does anyone understand why this does? Similarly the Readiness report indicates 41 Profiles when I only have 21 Profiles. Unless "Profiles" also means "Permission Sets" for the purposes of this report. Anyone have an idea on why this mismatch? More

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Atai akpan

i just join this community as an Agile Transformation Coach and i intend to leverage on my experience to make a good salesforce admin. can i be enlightened how my experience can help me achieve this goal. More

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Gynelle Miller

Hello! I'm stuck: I'm trying to change all close dates in opportunities to today's date as part of a task but I don't have inline editing available in opportunities list view. I've checked to be sure it is enabled, which it is... any thoughts on what else I need to do to enable inline editing for the opportunities list view? Thanks for any help! More

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