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Jerry Farrell

Hello All, I preparation to make the switch over to LEX, I turned on LEX and have been peaking under the hood while still maintaining the Classic production environment. One of the things I have encountered is even though I have a System Admin profile when I switch to LEX none of the usual Setup features/functions work or are available. For example when I click on Users and then a subset like Users or Permission Set or Profiles none of the functionality is displayed or am I granting access. Any idea or suggestion as to what would cause my profile to no longer have its authority to perform its Role? TIA, Jerry More

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Manpreet Ghotra

Hi guys, I am soon going to appear for Admin 201 exam, a bit nervous now. Since I have prepared from @Mike Wheeler (Mike Wheeler Media, LLC) classic which was recorded in 2016, i just wanted to know some questions or type of questions being asked these days. I request people those who appeared recently for the certification to give some idea on the level of questions. I am pretty sure that, level of the questions must have gone high since 2016 recordings. I am very new to Salesforce, and i introduced myself to trailheads too and working on them. Thanks :) More

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Katie Smith

Hey guys, saw this idea to use Trailhead points for Salesforce swag like plushies and LOOOOVE this idea!! :) More

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Jenee Ariel Dana Ron

What is the file issue going on with Service Cloud? I got a notification but it disappeared before I could read it and now I can't get it back. TIA :) More

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Sherry Haberman

Hi All - I'm looking for a basic soft phone application that simply provides click-to-dial and a screen pop for logging calls. Mostly needed for OUTBOUND only call for Sales teams. Since the functionality is very basic I'm hoping to get something at low cost. Do you have one that you love that is very basic? Don't want to pay for features we'll never use. More

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