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Mike Turner

I set up a series of reports focused on 'Opportunities' data. I syndicated these reports using the 'subscribe' facility to various directors within our business. The reports worked beautifully, generating automatically each Friday morning at 8am. Last Friday the reports did not auto-generate and this sends to coincide with the system temporarily locking me out & requesting a password change. Now when I re-enter Salesforce & select a report I've created there no longer appears to be the ability to automatically subscribe other users to the report! I've checked the profile for a system administator & that option DOES still seem to be there. I am missing something simple, am I cracking up, has my version of the software somehow altered .... !!?? Can someone please save my weekend ;) Many thanks. More

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John McGrath

I am trying to create a new calendar; however, the tools icon/gear is not next to My Calendars (please refer to attached file). how to I add it to the calendar screen, so that I can create a new calendar? thank you More

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Marcus Sassi

My situation: I have a small B2C business, all my customers (contacts) are in one account. I'm in need of your help. I am looking for a way to build a report that displays the number of days it's been since the customers last visit. I have so far created a custom field "days since last visit" which is currently empty. For example the customer "Adam" in this case, his latest opportunity were closed 2020-02-01. I need a formula or something that counts the difference between today's date - Adam's latest opportunity (closed date). The end goal is that I want to create a dashboard that displays: - number of customer who haven't visited us for a month: 5 - number of customer who haven't visited us for three months: 15 etc etc I hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance. More

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Richard Jones

Last week I added a new user to my team and purchased an additional license. The license came in but I don't have anything in salesforce or an email to set her up and get her started. What am I missing? More

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Josh Goode

Opportunities Question....With my business, a "won" opportunity is a signed agreement that a customer will do business with me over a period of time. The "amount" will vary month to month. It seems Opportunities are more for one-off sales then tracking ongoing revenue relationships. Can anyone help with the best way to track these types of relationships? Thank you! Josh More

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