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Mahesh Chari

Hi Friends, We have a strange situation in our instance. Even though an approval request is approved by the approver, it shows as rejected in the Approval History and the Proposal Status gets set to 'rejected'. I have another case where when an owner submits an approval request, it is automatically rejected. Now We can't replicate this issue consistently and so far it has only shown up in the Production instance. When we try to replicate it in the sandbox instance the approvals work fine. The logic in the approval process has also worked well so far. We are seeing these issues only recently (when there has not been change to the approval process logic). Can anyone suggest a solution? Thank you. Mahesh More

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Jerome Deroy

I can't find a draft email. Does anyone know where to look for drafts once they've been saved? More

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Dean Stoner

Hi, Help! Does anybody know if its possible to display some account information (customised fields) to show in a column in the 'Today's Task' view? Thanks Dean More

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Gerry Weimer

can I sync with outlook in the essentials edition More

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Autumn Shealey

New to I able to print cases with all the details? More

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