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Student-led group from MVGR College of Engineering that supports students as they learn the skills to get hired into the Salesforce ecosystem. Join our group to ask questions, build your network, and learn about upcoming meetings.

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CloudCognized For Salesforce

Provide major & minor projects training at SFDC, for more details please contact. More

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Amanda Bauman

Students, we'd love to hear from you on how you feel about the Salesforce Student Groups program. If you could take a couple of minutes out of your day to tell us how we're doing, we'd really appreciate it! If you could pass this along to all of the students in your group, too, it would make Astro, Codey and Cloudy very “appy”! Take the survey here: More

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Amanda Bauman

Students, To ensure that you don't miss any of our in-person events, please join our events group on the new Trailblazer Community Group Meeting Platform. Action Required: Navigate to our new group page, Login (located in the top right of the page) and create your profile, search for our group (using the search icon in the top right), enter your name and email, and click 'Join Us' to stay up to date on all future group meetings. More

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charishma bobbili

Continuing with #BAM by conducting a 2 Day workshop for our peers of CSE Department .We are Super Excited for that and Successfully completed our 1st day journey More

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manaswini datla

Back with #BAM we are conducting a 2 day workshop for our peers from Computer Science department in 2 categories i)for the students who have prior knowledge ii)for the students who are new to salesforce. More

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