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Justin Pietras

Does create a case when a customer leaves a review on our company FB page, assuming that FB and are synced? More

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Will Florio

There was a support issue handled weeks ago, but was not opened as a case in Desk. Is there a way to adjust the "timeline" so that in the reporting, the "active cases by age" report, it shows the correct timing for this issue? More

12 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

khadeer sk

unable to create a trial account More

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Changi Consulting

Hi, I'm trying to migrate Contacts and Cases data from to Saleforce Service Cloud I'm having the below issues when trying to migrate: }, { "success" : false, "created" : false, "id" : null, "errors" : [ { "message" : "Json Deserialization failed on token 'Email' and has left off in the middle of parsing a row. Will go to end of row to begin parsing the next row", "fields" : [ "Email" ], "statusCode" : "INVALID_FIELD", "extendedErrorDetails" : null Around 90% of records failed due to this error. Please find attached the request and result. Thank you for your help More

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Vishakha Tyagi

Hi, My service team is using to manage communication with customers. As a current process they are sending the technical customer requests to product engineering team via git-hub. Is there a way where our service management team can share client communication on with engineering team directly without generating a request through github? Or and Github integration will be helpful in that. One more point to add, that we don't want to generate cases into Github but by specific clients. Can we do this? Thanks in advance- More

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