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Karen Browning

We are just kicking off a Desk to Service Cloud migration project on Professional Edition. Anyone else doing the same? I'll be joining a webinar soon, but want to chat with others on the same journey. I know with Professional, we can't use the migration Wizard. Do others have useful tips or tricks in how to get the migration accomplished without the Wizard? Thanks! More

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Kiwi Gisi

I'm currently trying to implement the custom CSAT solution in a to Service Cloud migration. I'm following the Service Cloud Custom CSAT Enablement Guide in the recommended trial org, but the components referenced in the guide are not in the org. I submitted cases with Salesforce (out of scope) and support (no response since Friday, keep calling, left voicemail), but no luck thus far. Enablement Guide: Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how I can get what I need in the org without the help of support? I blocked and need to get this done ASAP. I've tried requesting another trial org to see if the components are there, but didn't want to use the client's Desk info and I don't have another environment to use. Maybe I should just do it anyway? More

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Kathleen Lehnigk

Hi everyone, We have now started our route to move from to Service Cloud. In we have quite a lot of teams and also with users being a member in multiple teams. Service Cloud only has the 1 single Owner field, which makes it difficult for reporting. I'm already using a different record type for each site/office, but this can then consist of up to 9 teams. So haivng record types for eafch single group is just not workable and for those users being in multiple groups the case would potentially be counted to the wrong group. To add to that there is one office, where they change the team membership within their groups on a very regular basis, when people are on leave (and that user had the admin permission in to do so). So, initially I thought of using 2 dependent picklist fields, but I want to avoid having to give the user full admin functionality in editing those fields and potentially messing around. So, I was then thinking of using 2 additional custom objects, that are linked to the case and could be updated from there. With a lookup filter you would be able to show only those users that are in the specific group chosen. Unfortunately here the second lookup field does not clear, when a new group is selected, so I'm sure that could cause frustration in the long run. Anyone else having a similar setup in and already implemented something in Service Cloud (and even if that is with a custom component)? Just want to get some ideas on what could work best in regard to working on the case as an agent but also reporting-wise. Thanks Kathleen More

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Gourav Goyal

Hey Everyone. I am trying to migrate data from to Salesforce Service cloud through the following guide: Although, I have been able to install it into my developer edition org(Somehow Desk to service cloud trial org throwing authentication error). The weirdest thing is, I'm not able to see the Desk migration Wizard menu. I have crosschecked all the instructions provided in the article. Attached screenshot of App home page. Thanks in advance for any help!! More

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Julie Arnzen

Hello! Anyone have advice on mapping the "Body" field in Desk to Service Cloud? We're doing the migration ourselves so that we can do some clean-up along with contact matching, etc. From what I can tell, the Body field in Desk is a log of all the activity on the Case. I don't want to lose data, but I know that some of our cases will hit the 32,000 character limit of the Description field on the Case and then data will be lost. Maybe this field can be converted into a Note? We are mapping Case Subject = Subject and Description = Description. Perhaps we should be doing that differently as well? Thanks in advance for any advice and/or words of caution! More

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