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Karen Browning

Our team is working on a to Service Cloud migration building out the Support Center and Knowledge Base. We would love to see some examples of public facing Knowledge Bases. Does anyone have one they can share? We are working with the Professional version, so I would be especially interested in seeing any that were built out using the same, Thanks! More

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Gregg Hart

How to send a notification email to case owner when customer replies to the case? I know this would be done through either a Process Builder process or a Workflow. But I don't know what the primary event would be? Some kind of event stating that an email has been received. And then send notification email to the case owner with the contents of the customer response included. But I am just not sure how to make this happen. Thank you. More

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Nicolas Choupin

Dear community, for those who completed or who are in a process of desk to service cloud migration : do you use flex account ? What would be the solution for that on service cloud ? My account manager told me that all my flex account should be converted into full-time account, and that I can't take advantage of the licence exchange for these accounts, I'm a bit surprised, this would mean a huge increase in my subscription. What did you do on you side ? Thanks Nicolas More

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Karen Browning

We are just kicking off a Desk to Service Cloud migration project on Professional Edition. Anyone else doing the same? I'll be joining a webinar soon, but want to chat with others on the same journey. I know with Professional, we can't use the migration Wizard. Do others have useful tips or tricks in how to get the migration accomplished without the Wizard? Thanks! More

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Kiwi Gisi

I'm currently trying to implement the custom CSAT solution in a to Service Cloud migration. I'm following the Service Cloud Custom CSAT Enablement Guide in the recommended trial org, but the components referenced in the guide are not in the org. I submitted cases with Salesforce (out of scope) and support (no response since Friday, keep calling, left voicemail), but no luck thus far. Enablement Guide: Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how I can get what I need in the org without the help of support? I blocked and need to get this done ASAP. I've tried requesting another trial org to see if the components are there, but didn't want to use the client's Desk info and I don't have another environment to use. Maybe I should just do it anyway? More

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