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Barbara Tassa

Hello Desk to Service Cloud Trailblazers! April is already a packed month with amazing resources to help you make the transition from Desk to Service Cloud. We've had a great Virtual Campfire series that finished today (look for the May session to be on the calendar shortly), Masterclasses for data migration and macros, and of course our regular office hours series. What's new? Curious to see what Service Cloud is all about? Now you can get a guided tour with one of our experts in Service Cloud Demos! Based Australia? We've got an Office Hours session just for you led by our amazing @Scott Hargroves ! Don't miss out, sign up now! More

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Barbara Tassa

Check out our packed March calendar to get you ready to make the move from Desk to Service Cloud! What are the options? 1. Weekly office hours to answer any of your questions 2. Masterclass series that deep dive into topics like data migration and building macros 3. Service Cloud Demo sessions so you can see it for yourself 4. Virtual Campfires that take you from Desk to Service Cloud in a guided program in 1 week Join us! More

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Barbara Tassa

Need your questions answered about anything and everything related to moving form Desk to Service Cloud? Join our office hours! Next one is tomorrow, 930am PST, Friday March 1. Sign up here: See you there! More

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Barbara Tassa

Hello Desk to Service Cloud Trailblazers! Curious about how to migrate your data to Service Cloud? Join our first Masterclass where we deep dive into the data migration topic! Whether you're moving to an existing Salesforce site, or a brand new one through the customized Service Cloud trial org, join to learn how it all works or even come with specific questions for troubleshooting. Agenda: 1 - Overview 2 - Demo 3 - FAQs 4 - Your Participation Sign up today! Next session is Wednesday Feb 27, 10am-11:20am PST. More

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