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Florentino Cavita

Hi Team, One of our customers is asking if there is way to generate API key from that can be used for Service cloud and vice versa. Customer claims that the below key is no longer working, here is the ask: Previously we had a desk-site-key and desk-api-key for our single sign on (desk-site-key = redoceansolutions and desk-api-key = bb19b9f2fbd6415eb85ec3c0a25c907913552975). These no longer work with new domain: FYI @Jannica Lacanlale More

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Nikolai Filipov

Guys, what does System user do in Desk Cloud? What email address should be set for it? How to avoid any NEW cases being assigned to System? IF no way to avoid that, what email address should we be setting to that System user? Such as our short, usual techsupport email address, OR one of those long, mumbo-jumbo extremely long email addresses Desk Cloud uses? Please can you guys help. More

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Barbara Tassa

It's hard to believe but in less than 10 days (at time of writing this post), will be turned off forever! That's 9am PST on March 13, 2020. If you need some last minute assistance, remember that we will have Office Hours daily through Thursday March 12 and you can find recordings of the Masterclasses in our Desk support center. Office Hours: All-In-One Masterclass: If you need specific help, please email More

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Barbara Tassa

Did you know that in February we have 21 live sessions to help you make the move from Desk to Service Cloud? See them all here! ***New this month!*** An All-in-One Masterclass to help you get from start to finish in one go. This 2-hour session covers: - Migrating data with the Data Migration Wizard - Configuring Rules, Macros, and Quick Text - Service Console Walkthrough - Going Live Don't delay - sign up now to get your team moved over well before the product end date! Remember, on March 13, 2020, will be turned off forever! More

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Zinovo Zinovo

Is Case ID not part of the migration? I want to keep the Case ID for historical purposes. Is that not an option? Or is there another unique identifier on the Case that I can pass from Desk to Salesforce? More

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