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Seeking assistance trying to understand my Content Report - Q&A... is that strictly Knowledge Base (if articles are accessed by customers on the website.... and also if articles are attached to cases.... ) - but in the Admin section, there is information about "activating" the Q&A.... I am confused if these are mutually exclusive. Thanks for the input! More

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Scott Hargroves

We’re excited to announce three brand new modules to the Trail on Trailhead. If you aren’t familiar with Trailhead, it’s the new, fun, and interactive way to learn Salesforce products. Whether you’re using for the first time or looking to further your skills, these modules will get you there fast. Make sure to sign up for a free Developer Edition or login with your Salesforce credentials so you can keep track of all the badges you earn for completing the modules. offers these modules: - Basics: Learn the basics of and how it can benefit your business. - Toolkit: Learn how to use the admin, agent, and business insights sections of - Organization: Use custom fields, labels, and views to organize your customer support cases. - Process Automation: Save time and improve data quality with automated notifications, rules, and macros. - Support Center: Learn about and customize your support center. Happy Trailblazing! More

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Carl McElroy

Hello, Our company has started using and the "unresolved" filter out of the box reports no unresolved cases. There are unresolved cases so I have messed with the filter settings and no change as it still reports no unresolved cases. What am I missing? Thanks, Carl More

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Hai, i just using salesforce recently, could somebody help me with join report? how can i change the type of join (inner, outer join)? thank you More

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