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Jessica Frey

We're hosting a "Reporting with" webinar on Tuesday! Join us and learn more about Desk's out of the box reporting tool, Business Insights, and additional methods for data extraction like case exports and the API. Register here for July 25's session: More

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Richard Vaughan

Hi everyone. I was wondering if its possible to set up notifications for the original case owner when they send out a case to another group/team. As an example, I send a case to Team B. Now lets say that team B does not resolve the case within X amount of time, is there a way for me to be notified? without me trawling the case que for team B? Any help would be fantastic. Cheers More

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Amanda Byrne

I am trying to run a github script to download our articles, but I'm getting an error. I see that there is a site documenting the desk API at, but is there a prevalent community for people working with the desk API? More

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Jen Holden

We leverage the Email Channel to receive inbound emails and send outbound emails. However, when we go to update the outbound emails it just spins and spins. Is there a reason why Inbound updates are just fine and outbound has trouble getting us access? More

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Jerri Gillean

Is there a way to make Next Gen agent default? I found this article but it is 18 months old. More

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