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Jay Randall

Hey, everyone! Our org just enabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on our Gmail-based email addresses that forward into Desk, but Desk doesn't seem to like this. We're receiving this error message net to each entry in the Mailboxes section in the Admin panel: Last Error: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: [ALERT] Application-specific password required: (Failure). Please check your settings, and we'll try again in a few minutes. The Google support article mentions entering a sixteen-digit code, but there's nowhere on Desk to enter this. Has anyone else run into this when trying to use 2FA-enabled Google-based emails with Desk? Thank you! More

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Denise A.

Appreciate the help I've gotten through this group. We're close to launching with Service Cloud, and this is hopefully my last question. I cannot get the Migration Wizard to run in production. I had no issues moving cases into the trial, but now I keep getting a 500 timeout error when I try migrating. I've had the same error since I ran the wizard on Saturday, and none of the record numbers have changed since. I also just realized that the wizard is creating duplicate fields (maybe from each time I've clicked 'retry'?) which has created more post-cleanup work on my end. I'm on version 4.9, which Support says should work. But this doesn't seem to be progressing, and it's now causing us to fall behind. (I do have a Case open, but figured I'd ask the group since it's been a week of the same.) Has anyone else had this issue and figured it out? More

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Denise A.

Question for everyone about CSAT surveys, since I've gotten conflicting information about this. I know there's a CSAT enablement guide (which I'm running into separate apex issues with). But I've been pointed to Salesforce Surveys by other Salesforce staff, and am trying to figure out how feasible that route is. Is anyone planning to use Salesforce Surveys for their CSAT surveys going forward? (I know there are other survey tools out there, but I'm exclusively looking at native Salesforce tools for this.) Thanks! More

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Denise A.

Is anyone else having an issue in the Service Cloud setup with configuring the Help Portal? I'm trying to follow @Barbara Tassa 's advice from the last webinar I attended, to get our Help Center moved over. But each time I click the "Help Center" option in setup, I keep getting an error message in the modal that says to close the modal and contact Salesforce. More

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Amanda Byrne

Our company is using the 'Public Knowledge Base' as part of our Desk Migration into Salesforce, so there will be articles published through a Community Site, and our staff will be editing articles inside of Salesforce. But the UI inside of Salesforce isn't matching the theme or components we're using in the community. Looks like even though LEX will be going with a different HTML editor (Quill), the current HTML editor for editing the Knowledge articles is still the ckeditor, and ideally I'd like to limit our users to the fonts and div elements used to keep the articles' appearance consistent, and also display the draft with the same styling the final viewer sees. Tips? Tricks? Suggestions? More

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