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Barbara Tassa

Did you know that in February we have 21 live sessions to help you make the move from Desk to Service Cloud? See them all here! ***New this month!*** An All-in-One Masterclass to help you get from start to finish in one go. This 2-hour session covers: - Migrating data with the Data Migration Wizard - Configuring Rules, Macros, and Quick Text - Service Console Walkthrough - Going Live Don't delay - sign up now to get your team moved over well before the product end date! Remember, on March 13, 2020, will be turned off forever! More

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Zinovo Zinovo

Is Case ID not part of the migration? I want to keep the Case ID for historical purposes. Is that not an option? Or is there another unique identifier on the Case that I can pass from Desk to Salesforce? More

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Ellen Scully

We recently completed a migration, but did not use the migration tool. The migration tool is great, however, it did not allow us to write back to the audit fields so that we could maintain analytic integrity. We ended up receiving the files from the support team (thank you for your quick responses!) and used data loader to load the records. It took a little longer, but now the client can run reports with the correct age, create date, closed date, etc., without having to account for custom fields to hold that information. More

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Zinovo Zinovo

I'm using the Migration Wizard - and have some records with errors. When I click on the error record I was able to update/correct the data (things like contact string too long errors). When I re-ran the wizard - it looks like instead of trying to re-process the few errors, from the list view it tries to do a complete migration. Do I need to correct the data errors in Desk and then re-run the wizard - instead of simply updating the error data in the list view? More

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Elizabeth Payton

I need to enlarge the font in my "Event Posting" Report. Does anyone know how to change the font? More

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