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Tim Nicholls

Hi, we are trying to upgrade our Partner Community from Classic to Lightning but having trouble with Email. We have already upgraded our Customer Community and internal Org but have found a challenge with trying to give our Partner Community users the ability to perform the tasks they used to in Classic. One of the main tasks is emailing Case Customer Contact but the Send Email Quick Action is not displaying on the Case Detail page within Lightning. The ability for Partner Community Users to collaborate with customers re Cases via email is currently available in Classic Communities and we have used this functionality for 4 years. Why would Salesforce remove this functionality in Lightning? Does anyone know of any workarounds to get past this major limitation, as we have now had to put our project on hold. Thanks Tim More

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Agnes Aponte

Estimates are estimates, there is always room for improvement. #Readinessreport More

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Matthew Chitwood

The Pardot activity pane in Lightning is looking painfully non-Lightning. How do I get around this? Picture included. More

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Miriam Weinstein

I activated myself in setup for the Lightening experience and I was able to switch back to Classic. But now I don't see how to switch back to Lightening. If I click on the down arrow to the right of my name on the home page, the options I see are: My Profile; Setup; Developer Console and Logout. I don't see a 'switch to Lightening' option. Is there another place where I find the 'switch to lightening' button? thanks More

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John Williams

Is the ability to adjust the left panel in the Service Console on the roadmap for Lightning? I think you all may call it a floating panel. Our service and sales console users use this quite a bit. Say they have two tabs open in the console. But they want to look for a report under the report tab. When they go to the report tab, they need to adjust the size of the left panel in order to see the reports in the folders to select their report. (See attached) This feature is critical to our console users. @* Service Cloud *@Patti Sireno-Wack @Danielle Rau More

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