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Tim Broersma

Hi all! I am just beginning to use lightning and was previously using Salesforce Inbox with my gmail through google chrome. However I need to sync my calendar as well so I'm told to get Lightning sync, but that's telling me to eliminate the Salesforce Inbox and go solely to lightning sync. Is that the right move? I'm getting conflicting information on the help site. Any direction would be greatly helpful!! More

15 hours ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Sherri Axcell

What happened to "Add Topics" in Chatter groups in LEX? I just went to use it to categorize a bunch of posts and I can't find it. Surely it's there somewhere, just moved and I can't find it, right? Please tell me they didn't do away with that just as I was finally getting people using it..... More

18 hours ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Andy Adkins

I notice a lot of great resources for Lightning related to Sales app, our org has more users who use Service/Service Cloud heavily. Are there good lightning resources to highlight new Service features? More

19 hours ago · 4 comments · 1 likes

Ken Reyes

What is a good estimate of how long to take for transition before actually flipping the switch ?#lightninglounge More

19 hours ago · 4 comments · 4 likes

Neha Trivedi

Hi All, What are the best practices or recommendations to delete custom objects, fields, reports and dashboards, validation rules in salesforce classsic before moving to lightning? TIA More

20 hours ago · 3 comments · 0 likes

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