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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! Lightning Now is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Lightning Experience. Use the resources shared here to guide your transition to Lightning and blaze your trail to continous innovation. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Elna Miller

[Picks from the Pack: Trailblazer Innovation] March 22, 2019 WEBINAR NEX WEEK: LIGHTNING TRANSITION IN 60 DAYS!! ************************************************************************** Join the next Lightning Lounge and learn how to Plan Your 60-Day Move to Lightning March 26 @10am PT Learn how Admins like you made the transition, using tried and true steps to evaluate org readiness, prepare features, and get users ready for the new experience. GET READY FOR SUMMER ‘19 *************************************** Look up your production release dates on trust Use the sandbox calculator to check the location of your sandboxes today! LIGHTNING EXPERIENCE TRANSITION ************************************************* -Visit the Lightning Experience Learning Map -Lightning Learning Series – Workshops, Office Hours, and more! -Lightning How-to Video Series from David Giller MORE HIGHLIGHTS ********************************************* -Show & Tell time! Share your service console config -Top 10 things about the new Flow Builder @Tammy Rahn @Bhavin Patel @Willy Chu @Rebecca Saar @Kelly Walker @Michael Guse #[Picks from the Pack – Trailblazer Innovation] More

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Guru A

Activity quick action sub-tabs not appearing? I have created a custom lightning record page for Accounts object and placed the standard "Client Activities - Financial Services Cloud" component, but the Activity sub-tab doesnt show me the quick actions. Right now it looks like as in pic1. I wish to have the usual subtabs as for other standard objects, like for Opportunity record page, I see as in attached pic2. What could be the possible reason preventing those quick action sub-tabs from appearing in my Sandbox? @Lightning App Builder @Admin Trailblazers More

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Brandon Smith

Hi everyone! Wondering if there is a crash course (preferably in-person) for the Lightning Environment? Particularly focused on administrative purposes versus developer. Looking at page layouts, process best practices, etc? I know there are many trailheads but was curious to see if there were any in-person. Thanks! More

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John Williams

We are trying to implement Lightning Knowledge in our cases. We want our tech support team to insert articles into an email in the feed email section of the case. However the only way to let the Tech Support users do the inline attaching is to give them the View Setup and Configuration Permission, View the App Setup and Administrative Settings page. Why do we have to give our users access to setup in order to allow them to insert an article into an email from a case. @* Service Cloud * @Admin Trailblazers More

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Gloria Gutierrez

Looking for Service Console Examples: Hello, we are starting our Lightning Service efforts. Does anyone have a console design they love in Lightning? We'd love an example screenshot of how you best used the real estate and implemented the best practices. More

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