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Suresh Pennadam Jayaraman

Hello LeX Team, As you know there are more than one way when it comes to migrating VFP to Lightning. Following are 3 ways that i know so far. 1. Use Lightning components in VF (AKA Lightning for VF) 2. Use VF in a lightning component (AKA VF as an iFrame) 3. Convert VF to components. Looking for pros and cons of each of these 3 ways, appreciate if you could either share / direct me to the link / loc where i can get pros and cons of each of these 3 ways. Regards, Suresh More

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Mendy Ezagui

Hello all, can anyone recommend a Salesforce Lightning user experience designer? Thanks in advance, More

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Mor Ventura

Hi guys! I'm working on an enterprise org, and we are dying to move to lightning! Thing is that the board requires us to present the benefits and the impact of such a high scale project. Does anyone has a presentation or a documents of pros vs. cons of transition to lightning - Something you can share..? Thanks! Mor More

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Elna Miller

[Picks from the Pack: Trailblazer Innovation] May 17, 2019 QUICK TIP: Always open your weekly digest email on Monday mornings – one of the best ways to get quick access to our newsletters. LIGHTNING LOUNGE: 6 TOOLS TO FAST TRACK YOUR LIGHTNING TRANSITION ******************************************************************* May 22 @10am PT Ready to make the move to Lightning but not sure where to get started? Your answer is in the Lightning Experience Transition Tools. Join us and Lightning Champion @James Coelho to get yourself on the fast track to innovation! **LIGHTNING NOW 10k MEMBER CELEBRATION** ***************************************************** Now through May 31 – TELL A FRIEND! Tweet: Comment: Get a Blaze Thanks Badge! THE LATEST FOR SUMMER ‘19 **************************************** Release Overview Deck Release Matrix Spreadsheet Pardot Product Roadmap Webinar: The Future of B2B Marketing and Beyond May 24 @10am PT Learn about the latest new features and the future of marketing automation. New Feature Spotlight: Maximize your Pages with Enhanced Related Lists New customer blogs about Summer ‘19 MORE HIGHLIGHTS ********************************************* How to turn on Lightning experience: it’s easy, just flip the switch! Tips for Reducing Formula Size @Willy Chu @Kelly Walker @Cristina Moscoso @Bhavin Patel #[Picks from the Pack – Trailblazer Innovation] More

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sai sagar

Hi Guys, I am newbie for lightning could anyone please suggest me their best practices for lightning Thanks&Regards Sai Sagar More

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