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Ronia Reji

📣WEBINAR ALERT!! 📣 With #Salesforce making it quite clear that they will be releasing new updates only on the latest avatar - Salesforce Lightning, enterprises are in a rush to upgrade from Classic to the Lightning Experience. However, a number of orgs are worried about the effort-intensive transition process and the ROI it would define. Tune in to our upcoming webinar with Salesforce Chris and Rajesh Bhattad to understand how you can lead a seamless #Lightning adoption experience and empower your users to make the most out of the LEX - More

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Ian Gotts

Top of the week #624 Live tweet rant of a conf call with a dev. Hilarious. (read it in full at SalesforceBen article: Documenting your #Salesforce org changes is probably low on your priority list - but it shouldn’t be. This article draws together proven ideas from the ecosystem Which leads to slightly ironic #628 We’ve invested a fortune in all things Salesforce and we’re having to cut back on all non-mission critical areas, like Org documentation and impact analysis. More

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Donna Autrey

I recently pushed an update from Sandbox to production to turn on pricebook entry tracking. In Sandbox I have a view pricebook entry button, but after deploying production does not have this button. Has anyone else experienced this? More

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Carol Enevoldsen

When creating a quote from an Opportunity, Classic automatically populates Quote Detail fields Account and Opportunity--Lightning does not. While it's relatively easy to relate the correct Opportunity to the Quote Detail, our users are used to the fields auto populating. KA article: suggests WFR or PB to take care of this. For this specific instance (quote detail field) what are the pros and cons of using WFR or PB to populate? Anything specific to be aware of? And is this on the roadmap to address in an upcoming release? thanks, @* Salesforce CPQ and Billing * More

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Sue Thomas

Leadership sometimes has a need to see/refer to the page layout of a specific department. I understand can only assign 1 record page layout to each profile and I can control what profiles see what fields but is there a way using Apps or Lightning page layouts to have both record page layouts available to 1 profile? I thought I could add an additional details tab with the 2nd page layout and make it conditionally visible based on profile and assign that Lightning page layout to a specific App, but that would double up the fields and slow things down? Case use: Sales Management has additional fields on Leads but in a conversation with a sales person they would like to refer to the sales person's layout. More

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