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Kristy Binkley

Hello Everyone, On the Home page in Lightning, I am trying to figure out how I can edit the source report for the Performance chart. From what I've read, I can edit the goal amount, but is that all I can do? Thank you. More

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Katiane Aguirre

Hi trailblazers, Last week the pilot users started using lightning, they attended a training/intro session hours before receiving their permission to switch to lightning and are now by their own. Unfortunately they missed Classic features a lot: tags, locks next to fields they cannot edit, the home page they cannot edit anymore, and the list is still growing... how are you answering these requests? These users are basically asking for classic features that simply don't exist in lightning. I appreciate any piece of advise you can share =) Thank you and have a nice day! More

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Eli eli

Hi, I am Lightning newbie so please accept my apologies if this question is posted in the wrong place. We work with the Lightning in the Service Console. In our system account = customer. Each customer has a few contacts Let's say we have an incident with one of our services, there's a business impact and we would like to inform to multiple contacts of each customer. We would like a case would be opened to each customer and that customers are able to reply and replies will be linked to the correct case. What do you recommend would be the best practice to achieve this? Thanks in advance for your time! Eli More

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Kristy Binkley

Opportunity record not locking on approval process in Lightning With Lightning - trouble with approval process. The process is firing email notifications and updating fields but the record in lightning is not locked for editing as called for by the approval process. Can toggle to Classic and see the record is locked. I have checked to make sure that the user does not have "modify all" permission in the Opportunity Object and System Permissions. Any ideas? More

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Janet Werner

When we add a product to an Opportunity, we are required to select a Price Book first. In Classic, we did not have to do this. We only have one active Price Book so we want to cut this step out. Is there a way to go directly to selecting a product without having to go through the Price Book screen? I set it up so the Price Book defaults but I don't want to require the users to click Add then Save then select the Products. I would prefer they click Add then select the Products. More

2 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

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