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Hari Krishnan

Hi Team, Could you please help me out to know if the tracking code needs to be added to every page of the website. Do we have an option to check if that is added? Thanks, Hari More

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Ajay Rohera

Pardot landing page view is not showing up in his/her activity. An email sent out to a prospect, he/she opens the email and clicks on a link in it. That link takes him/her to a landing page. Opening email/clicking on link is shown in the prospect's activity, however visiting landing page is not. #AskAPardotExpert @[Jennifer Kazin] More

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Said Bachiri

Hi, Does anyone know what is the apex class below for: LogObjectEmailFieldTriggerHandler It is from the Pardot package. Thanks, Said More

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Stacy Jewell

We are having some issues with forms due to "filtered activities." Does anyone have any information about "filtered activities" and how they can interfere with automation running on forms? More

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Glenn Nyhan

In a recent online video about Pardot, I saw a short demonstration of how there is a feature where if for instance, you have a contact record where let's say the first and last name is missing you can create formulas(?) that will read those fields as blank and substitute something you program in such as Dear Donor or some such. Can someone direct me to more information about this capability? More

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