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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana, a family of groups dedicated to your success. Circles of Success are small group clinics with other Salesforce customers focused on adoption-related topics. These 60-90-minute, live, interactive, discussions (not webinars) are unscripted and consultative in nature and are hosted by Salesforce experts.

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Nicole Hoang

Is anyone using TalkDesk with SFDC integration? Can you share your experience using TalkDesk? Thank you!!! More

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Alo Sen

Can someone please point me to the Dreamforce 19 recorded session lists? More

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Ian Gotts

How do Admins get around the fact that not all metadata items can be included/deployed in change set or DevOps tools (because they are not controlled via metadata api. So you push a release and then have a bunch of manual activity. This means that there is a period of time when the Org is "semi-deployed" More

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Ashley Hasman

Thank you @Francis Concha @Caitlyn Bagosy @Jeanne Ardiff @Shawn Fye @Jade Leong @Tayyab Rahman @Lucy Ren @Gaurav Saraswat @Scott Taylor @Oliver Westlake-Simm @vijayasankar jeyachandran for joining me and @Susie Turpin (Salesforce) on today's *Streamline Salesforce Experience Through Data Archival and Cleanup* Circle of Success! I've attached the presentation below, and here are some additional resources related to the topic of discussion: Monitor Data and Storage Resources: Big Objects Implementation Guide: Please feel free to ask any further questions regarding your data archival / clean-up initiative via this post and/or the other Communities highlighted within the attached PDF deck. We are here to support you! #Data #DataArchiving #DataCleanup #CirclesOfSuccess More

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Gregory Wong

Thank you @Easter AhSoon @Francis Concha @Adrianne Dowd @Chris Eggers @Seán Flaherty @AJ Herbel @Liz James @Dominic Massa @Ivan Montoro @Snow Nguyen @Connie Nickols @Martha Pria Kapetanis @Stephen Reter @Tayyab Rahman @Alexa Sommer @Joshua Soroko @Brian Szeto @Paul Tangusso @Elle Da Silva for joining the Data Management: The Route To Success today. Attached is the deck. Please feel free to posts any questions here as we will be happy to answer them! Regards, Greg and @Katherine Burg More

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