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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana, a family of groups dedicated to your success. Circles of Success are small group clinics with other Salesforce customers focused on adoption-related topics. These 60-90-minute, live, interactive, discussions (not webinars) are unscripted and consultative in nature and are hosted by Salesforce experts.

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Mom Relaunch

Hi everyone! We are so glad to join this group and wanted to give a short introduction of who we are. We are a group of Trailblazer moms from Mom Relaunch who help women get back into the workforce through the Salesforce Ecosystem. We actively get moms ready to return to work through Salesforce training, mentoring and giving them hands-on work experience through our LaunchPad program. We also engage with employers to secure placements, projects or on-the-job training for our relaunchers. Additionally, we work with companies on achieving their diversity goals. Salesforce has been very supportive of our mission and has sponsored some of our moms for training, bootcamps, and conferences. We would love to help even more moms overcome diversity and career break biases. If you know of any mom or employer who can benefit from what we do, or if you would like to get involved in some way, talk to us! More

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Shamari Simpson

Thanks for attending "Accelerate Adoption Though End User Training" Circle of Success with @Nick Phillips and myself today. I've attached the presentation below. Here are some of the additional resources we discussed: Curriculum Design Matrix: Quick Reference Guide: Clean Your Room Dashboard: Adoption Dashboard: Customizable Training Templates: Don't forget to check out other great Circles of Success: @Abdi Kadir Abdi Ghafar @Miguel Alvarez @Christianna Apata @Kelsey Aslett @Gail Bloch @Matt Child @Aretha Creary @Kevin Cutsforth @Mardi Diamond @Jarelise Elias @Michael Fischer @Neelima Gollapudi @Hillary Hanson @Peggy Hughes @Victoria Mette Hvidbjerg @Yurenma Isturiz @Jane Jordan @Carol Lowe @Vijaya Marembo @Mary Michael @Chelsey Morrison @Lorelei Noire @Stephen Reter @Eric Schneider @Abby Terpstra @Leah Veeris @Luke Williams @Corey Dutina More

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Shamari Simpson

Hi everyone, thank you for joining me on today's Circle of Success: New to Salesforce? Plan and Execute a Successful Launch. I have attached the deck here. Please feel free to post any additional questions or comments to this post so that we and I can follow up with you. @Diego Rodrigo García Muratalla @Rhonda Rumbaugh @Becky Simmons @Andy T @Shashank Singh @Rob van der Hoeven Who Sees What: More

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Katherine Burg

@Anna Adams @Ashlynne Boles @Jose Corona Cardenas @Carlos Francin @Vishnu Gottipati @Tom Inglis @Yurenma Isturiz @Seth Jones @Robert Kaff @Marcelo Konatu @Stephen Langlois @Vue Lee @Joey Maceyak @Lisa Mensink @bryan mosher @Daniel Rogers @Sue Sauer @Rebeccah Saur @Rajat Sharma @Rob Shikwana @Giovanni Spiteri @Steve Tolbert @Yongwen Wang Thank you for joining the How to Create and Manage a Salesforce Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan Circle of Success today. We had a great turnout and some really good questions. As promised here is the deck and a few additional resources. Comprehensive best practices on backup and recovery can be found here, including processes for both data and metadata: Steps to take when recovering or restoring lost/deleted records: Chrome Extension for help downloading files in a timely manner: To add the Recycling Bin in Lightning Experience, you can create a custom web tab that points to the Recycling Bin like this: 1) Open Setup 2) Navigate to Tabs 3) Create a new Web Tab 4) Put the URL => https://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN] 5) Update visibility by profile Here are the trails for Big Objects as well as Heroku. These are a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience with both tools, allowing you to compare and contrast. Thank you again for your participation, have a wonderful week! More

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Gregory Wong

Thank you @Charlotte Boman @Jerry Burden @Shannon Copp @Hanna Dekker @Jay Desai @Hedieh Ebrahimi Jozani @Britto Fernandez @Erica Holt @Jay Ikram @bryan mosher @Zarna Naik @Sarah O'Brien @Jasmijn Seelen @Aubrey Setlock @Jeff Testerman @Erik Walters @Ken Watson for joining the Sell More with Leads and Opportunities session. Here is the deck along with some resources that we discussed: Create a User Group for Round-Robin Assignments: Round Robin Community Resource: Round Robin Lead Assignment App: Record Types: Validation Rules: Optimize Sales Processes Using Path (Lightning Only): If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post here! Thank you for attending! Greg More

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