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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana, a family of groups dedicated to your success. Circles of Success are small group clinics with other Salesforce customers focused on adoption-related topics. These 60-90-minute, live, interactive, discussions (not webinars) are unscripted and consultative in nature and are hosted by Salesforce experts.

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Ashley Scott

Thank you for joining us in today's Circle of Success: “Setting the Pace with Change Management.” Please find the presentation that we reviewed in today's session below. Feel free to continue to ask questions and collaborate here! As mentioned, be sure to check out: - Accelerating Adoption with Effective End-User Training Circle of Success - - Release Readiness Community Group: - Intro to Governance White Paper: @Brittany Thornton @Carolyn King @Robert Fleury @Jamie Yarbrough @Yolanda Ruiz @Michael Fischer @Nikhil Jaitly @Alice Summers More

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Brittany Thornton

Thanks for attending today's Circle of Success: How to Successfully Transition to Lightning with myself and @Cordelia Newbury! Please see the attached deck and the below resources to continue learning. Feel free to post follow-up questions here as well! @Jennifer Bowers @Milissa Hodson @Ed Mehu @Bosede Omolayo @Alicia Rozeboom @Steve Santoro @Jeff St. John @Mike Yousef @Frank Busse @Lisa Mahon - lightning in a box asset: - lightning enablement pack: - Trail Traker App: - LEX journey: - Lightning Now: More

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Ashley Scott

Thanks for attending our "Accelerate Adoption Though End User Training" Circle of Success. I've attached the presentation below. Here are some of the additional resources we discussed: Curriculum Design Matrix Quick Reference Guide Clean Your Room Dashboard: Adoption Dashboard: Activity Dashboard: Customizable Training Templates: Here's the link to the "Best Meetings Ever" series that Jen mentioned: Don't forget to check out other great Circles of Success: @Emily Peña @Laura O'Connor @Orquidea Perez @Stephanie Haley @Gina Zupo @Jennifer Teager @Petra Ortega @Tim Goranson @Chris Newell @Terry Dunn More

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Jennifer Teager

Looking forward to a copy of today's deck and the spreadsheet example. @Emily Peña More

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Nikhil Jaitly

Hello all, how do we go about taking a backup of attachments in Salesforce using APIs ? Thanks Nikhil More

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