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What are Circles of Success? These are small group clinics with other Salesforce customers focused on adoption-related topics. These 60-90-minute, live, interactive, discussions (not webinars) are unscripted and consultative in nature and are hosted by Salesforce experts.

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Nick Phillips

Thank you @Donna Delahoussaye @Ian Dwyer for joining today's #SecretsToSandboxSuccess Circle Of Success. Here is a copy of the deck we presented. Please post any additional questions or comments on this thread. Here are some relevant chatter groups that you may want to join: Here is a YouTube clip that features Sandbox demo: @Kevin Noschang More

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Shelby Bass

A big thank you to @Hari Nallapothula @Janice Geipel @Kurt Orto @Larry Dortch @Laurie Massengill @Michelle Mallo @Paul Berryman @Steve Baist @Sutheera Sujipisut @Todd May @Vicky Eimer @Samantha Lambrecht @Nancy Kelly for joining @Adam Shun and myself during the StreamlineSalesforce Experience Through Data Archival & Cleanup Circle of Success today. We hope that you found our session valuable and will be able to take the knowledge we provided on archiving and leverage it. Below is a copy of the slide deck that we reviewed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us on this post. Thanks again! More

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Ashley Scott

Thanks for attending our "Accelerate Adoption Though End User Training" Circle of Success. I've attached the presentation below. Here are some of the additional resources we discussed: Curriculum Design Matrix Quick Reference Guide Clean Your Room Dashboard: Adoption Dashboard: Activity Dashboard: Customizable Training Templates: Don't forget to check out other great Circles of Success: @Deena Cota @Erika Sparks @Michelle Johnston @Nicole Edson @Richard Cilia @Robin O'Donnell @Sherry Bevan @Tom Hamilton More

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