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iswar PANY

Can anyone please help me on what exactly is omni-channel? Please send me some links, if you have More

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Vilde Arnulf

Hi all, I would like to shorten the text viewed in case description in Service cloud. The field is "Data TypeLong Text Area(32000)". I can´t edit this field´s data type the same way I can change the data type of other fields. Is it possible to wrap the text in the description field with the first two-three lines shown and add a possibility to "show more" ? Any help or thoughts on this is much appreciated! More

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Jacob Padilla

Looking to tie Entitlement Warning Actions to Salesforce Notifications. Entitlement Warning Actions play nicely with Email Alerts, but we also want Desktop and Mobile Push Notifications to go out for the highest priority Cases. The trouble is Process Builder doesn't seem to want to recognize Entitlement Warning Actions. I can't (or at least I haven't been able to thus far) automate Salesforce Notifications to trigger based off of New Tasks, Email Alerts, or Field Updates. Task IDs and Names don't seem to be recognized correctly by Process Builder. Email Alerts are something that seem to trigger additional actions in Process Builder. Field Updates using the ISCHANGED logic doesn't work with the Date/Time custom field update I'm using. Has anyone gotten Notifications to work with Entitlement Warning Actions? More

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Hina Ishrath Mab

Hello, I have an email service using Apex class for a required functionality. BUt this email service uses the very long email address provided by Salesforce. Is there any way to use email routing similar to email-to-case such that a smaller address is visible to client and associated users and all the emails to this address are routed to the long address provided by Salesforce? Any help is appreciated! More

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Bhavin Patel

Give your customers more reason to smile by automatically routing the right case to the right agent with Einstein Case Routing. #Winter20 To learn more click 👇 More

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