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Mark Orsborn

** Adoption research - feedback needed ** Hi Everyone, I work in the service cloud product team. I'm doing some research around service cloud product adoption would love your feedback, whatever it is. I have put a brief survey together (shouldn't take longer than a coffee break). Thanks in advance, your input is very appreciated. More

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Mohamadou DOUCOURÉ

Hello, I am currently looking for resources that could help me understand, how to integrate the whatsapp channel in cloud service. thank you in advance for your answers. More

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Andy Kallio

Hello friends. Some of my service agents have just brought to my attention that omni-channel is slowing down their page loads. They say that when they are signed onto an online presence status in omni-channel record pages are very slow to load. They have demonstrated it for me, but I have not been able to recreate on my end. We're all working from home and they have verified that their internet speeds are good. Their workaround is to accept a couple cases from omni and then go offline to bring the performance back up. When they are finished they then go back online to get more. Any ideas out there? Thanks! More

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Hui S

Field History Tracking Limit: with Audit Trail, we are able to track field history for up to 60 fields per object. We are at this limit now. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to address this? Thank you very much for your help! More

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Charlie Guo

What tool is good to move Lightning Knowledge articles from one org to another? Both uses Lightning Knowledge. The articles has record types, data categories and channels. Scripting is preferred for I'd like to automate this task. Thanks! -- Charlie More

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