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Kevin Tran

Hi There, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I have a custom field called Order Number and I'm looking to create a workflow that populates the order number field based on the order number that is in the description. The order number is always in the format "O-XXXXX". Is there a way to do that using a workflow? More

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Ryan Seeliger

I am trying to create a report and ultimately a dashboard to show how many unique users logged on the the platform in the last week. I am filtering on login date and user, but I get the subtotal of all the successful login's(ie 5) I really just want login equals true for the week. So even if agent logs in once or 7 times I just want a one count. More

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Timo Anjala

Hi, I'm searching easy way to assign open cases to other person when someone goes on holidays. Any best practice available? We have tried "I'm Out! The Out of Office Case Handler"- application but it seems to have some limitations. More

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Gregg Hart

How to create a list view filter on case modified date older than 30 days? When picking a date for the filter I have options like greater than. But I can't get anything to work if I put in a date. Thank you. More

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Ashraf Paruk

Hi everyone. I have a specific query around the use of a chatbot on the b2b store. My use case is as follows: The chatbot must be available 24/7 on the store (this is pretty simple) If a chatbot cannot answer a customers query, then pass on to a live agent (pretty simple) If there is no live agent available, then allow the customer to log a case. (This is where I am struggling) If I only allow the chatbot to be available when an agent is online, I can achieve the expected result. But if I have the chatbot running 24/7, I cannot seem to allow a case to be created from the live agent window. Has anyone encountered this problem or knows of a possible workaround? Thanks in advance. More

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