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Ivan Harris

Cheat Sheet: Salesforce Einstein for Customer Service I'm working on this cheat sheet to help businesses understand what Salesforce Einstein features can be added to their Salesforce Service Cloud setup and what the costs/benefits are. I'm sharing early for two reasons: - It includes a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery business challenge, which might be useful in the current Covid-19 crisis. - I'd love some feedback on additional business challenges, so that they can be added. I hope it proves useful to someone. Best regards, Ivan More

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Hello What are the best practices to force user to fill a fields on a case (with email-to-case functionality)? I Have define some fields (Cas Type for exemple) as required in the page layout. But my user can still send an email and close case from a list without fill the case type... Is this a way to make a field mandatory before sending an email? Thanks for your answer! More

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Mark Orsborn

** Adoption research - feedback needed ** Hi Everyone, I work in the service cloud product team. I'm doing some research around service cloud product adoption would love your feedback, whatever it is. I have put a brief survey together (shouldn't take longer than a coffee break). Thanks in advance, your input is very appreciated. More

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Mohamadou DOUCOURÉ

Hello, I am currently looking for resources that could help me understand, how to integrate the whatsapp channel in cloud service. thank you in advance for your answers. More

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Andy Kallio

Hello friends. Some of my service agents have just brought to my attention that omni-channel is slowing down their page loads. They say that when they are signed onto an online presence status in omni-channel record pages are very slow to load. They have demonstrated it for me, but I have not been able to recreate on my end. We're all working from home and they have verified that their internet speeds are good. Their workaround is to accept a couple cases from omni and then go offline to bring the performance back up. When they are finished they then go back online to get more. Any ideas out there? Thanks! More

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