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Matt Rodgers

Has anyone put together best practices of when to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration versus Chatter? I'm working with another well-known U.S. based manufacturing company who is considering Salesforce CRM. They're looking for best practices around this topic and I've mentioned to them how valuable Salesforce Communities are for sharing information, ideas, etc. Thanks in advance! -Matt Rodgers More

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buyan thyagarajand

Hi Guys, I have an opportunity for having you featured on the Salesforce website for a blog article that I am creating at the moment. This would help you elevate your brand and career. If you have seen a spike in 1 feature in salesforce for the past 2 months or a project you are working with your IT and Financial teams due to COVID 19 which might have some impact on Salesforce, it would be a good reason for you to do a quick 20-minute interview or answer questions on your preferred time. The topic of the blog is focused on " How to enable you remote sales, service and marketing teams work effectively using Salesforce for Manufacturers " . The process is simple. 1. I will send 3 to 5 questions that you can answer in a written format or I can do a 20-minute call and explain it. 2. Once you guys answer the questions, I will mention you guys on the Salesforce blog which will elevate your brand. Please private message me if you are interested or respond to this post. Buyan More

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Andrew Rieser

For those that haven't heard... Salesforce Care for Manufacturing: Free Solution to Help Manufacturers Manage their COVID-19 Relief Response. More

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Mendy Ezagui

Shoutout to all the manufacturers who are in this coalition? Any Salesforce customers on this? What's the plan? More

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Chuck Stevenson

Join us on May 7 at 1 ET for a webinar from ERP Focus featuring Mitch Cahn of Unionwear. It is going to explore how organizations have successfully implemented cloud ERP and why combining Salesforce with ERP can create a powerful single platform solution. You’ll Learn: - How cloud ERP optimizes productivity, collaboration, and ROI - How the benefits of Cloud ERP extend to your entire organization as well as your customers - How Rootstock Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform, provides real time KPIs to operate remotely Register today! More

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