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Erin Steenhoek

I just joined this group and as I was scrolling through some of the past discussion, I noticed that I missed a manufacturing specific event in Chicago a few months ago [sad]. My company has divisions all over the US and Mexico and I'd love to get some of my team plugged in to these types of events. Is there a calendar for upcoming events or do I just need to watch here for announcements? Also, did a Chicago-specific group emerge from the June event? Thanks and I look forward to collaborating with you all! More

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Betty Leung

Join us for the first ever Dreamforce Circles of Success designed for our Manufacturing customers! These Circles of Success sessions designed specifically for our Manufacturing customers brought to you by the Customer Success team aligned to the Manufacturing & Distribution industry. Circles of Success are small (tables of 10), round table discussions where you'll have the opportunity to meet with Salesforce experts and collaborate with other customers. We will be hosting two sessions - join us for one or both: Topic: Channel Management Session Link: Date: Wednesday, September 26th Time: 4:00-4:40 pm PDT Location: Moscone West Room 2010 Topic: Increasing User Adoption Strategies in the Manufacturing Sector Session Details: Date: Wednesday, September 26th Time: 5:00-5:40 pm PDT Location: Moscone West Room 2010 @Christina Galvin I are both aligned to the Manufacturing & Distribution industry from a Customer Success perspective and hope to see you there! More

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Scott Holzapfel

At #DF , if you want to learn more about real-time, pre-built and highly configurable Salesforce/SAP integration, there are several ways (see attached): 1. Stop by our booth in the Manufacturing Zone at the Intercontinental Hotel 2. See our speaking session on #[Salesforce CPQ]/ #SAP Variant Config integration To schedule some time, e-mail us at More

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Andrew Rieser

More info around the concept for this years first ever Manufacturing Lodge! @Dreamforce for Manufacturing More

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Andrew Rieser

Hi all, Our team is gearing up for Dreamforce, and we're really excited about the strong manufacturing industry focus this year. To help navigate the hundreds of MFG sessions, meet-ups, and presentations, we put together a recommended approach and "must see" list for the manufacturing industry. I thought I'd also share the custom schedule I built. I've picked events that I think will address some of the most important issues facing manufacturers. I hope some of you will join me for a few of them so we can have the opportunity to meet in-person! Here's a link to the PDF and my schedule. And feel free to share it with other folks interested in Salesforce for manufacturing. Hope to see you in San Francisco! PS - A few of us are trying to grow the Salesforce for manufacturing dialogue on Twitter and LinkedIn. We're starting to use #CRM4MFG to tag conversations and resources in this space. We'd love for you to use the hashtag and pass it along! PSS - Be sure to also follow and collaborate with the @Dreamforce for Manufacturing group as well! More

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