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Andrew Rieser

Great webinar featuring 90 year old textile manufacturer Matouk and their digital transformation journey...definitely worth listening to. Recording can be found here: I always enjoy listening to @Stuart Kiely 's story and also how they are now experimenting with Einstein AI! Power of the platform! More

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Andrew Rieser

If you could go back in time and re-launch your Salesforce implementation, what would you have done differently knowing what you know now? More

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Buyan Thyagarajan

Hi Guys, I have a client who is looking for a solution on how other manufacturers solved this. 1. They would need to segment their customer data( Account) based on segments like revenue etc. Are there any apps you guys use which would help you to segment your customer's data effectively? Can you tell me some solutions which you use for this? 2. They sell commodities like chemicals. They would like to measure market share on their current customers(Accounts) and how they measure against the competition. How do you guys measure market share now? 3. Do you guys have customers in China and if so how are you integrating with wechat which is a common app used in China? Any best practices or how you guys use it now would help.. Buyan More

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Andrew Rieser

The "Industry 4.0 Market & Technologies. Focus on the U.S." report forecasts that this market will grow at a CAGR of 12.9% between 2018-2023! What investments are your organizations making towards the future? More

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David Amaro

NEXT WEEK!!! Manufacturing sales is no longer just about selling products and maintaining margins; it's about improving your relationship and value with your customers. Join us to hear from Formtek and how they were able to transform their sales operations, deliver more value to their customers, and close more deals. More

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