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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to sharing resources and information about Salesforce Service Delivery (previously "Official: Salesforce Infrastructure") details, updates, best practices, and maintenance. We cover topics such as instance refreshes, scheduled maintenance, security enhancements and feature retirement.

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Chris Lance

Quick question as on the org refresh, it says in the Instance Refresh Maintenance article that OrgId will not be impacted - great. Is it safe to assume this holds true for all data/metadata record Ids as well (Record Type Ids, Contact Ids, etc)? More

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Diane Hackbarth

We received a notice today about an instance refresh and I had a question regarding customers logging cases via the portal. In the webinar someone asked about email to case and the answer was that those cases would be queued. We don't use email to case but rather ask our customers to log cases via our Community portal. So will our customers have access to do this during the 4 hour maintenance window? It sounds like they won't. What kind of error will they get if they try? More

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Brian Estebez

Announcing Marketing Cloud(ExactTarget) REST API Certificate Expiration Notice At Salesforce, the security of the customer data is our #1 priority. Enhancing API security and mitigating the risk of an attack on the encryption of in-transit, we periodically rotate our endpoint TLS/SSL certificates. What and When? As part of periodic certificate rotation, Marketing Cloud (Exact Target) will renew the REST API certificate for the following endpoints on April 15th, 2020 7pm EDT (GMT - 4:00) - - - - Call for Action If you are doing any of the following, you will need to replace the existing TLS certificate with the new certificate (attached to this post in the file) - If you are using middleware that requires a TLS certificate to be locally cached - If you have imported the public TLS certificate to your server’s trustStore - If you are using any other method to pin or cache a TLS certificate Impact Your API integration using REST API will fail starting April 15th, 2020 if you meet the above-mentioned conditions and do not update the certificate. More

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Kevin Laurence

For security reasons I would like to compile a list of all the IP addresses from which users have successfully logged in during the last 6 months. This is proving to be very frustrating. The export feature within Salesforce doesn't appear to work (never completes), and exporting the data via the DataLoader results in a file containing 7.6 million rows which is difficult to manipulate subsequently. (You can't even filter on the Status field to limit the query!). I know that the total number of IP addresses will not exceed 95 because that's the number of addresses that we have whitelisted. So I'm just looking for a small set of successful login IPs. Why are things like this so difficult to obtain on this platform? More

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Shauncy Jackson

March Tech updates are ready for you! Check out the Tech Updates file: *Tip*: Download the file for the best experience as links in preview mode may not work. Highlights include: Product Innovation - Spring ‘20 is here Infrastructure Improvements - Salesforce Core: Best Practices for Infrastructure Maintenances - Salesforce Core: Instance Refresh Events and Resources - Commerce Cloud Database Upgrade - Prepare for the Google Chrome Cookie Attribute Change System Maintenances - Salesforce Core: Site Switches - Salesforce Core: Continuous Site Switching - Salesforce Core: Salesforce IP Addresses & Ranges - Salesforce Core: Plan around your Preferred Maintenance Windows - Trust Notifications Feature Retirements - New Feature Retirement Monthly Digest - Upcoming Feature Retirement list More

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