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Carol Enevoldsen

How to create a Salesforce Celebration? I created an article on Setup Salesforce Celebration on Account object. Article Link: https://bit.ly/2HtRrdH Video Link: https://bit.ly/30Cb6Qu #Salesforce #[Salesforce Admin] #SalesforceBlog #LearnSalesforce More

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Carol Enevoldsen

It's time for another pilot round of IdeaExchange Prioritization! Between now and June 2, let our product managers know which of the 15 features on the ballot you'd like our teams to start working on as they plan for Spring '20 and beyond. Take the next 5-10 minutes and: - Download the attached prioritization guide to read about the features, the estimated delivery date, and the idea(s) that inspired the feature - Take the May 2019 Prioritization survey and stack rank the features: https://salesforce.getfeedback.com/prioritize201905 After June 2, we'll aggregate the results and provide them to our product teams as an input to release planning. Once they've done the work to further spec out the features, we'll let you know which of the top prioritized ideas will move into the development phase. For those of you who have piloted this prioritization concept with us before, here are a few changes you'll notice from the last round: - We've increased the number of features on the ballot from 10 to 15 with representation from more clouds/categories. - We've eliminated the “coin value” of each idea and instead included an “effort” indicator to give you a sense of the complexity of the feature. For Dreamforce, we'll build a ballot where you'll get a budget of coins (i.e., 100) and can apply them across the features you care about most. Thanks for prioritizing the features and piloting this concept with us! More

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Carol Enevoldsen

Has anyone used this tool to compare Salesforce orgs? Salesforce Org Compare This tool uses the Salesforce Tooling or Metadata API (user selection) to compare metadata between two Orgs. This is useful when planning deployments or building deployment packages, as well as seeing what configuration exists in Production to Sandbox or between Sandbox environments. More

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Carol Enevoldsen

Thanks to @Wenda McMahan for a great presentation and discussion on Flows at our meeting last night. Wenda will be uploading the preso for those who want to reference it. Thanks again Wenda!! More

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