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Carol Enevoldsen

Hello everyone, Starting Spring '20 the following critical updates would be auto-enabled and it's important for everyone to make sure that you are ready for it: - Grant Access to Custom Settings on Profiles and Permission Sets After Restricting Org-Wide Access (Critical Update) - https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter20/release-notes/rn_forcecom_custom_settings_access_cruc_addWinter.htm - Require Customize Application Permission for Direct Read Access to Custom Metadata Types (Critical Update) - https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter20/release-notes/rn_forcecom_development_custom_metadata_access.htm In a short summary, we are changing how custom settings and custom metadata types are accessed by the users without Customize Application permission, and it might affect components that directly referencing them. Please review the video recording that we made for you - it would help to answer some of the questions you might have: https://sfdc.co/bTP9s3. And if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask it in this Trailblazer group. Also, here's the link to the presentation we used in the video recording: https://sforce.co/2qVGbAX Thank you! #CommUpdates #Spring20 More

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Wenda McMahan

Wanted to make sure local folks were aware of this Tucson Salesforce Admin position! More

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Carol Enevoldsen

Primary field MIA when creating new Contact Role on Opportunity When creating a new Contact Role from the Opportunity in Lightning, the "Primary" field is missing from the create screen. Users find it very tedious to create a Contact Role and not be able to mark the role as primary at the time of creation. Rather they have to save the record then go back in and add primary. More clicks = unhappy users. Support says no way to add the Primary field in at this time. Please consider voting for this idea... or if you know a work around would love to hear it. thanks, More

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Carol Enevoldsen

END OF YEAR CELEBRATION USER GROUP MEETING Our year-end celebration meeting is coming up 12 December. We are looking for venue suggestions. Please post and let us know where you'd like to meet! More

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Carol Enevoldsen

Welcome @T.J. Kuhn to the Tucson Administrators Group! T.J. is a Solution Architect at Salesforce in Phoenix. T.J. please share a little about yourself and how you're currently involved in Salesforce. Everyone, please give T.J. a warm welcome to the group! More

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