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Carol Enevoldsen

It's time for the Winter ‘20 feature matrix. Thanks to @Nandita Shah (Salesforce) for this great resource. For anyone new to it this release, this is a tool some of our Success Managers have used for several years so their customers could do an initial review, decide how they’re going to incorporate new features into their roadmap and assign features out to team members for further review and discussion. A few caveats to be aware of: - Please understand this document may contain errors and/or omissions. Always rely on the official release notes as your final reference. This version is based on the latest Preview Release Notes as released on August 20th, 2019. - Keep an eye on the release notes changelog for updates -https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter20/release-notes/rn_change_log.htm - As always, please base any purchasing decisions on currently available functionality. We'd love to hear your feedback on this as a tool and any suggestions for how to make it more useful. More

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Wenda McMahan

Hi, Tucson Salesforce Users: Come join us for the September 26 User Group meeting! Now that Fall is on the way with occasional high temps under 100, it's time for a friendly round of gaming to discover, brush up on, or coach others on Lightning skills. We'll be playing Salesforce JeoParody with our Colored Light Buzzers ... the whole game will be a "Lightning round!" With rolling Salesforce Lighting Experience events, where Lightning will be turned on regularly for your org, coming next month, it will be easier to manage if we learn together. Bring your thunder! More

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Wenda McMahan

Hi, Tucson Salesforce Fans, Does anyone know if Innovative Minds at 6420 E. Broadway is no longer offering Salesforce certification exams? Kryterion lists the site as "Active," but they aren't offering the certification I seek at all (although they did previously). I know the exams can be proctored remotely - just wondering if anyone has any info on the former Tucson testing site. Thanks! More

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Carol Enevoldsen

#AwesomeAdmin General Question - As a seasoned Admin, what is your #1 Declarative Best Practice Recommendation that you give to new Admins as they begin their journey? For example: - Don't use Multi-select Picklists unless you have a really good Use Case - Don't make a Custom Field Required at the Field Level, then also define a Default Value or your responses could be inaccurate - Use a Global Value Set when you wish for a Picklist to exist on multiple Objects and remain consistent - Don't use a Formula Field as the sole criteria for a WFR or Process Builder unless the evaluation criteria is set to Evaluate the rule when a record is: created, and every time it’s edited, because it won't spark (ISCHANGED(Formula Field) is not a real thing) More

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