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Nataly Hendeles

👋👋 👋 W E L C O M E 👋 👋 👋 Please join us in welcoming all of last weeks new SMB Community members! Thank you for being part of our SMB Ohana! Please feel free to introduce yourself, ask or answer questions, meet other Small Business owners just like you, or share a story about your journey with Salesforce using this Community forum. This is a safe space for all of our members and we're so excited to have you here with us! ✨✨ Here are the three ways this community can help you transform your small business for the better: 1. Be one of the first to know about new resources, tools, and events for small businesses 2. Got a question about anything and everything? Now’s your chance to ask 3. Connect, network, and share ideas with other like-minded SMBs. Read more here: More

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Renee Selanders

➡️ Running a small business is full of unknowns. That's why it's important to have a sales pipeline, a leading indicator of how much business may be headed your way in a certain time period. ⬅️ Enrique Ortegon, SVP of SMB Sales at Salesforce, shares here how to build a pipeline: 💭💭 Comment below and share your best practices to build a sales pipeline 💭💭 More

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Nataly Hendeles

❓️❓️❓️ Are you a small business (1-200 employees size companies) leader? We would love your thoughts — the descriptor that best resonates with you and the community you would be most interested in joining. Here are some options: More

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Daniel Gauthier

Hey, hey everyone in Mtl. My name is Daniel. I am a single Professional SF edition user(admin) Here is my question: I want to quote a customer who needs me to send a small mass email and wonder how much I should charge. Would you have a link or two where I can read about "How to price my services for mass emailing" I already set up the SPF Record and DKIM profile for the customer, they already paid for that. Now comes the fun part. Can you help? Daniel. 514-883-1922 More

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Nataly Hendeles

🔉🔉🔉 ATTENTION TRAILBLAZERS: SWAG UP WITH SALESFORCE SOCKS 🔉🔉🔉 **Refer your small business Salesforce user friends to the SMB Trailblazer Community: and get a pair of free custom Salesforce small business socks for any friend who joins** We are excited to see our incredible Small & Medium Trailblazer Community growing, and we want your friends to join the party! What’s in store for new members? - Network with other inspiring business owners - Find answers to Salesforce product questions - Learn about Salesforce events and announcements What’s in store for you? A pair of free custom-Salesforce socks! In a comment below, simply @mention your small business Salesforce user friends after they’ve joined the community: and we will contact you to send you a free pair of socks! More

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