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Lisa Cassidy

Hi Does anyone know of a report, admin setting or view that I can use to match record size to a filter like Account Name for Opportunity records? Thanks More

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90 Seconds Admin

How to truncate standard objects on Salesforce like Account, Contract... ? I don't see any truncate button for those in setup page More

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Mikel Robinson

Hello! I made a mistake and changed my picklist to new values and lost the lead status of thousands of leads. I guess I didnt realize that if the lead status detail picklist was changed that it would just turn blank. My question is, can I revert back to the old lead status details we used to have on our picklist? Thanks! Mikel More

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Derrick Deans

🎇Happy #SmallBusinessWeek🎇 This Small Business Week we're proud to support entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators on the path to their best business. Did you know you could win a Salesforce branded Timbuk2 backpack if you share your #FaveSmallBiz with us on Twitter ( or on Instagram ( Check out the Twitter rules here ( ) and Instagram rules here ( There's only 1 more hour to win! Plus, we posted on our blog daily in honor of the week. Take a look at our awesome content: New Research: Trends Every Growing Small Business Needs to Know Did you know 90% of SMB leaders value trust above all else in their relationship with customers? Get insights from 2,000+ #smallbiz leaders and owners across the globe in our third annual SMB trends report: Power of Stories: One Small Business Is on a Mission to Lift People Up This husband, wife, & family friend founded a #smallbiz that tells stories to improve lives. They gave their mission-driven biz an appropriate name — The Mission. Read The Mission's inspiring growth story: 36 Free Resources to Give Your Small Business a Boost Free Resources Alert! Check out this year’s edition of new and free resources to help grow your #smallbiz in every way possible → 12 Essential Pieces of Small Business Advice We distilled 1,000+ pearls of wisdom from #DF18 down to these 12 bits of essential business advice → How Mom-Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration, Fulfillment, and Balance What do you get when you combine two of the most demanding titles in the world? Mom-entrepreneurs, women dedicated to their families, their careers, and their passions for making the world a better place. We talked to a few of them in honor of #SmallBusinessWeek and #MothersDay: More

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Derrick Deans

How To Grow and Be a Dynamic #SmallBiz 🎊 Ever wondered how you can grow your business while still keeping that special culture of your #smallbiz? Take a look at ways you can reach your growth goals while maintaining a great place to work. More

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