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Michael Comans

Heading to Utah for #Snowforce19 today. Anybody else from #Phoenix going? Would be great to catch up. #PhxSFUG #PhxSFUG Ping me if you are. @Phoenix, AZ Developers Group More

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Gloria Gutierrez

Waitlist is Active: Lightning Workshop: Join us for a Hands-On Lightning Workshop. This workshop is based upon the best practices within the Lightning Champions program. Your local Lightning Champion members will be the facilitators of this workshop. Seating is limited! We have your requests going to our waitlist at this time. - Saturday, April 20th - 10:00am-3:00pm - University of Phoenix- location provided as you RSVP More

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Laura Gil

Hi all, I am just trying to understand the following behaviour in Salesforce: - On the Account object there is a the field Account Owner Alias, which is not visible under the list of fields in this object, but when you go to Setup --> Rename Tabs and labels --> Account you will see the field listed in there. - We created a formula field with the same name with the formula "Account.Owner.Alias" in there on the Contact object. - We renamed the label Account Owner Alias on the Account to the name "Area Responsible" - We added the column Account Owner Alias to the list of columns to be displayed in the Campaign Members related list. This is showing the column as "Area Responsible" - When you go to the Campain Members object, you don't see this field Account Owner Alias under the list of fields in that object Question: How can it be, that the Account Owner Alias field, which I created on the object Contact is not being displayed as column in the related list Campaign Members: Campaign --> related list Campaign Members, but instead you see the Account Owner Alias field of the object Account? (I can recognize it because this on the Account was renamed to "Area Responsible") Can somebody explain it to me? More

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Sophie Westbrook

***Refer a non-Salesforce friend*** Anyone ever told you, "Wow! Your job sounds so cool! I want to do what you do."? Well, now's your chance to get those curious friends into the Salesforce ecosystem. On March 27, 2019 Trailhead will be hosting a 1-day workshop to introduce people in Phoenix to the Salesforce ecosystem. We're targeting people that aren't familiar with Salesforce or Trailhead, like your local barista, hair dresser, local librarian, PTA, anyone! Please share this with your local communities and with anyone that has mentioned wanting to do what you do! ------ Thinking about a career in tech but not sure where to start? Want to make a career change but worried you don't have the skills needed to succeed? If you've got the desire to learn in-demand tech skills, we want to help you! Join us at Trailhead Tour Phoenix on March 27, 2019 to learn more about the 3.3M jobs that will be created by the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022, and start learning the skills you need to succeed in these jobs. During this free one-day workshop, we will give you an overview of Salesforce, introduce you to roles that exist in the ecosystem, and get you started on Trailhead, a free learning platform, so you can connect to your next opportunity. Check out the agenda, and register for your spot today! @Gloria Gutierrez @Marisa Hambleton@Donald Bohrisch @Misty Jones @Rhonda Ross @Pierre Kaluzny @Steve Simpson More

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