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Paul Battisson

A reminder that tonight we have a session on "From Aura Components to Lightning Web Components" which you can sign up for. More

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Phil Walton

Hi everyone, after much debate, consultation, and convincing, we are going to make some changes to the way the Trailblazer communities are managed in the region. We are very proud of having built up a community over the last 7 years, and want to see more members, more groups, more events (virtual and hopefully in-person again soon!), and more collaboration. When I started the group there was no community north of London or south of Edinburgh, the North didn’t feature. Now we have several groups, in Cities across the North, covering Admin, Development, and NonProfit. So rather than managing a Trailblazer community for each one, we are going to manage it all here. The ‘North England User Group’ will be the home to all the regional Communities. This should make it easier for members to see all events in the area, all subjects & specialisms, rather than having to join many different groups. Hopefully that will help minimise your Sunday digest emails! Events will still be managed as they are now, on individual event pages, but we will all add our events and sign-up links on this group. Please bear with us while we try to merge everything together. And please give us feedback on the idea, and the implementation of it. We are thick skinned, so positive and negative feedback is fine and helpful! FYI This will be a trial which if it goes to plan, may be implemented globally, so thank you for all your support…and now we can all really use the hashtag #Trailblazers !! Welcome to our regional Ohana: - Leeds Developer Group - Leeds Admin Group - Manchester Non Profit Group - Chester Admin Group - Newcastle/Gateshead Admin Group And of course the Manchester Admin Group More

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Sami Caracand

Hi everyone - Salesforce is gracing us with a slew of 'critical updates' in the next few months. Innocent me I went ahead and activated a few of them for one of my clients only to discover that some of these updates do have an impact on your org, sometimes not an entirely desirable one unless you're properly prepared. Here is a summary of my findings for critical updates from June to August -- any errors are entirely my own, but please let me know if you notice any: More

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Matthew Metcalfe

Hi Everyone, Our next (virtual) event is on June 10th at 4.30pm - We've got Matt Byrne, Product Manager at FinancialForce, and recent Salesforce Analytics Champion with us to show the different ways FinancialForce are using Einstein Analytics internally to manage COVID19 risk. We'll also see how Einstein Analytics can be used with external sources to provide insight from off-platform data about COVID19. This event is kindly sponsored by FinanicalForce, so we'll also have some giveaway (virtual) swag! More

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