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Phil Walton

Welcome to our newest members @Mark Lewis @Peter Alcock @Dan White and @Kerry Andrew @Kerry Andrew - please feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves! More

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Phil Walton

Event notification. I am sure many of you have noticed, Salesforce changed it events app in 2019 to a new one called 'Bevy', so if you want to receive updates and notifications on events like ours make sure you register here Even if you have been a member of the Community for a while, or used to be on my unofficial mailing list, from now on you will only get notifications via this app. Hopefully this new app will last much longer than the others!! More

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Clare Ramsaran

I did a session at the @North England User Group (Private) on Tues, focussing on the ADX201 Certification - and have added my slide deck. Thanks everyone for all your comments and input and esp to @Simon Whight for lending me your laptop when I had trouble with my HDMI adaptor! More

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Jonathan Fox

Today, 10 Oct 19, is World Mental Health Day. Let's break the stigma and talk about it. Mental health affects people in many different ways and is not always visible on the outside. Be there for each other and be that ear to listen. Allowing someone the option to talk about how they feel can make a huge difference. Having a mental health struggle is not weak, but talking about it can make you stronger. I am here should anyone wish to message me privately. Other than that, stay safe and enjoy your day to the fullest. More

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