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John Mahoney

Did anybody else get a Trailhead survey email from Halibutflats? Looks dodgy to me? More

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Phil Walton

Reminder---Friday 13th December is our next event at Barclays Eagle Labs in Manchester. A great venue, with some great content, and right next to the Xmas markets! Make our Christmas party YOUR Christmas Party...feel free to invite family and friends! More

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Matthew Metcalfe

Hi @Kathryn Sayers - Welcome to the group! Please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself! Hopefully you can join us next week in person: More

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Phil Walton

Anyone from Oop North going to this in London tomorrow? More

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Jonathan Fox

Want to know what it takes to be a Salesforce Champion? Check out this link and apply before 31 December! Apply to be a Lightning champion here! More

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