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Nicole Aebi-Moyo

With the on-going Covid-19 situation, we are looking at trying to do the next user group meeting virtually. I'm reaching out to Salesforce to see what support they can provide for this, but it would be useful to see who would be interested in participating virtually in a meeting. I would love to join something interactive and virtual, and promise to prioritise a virtual gathering as much as I would a face-to-face one :-) More

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Nicole Aebi-Moyo

Hold the date: next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 25 March, 3-5pm. We're just locking in final details before we share the agenda, but the theme will be data. Challenges of migration, keeping it up to date, and then when you've got a great data set, what it can do for you! Put it in your diary. Full details to follow. More

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Nicole Aebi-Moyo

What would you like the next meeting to cover? More

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Nicole Aebi-Moyo

The amazing Wyan, who has been co-leading this user group for some time, has asked me to step in and assist whilst he is rather busy at work. Having started this group 10 years or so ago, I'm more than happy to be back and involved! I'm still getting up to speed with all the processes for running meetings, but I figure the first thing is to figure out where, when and what. Where: does anyone have a venue they could offer? The group can attract some fairly large numbers so something that would fit 40+ easily would be good. When: I'll just pick a date/time and hope that works for most! What: I'll start a poll to see what topics people are most interested in and coordinate from there. Looking forward to getting something going ASAP! More

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Ramtin Sohrabian

Learn how OzHarvest partnered with Salesforce to deliver smarter fundraising and long-term donors relations. OzHarvest is Australia's leading food rescue charity. They collect quality surplus food, distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfill. In a world where we have lots of waste, we LOVE what OzHarvest is doing to tackle the issue and give to those in need. "OzHarvest spends more resources on Food Rescue and less on IT with Salesforce. More

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