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Dale Ziegler

Attached is @Matt Metzinger's presentation on Login Flows from Thursday's meeting. Thanks again for presenting, Matt! More

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Brian Hattaway

Thanks for letting me present yesterday in honor of our 15th Anniversary as a Salesforce partner. Attached is the presentation that talks about some of the things we've seen over the years that have contributed to technical debt and operational issues. Always remember that we're here as a resource - and we'd rather have a question now than a rescue mission project later.... More

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Dale Ziegler

Thanks again to @Brian Hattaway and @Matt Metzinger for presenting at today's meeting! Lots of great conversations around both topics (messy orgs and Login Flows), so it was great to see all of the participation. I published the link for the next meeting, but do remember we may need to move from the January 15 date. As soon as we know things are changing, we will post in as many places as possible. Thank you again everyone! @Jeff Berger @Kansas City, MO B2C Marketers Group @Kansas City, MO Developers Group @Kansas City, MO Nonprofit Group More

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Dale Ziegler

Don't forget to RSVP for this Thursday's User Group meeting, featuring @Matt Metzinger with Login Flows, and @Brian Hattaway and stories of rescuing messy orgs! @Jeff Berger @Kansas City, MO Developers Group @Kansas City, MO Nonprofit Group @Kansas City, MO B2C Marketers Group More

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