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Dale Ziegler

Virtual and free, sign up now! @Kansas City, MO Developers Group @Kansas City, MO Nonprofit Group @Manhattan, KS Administrators Group More

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Daniel Malone

My Corona Virus inspired side hustle (consulting job) is looking for a dialer. Yes, Lightning Dialer is an obvious option, but is there something better? Solo Admin here, so without a doubt I am leaning on the community for information on what I don't know. Small business, 50 licenses in use. Call Center so heavier volume. A quick search (google and app exchange) revealed plenty of options. I could spend a month listening to sales pitch after sales pitch. So please, educate this old truck driver trying to make his way in the world. What can your experiences tell me. Thanks KC User Group! Looking forward to one clear and convincing choice that will rise above all other options like a beam of light from behind the storm clouds...LOL More

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Dale Ziegler

Happy Monday, Happy June, etc KC! Just a reminder if you haven't already RSVPd, @Terry Miller and Metazoa are our headliners for the next KCUG virtual meeting on Thursday, June 18 at 11:00 am. Metazoa will be presenting "How to optimize Profiles and Tackle Technical Debt", and Terry will present "Using Stories to Influence Others". Even though things have been slowly opening up this week and some of you may have already returned to your offices, we want to thank you for your patience as we continue with this virtual format. I know we'd all love to be in the same place at the same time again, but @Jeff Berger and I are absolutely committed to safety first. We hope you're all doing well, and we're only a message/email/call/text away if there's anything we can do to support you through these still-abnormal times. @Kansas City, MO Developers Group @Kansas City, MO Nonprofit Group @Kansas City, MO B2C Marketers Group @Manhattan, KS Administrators Group @Des Moines, IA Administrators Group More

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Megan Theis

Hello all! Hallmark has an exciting new opportunity on our Salesforce team in Kansas City! Please ping me if you have questions. More

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Carolyn O'Connor

Hi there! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I sit for the Admin exam on Wed and wanted to know if the questions specify how many responses to select? Thanks!! More

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