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Tony Anderson

PRG is expanding! We are looking for a Developer/Administrator in the Atlanta area. PRG is a leader in entertainment and event production specializing in wide-ranging solutions that help bring the world’s greatest creative visions to life. From our early innovations in theatre, our expertise is now sought out the world over to solve the unique production challenges for a broad range of markets including live music, corporate events, film & television, theatre, and scenic installations. View/Apply Online: More

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Scottie Blackburn

Managing documents in Salesforce - what to do with Transcripts? We use the targetx managed package for the admissions process including the application and review/reading process. Documents (transcripts, essay, resume, recommendations, citizenship verification, etc) are uploaded into Salesforce various Salesforce objects (contact, application, enrollment history, etc). The university (Berry College) is working toward Salesforce as the main system of record and with the goal of becoming a connected campus. Over the next three years we will be onboarding Advancement, Student Success, and various other departments. We want to find a solution for documents that will scale well as we continue to build out our Salesforce org. Berry also currently uses Feith Document Database for file document storage and retention. The question is what do you do about long term document retention and storage? We have to maintain transcripts for a certain amount of years and other university staff (not on salesforce) need to access the documents. What are other universities doing to manage documents? We are working on developing a possible solution. We would like to integrate with Feith, and our idea is to create a link or quick action button in Salesforce that would allow users to upload a document into Feith and then Feith would store the document and send the document to Salesforce through an API connection. We know we will likely need a middleware product. We currently have Informatica and are also considering Jitterbit. Does this sound feasible? Have other universities solved the document retention issue? More

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Brittany Gilbert

Hi Trailblazers!! Revel Systems is expanding in Downtown Atlanta and I’m looking for an expert to join our team as a Senior Salesforce Administrator . We are a team of smart, motivated professionals who are managing a Salesforce system for all aspects of our business - from Marketing to Sales to Service to Professional Services. Come be a part of this expanding tech company. Please let me know if you have any questions! More

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Nicholas Kilduff

Shucks! No charitable social plans Thursday the 19th after work? How the heck did that happen... again? Well, I got you this time. Just hop on over to the ASW Whiskey Exchange for drinks, free lite bites, and live music! A percentage of all sales from 5pm-8pm will be donated to the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta to help make a house a home for our clients transitioning out of homelessness. Make sure you mention the Furniture Bank when making a purchase! Each person that mentions the Furniture Bank will earn them an additional 1% of sales up to 25% of sales on all drink, bottle, and retail purchases. More

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Dominic Carubba

Technical Question: I can't find documentation anywhere. Here we go: Is there an "Announcement" Feature; and if so, where is the documentation? Let me explain: I'm pretty sure that I saw a demo, read a release or something that there is now an announcement feature built into the Setup Menu. This is a Pop-Up message delivered on the page; NOT the Chatter Announcement feature. It displays based on "role,profile, group" and you can set a number of times to display, etc. Anyone know what I'm talking about, or do I need to schedule an appointment with my Doctor? :-) @Iman's Webinars You're my favorite Salesforce Wizard. Is this a real thing? More

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