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#[External Identity] Here is a scenario for which I need advice : Let's suppose that I have logged in to my Community with my Google Social account. I now have a user and a Google access token is associated with that user (visible in the User related List "Third-Party Account Links" ). Now I want to register myself again, this time with my email address (the same one as the address registered in my social network, and also now on the user). What method should I call from Site (with password) of UserManagement (passwordless) should I call to go through the registration process WITHOUT recreating another user, but registering the existing user's email (with password or passwordless) ? More

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Jim Rae

Hello Again, I have another question regarding External Identity, I am hoping someone can help (@Ian Glazer ). Implementing External Identity, and everything is working pretty smoothly, the question is, can I include a link on my external web property that will allow the externally identified user to change their password? And, how can I make this look seamless to the user? More

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Hi #ExternalIdentity specialists. We have a situation where we are using passwordless and password-based user registration in the same community. Everything is working fine (at last) : registration, user creation, login with password, password (by SMS and email), as well as numerous social login options. One thing I can't get to work is that String userId = Site.createExternalUser(u, accountId, NULL); does NOT send the user a password. However, the user IS created correctly and when I ask to renew the user's password (on the record's page), the user DOES receive the password email. What could be the reason for the password email not being sent out ? I hope you can help. More

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#ExternalIdentity In a Community where I have activated Login Discovery, how can I display the language picker ? More

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Xavier Mamet

Hello all, Our SFDC org uses SSO through SAML with ADFS. This works perfectly. We would like to enforce user reauthentication at some point. For instance I have a button in a custom VF page (or Lightning component) and I would like the user to be prompted for credentials before going further in the process. What would be the best approach to achieve this? More

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