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Denis Horgan

Are there plans to allow SSO to use Apple as a ID provider More

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Macaire Ament

Hello! I am helping to create a client community for my organization. We are a b2b consulting and services company in the learning/talent/human capital management space and have a mix of clients with an annual service hours subscription and clients who come to us repeatedly for standalone projects over the course of several years. We are hoping to create a community where clients can connect with us and with each other, view pertinent info about their projects, and consume content created specifically for the community. I've found a lot of the community training is framed around software companies, b2c, and utility type services, but have had a hard time figuring out what best practices to adopt for an organization like ours. If anyone has similar experience or suggested resources I would love to connect and talk through how others have driven engagement and success in this type of business case. More

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Chloe Majors

Hello! We are working on building out a new community but have hit a few snags. I'm hopeful that someone here has dealt with a similar situation and could offer some advice. We have about 40 products and are trying to determine if we should build a separate community for each in order to utilize Data Categories/Topics to limit Knowledge articles to only that product for the customers who use it. We would have one main "landing" community for all customers where they could click through to their specific community via a hyperlinked image. We'd like to limit Ideas zones in this same way using a lightning component to bring those into the community. Is this crazy to do? Would it be best to have only one community for all of our customers/products? My other question is around case creation. If we were to create these 40 communities, would we be able to somehow default the related product on a case based on what community they are creating it from/what profile they have/would that still only be possible through record type picklist options? @* Community Cloud * More

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Ryan Owens

I am working in a public-facing guest user Community that is trying to become multi-lingual. Everything is great so far in terms of translating the Community XML and labels, picklist values, etc. via Translation Workbench. But we've hit a roadblock in terms of translating content inside of rich text / long text fields on the record pages. Has anybody run into this before? And is there a solution for this that doesn't involve custom development? More

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Sanjna Patyal

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