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Charles Stewart

I look forward to working with you guys and girls as we forge this road. More

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I didn't find the 'OK' button in related list properties-contacts could u please help me for this More

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Shyam Bansal ☁️

Hello Trailblazers, @Chatter Product Group @* Chatter Adoption & Best Practices * I need help on migrating chatter feed from one salesforce org to another salesforce org. 1. How to tag @mention while migrating feedItem records? 2. How to migrate chatter feeds which are of TrackChange type? Thanks in advance. Regards, Shyam B. More

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Will Lear

Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to use the Salesforce search engine to search the Chatter database for anytime an object was mentioned? It seems you can only do this with #Topics. The purpose of my request is so that we can educate our team to use the mention (/) feature in Chatter when discussing an object (account, opportunity, contact etc.) so that employees can search objects just like #topics over time without having to clutter up your feed by following them. For example: 1. User posts on Chatter mentioning the Account object ABC Company "@product management - In our last account review meeting, /ABC Company said they were not satisfied with their service" 2. 6 months later, the customer cancels their subscription and management wants to scrape Chatter to see if there were any leading indicators that they missed by searching for ABC Company in the search bar I guess it's possible to substitute the (/) mention with a #topic but if you have 200+ items for every object, opportunities for errors skyrocket - if someone misspells an object name or abbreviates an object name in the form of a #topic data management/governance and the effort of creating standardized objects goes out the window. I apologize if this has already been mentioned or fixed - I also could be missing something :) Thanks! Will More

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Ali Jeffords

Chatter config question: Our end-users will be functioning heavily in cases and record creation and I do not want their Digests to be inundated with the cases they've created. I want it to be used as a tool to connect with one another via mentions, groups, etc. In the email settings, it's easy to configure for the latter items I mentioned, but nowhere do I see how to remove cases from digest. Can anyone advise? Thanks! More

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