Custom Metadata Types

Custom Metadata Types provide customers and partners a powerful new configuration engine for your apps. Enterprises eliminate expensive, error-prone, and compliance-obstructing manual processes currently used to manage app configurations. ISVs save 1äóñ2 person-years writing code to manage app configurations.

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Rafael Martins

Hi everybody, I have a question. My Sandbox has the Spring 20 release updated. But the users without permission to see Metedata and custom setting, are still seeing all the information about that. The Schema Setting is enable for both options. The profile and permission set of the users doesn't have the permission to see or access these information. Only permission they have is "View set up and configuration". So I believe that even with this permission, the user doesn't be able to see the metadata and custom settings, because in they're profile and permission setting, none of the data was assigned in "Custom Metadata Types" and "Custom Setting Definitions". They doesn't have the permission "View All Custom Settings" activated. Is someone facing this problem? Is there something else I have to do to enable this security in my sandbox org? Thanks Rafael More

18 days ago · 10 comments · 0 likes

Anjali Sabale

Hi @Vladimir Gerasimov, Could you please help me with below question : If a custom setting is used in Apex class which is defined with "with sharing" keyword, then what is the impact??? Does it mean it's running in user context and all users using this functionality should be assigned permission set that grant access to custom settings. Please clarify. Thanks! More

27 days ago · 1 comments · 2 likes

Amine Mastour

Hi everyone, I have a question about granting access to newest CMT and CS. I explicitly grant acess to a specific profiles, but as they are many it becomes tedious! Especially when creating a new CMT, should I give access to each profile, one by one, or is there a way to give it to all selected profiles ? like how we do with Field-Level Security for Profile for exemple, we have a table with all profiles where we can easily select during the creation. More

28 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Jayesh Bhatnagar

Can I please get some clarification, in Spring 20 will setting the "View All Custom Settings" permission allow access to both Custom Settings and Custom Metadata Types OR just the Custom Settings as the name indicates? More

1 month ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Louis Skelton

Hi Everyone. Forgive me if I'm doing something daft, but I can't seem to create a new package version in a 2GP Managed Package which contains a Custom Metadata Type record (unprotected). In my simple test I have a package containing a CMT with no custom fields and one test record. I can create the first package version and release it, but if I try to create a second version I get the error "An unexpected error occurred. Please contact Salesforce Support and provide the following error code: 1120583956-814897 (-889499131)". Any ideas? Ta! More

3 months ago · 4 comments · 3 likes

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