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Denise Hensal

Hi everyone! I'm looking for an app the helps document our instances. I found Elements Catalyst (, but I'm looking for other options. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! More

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Amanda Nelson

Going to New York World Tour? We're seeking potential speakers for our AppExchange session. Feel free to comment below. Thanks! More

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Olivia Olczak Day

Hello Looking for some of the SF Community to review our 100% SF native CPQ App. Tell us what you think? How would I go about that? Who to contact? Thank you More

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Dani Knoff

Is your team using events and tasks during #Dreamforce? Are you anticipating an uptick of Activities or Cases post-DF? Analyze productivity and workloads with Data Analysis Helper, a free app with ready-made dashboards and charts showing performance successes in your org. Check it out today! More

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Jennifer Grigsby

Custom Quote Sync (managed) App Hello -- does anyone know how to find out what happened to this third party app in my salesforce instance? it is causing issue dates to change in quotes but only when we are starting to add 2020 dates into orders. Salesforce identified a trigger on this App that was installed by a consultant that we used for the implementation of our Salesforce. I reached out to them and they say that because it's a managed package from salesforce, they can't edit the code or determine why it's broken. In my "installed packages" it says the publisher of this package is Labs. More

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