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Amanda Nelson

I am honored to work on this story. @Chris Harris just launched his first AppExchange app, but more than that, he reminds us to never give up hope, and that there's so much power in community, trying something new, doing what you love, pushing yourself and blazing trails. #Trailblazer More

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Amanda Nelson

Anyone going to Northeast Dreamin next Monday (9/16) and Tuesday (9/17)? @Sharon Klardie and I will be there! It's in Manchester, New Hampshire and we'll have an AppExchange session, as well as two Demo Jams. More

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Rachana Chaudhari

I need some recommendations for an app which could help me with the requirement to set KPIs for users and then be able to report on the the users' performances against those set goals. Here are the details of my requirement: I want to set KPIs for users (like win rates, calls made, leads converted etc) and then have a dashboard showing users' performances against the set KPIs. I have unsuccessfully tried creating custom objects for assigning KPIs to user and building standard reports/joined reports etc but could not get an acceptable solution. Does anyone know any app which may be able to meet my requirements? I was able to find some apps which help with some simple KPIs with simple calculations like count e.g. opportunities created, but win rate is one example of KPI which I am not able to set at user level and then measure. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you! More

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Marc Lester

I wanted to make sure all the members of this group new about this great opportunity to attend this amazing Dreamin' conference coming up next week that will have a high energy Demo Jam with lots of great #AppExchange Partner Solutions! We are less than 2 weeks away from Florida's premier #TrailblazerCommunity event, @Florida Dreamin'! Are you as excited as we are? Don't be one that sits around on #Twitter on Sept 12-13 with FOMO. Register today before time runs out!! #SalesforceOhana #Orlando #FLDreamin19 More

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Vicki Chandler

Does anyone have a good solution on how to pdf Dashboards? More

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