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Amanda Nelson

Calling all apptastic photos! We're looking for your pics of Appy traveling the world. Share them with us here by 11/20 for a chance to be included in the 2019 AppExchange calendar. (And get the calendar here: ) More

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Khurram Rafi

Hi All, I need a comparative analysis on different appexchange products providing digital signature. Can you please help? Following are the requirements: - Ability to collect graphical/visual signature on various types of devices (desktop, phone, tablet) - Ability to prevent any further modifications to entity that has been signed (document or Salesforce object) without invalidating signature - Capture and maintain audit log of signature requests and signing events - Routing of signature requests to respective participants More

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Chris Ripps

Purchasing DayDream Lightning Bundle I would like to purchase the DayDream Lightning Bundle for my company. There is no option to buy, only download the trial version. Anyone know how to purchase this? More

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Michelle Hansen

Is anyone here using Qvidian for RFP responses? We're implementing now and I've got some questions about the Salesforce integration piece, and how well it is liked/used at other sites. Thanks! More

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Amy Mennen

Will scanbizcards transfer the card to salesforce contacts? More

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