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helena gromyko

Hi everyone, Not that long ago we announced our new DASH App - sales pipeline dashboard This is native Salesforce App for visualization of Salesforce’s data from standard and custom objects in clickable dynamic charts. It doesn’t depend on any external tools: no API calls, no issues with data selection, no long synchronous sequences! And it can be embedded anywhere in Salesforce. DASH App has received great reviews from Salesforce, recently went through security review and available on AppExchange. This is our new product and we need feedback from you. It is important for us to know the professionals' opinion of our product. Perhaps Dash App will be useful to you in the work. We would like to provide it to you for free. DASH helps users to be able to view all their metrics in one convenient place. We want to underline that DASH not only works with standard Salesforce objects, that are available for everybody but also with as so-called custom Salesforce objects, meaning that the customer has the power to regulate data display by himself, thus guaranteeing full individualization. It solves two tasks: comfortable, straight display of complex tabular information, which, on the first side allows faster response to the information shown on the screen, on the other hand, it is straightly comparing the data, so, it also receives extra quality control decisions based on the data. And yet, as these are interactive charts, it allows to execute easy, comfortable and fast navigation inside Salesforce, guaranteeing higher efficiency, high simplicity and more comfort compared to lightning. As for the user - it means, that same operations of transferring charts to different types inside the system are done faster, the work time is being saved and the general opinion about Salesforce also becomes better. Regards, Helena More

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Courtney McGuire

Looking for an app that will help analyze the reports where a field is used. For Example: I inherited an org where they had a Sales Rep Field with a contact lookup. We change to the logic to being based upon the account owner record. We want to eliminate this sales rep look up field from the org. But we want to correct the reports that this would impact prior to removing the field. TY. Currently Running Classic. More

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Amanda Nelson

Whether you're at TrailheaDX or watching along from the office (like me!), we're looking for your awesome ideas for AppExchange solutions. Share it using [Crossed-out text: #]AppyTDX on Twitter and we'll post it on Appy's Brainstorm Board at #TDX19! Learn more: More

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Amanda Nelson

Today at World Tour London, we are thrilled to announce Consultants on AppExchange, including the new Consultant Finder, so you can easily browse through over 65,000 Salesforce-accredited consultants from more than 1,000 partners and find the right expert best suited fo your needs. In addition, the new Expertise tab on consulting listings makes it easy to drill into the specific details around consultants' expertise and certifications, all validated through the Salesforce Navigator program. See the full details: - Press Release: - Salesforce Blog: - PolSource & Good Energy Q&A: - Consultant Finder on AppExchange: If you'd like to share the news, here's a click-to-tweet: More

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