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Alberto Nieto

We use FormAssembly as the service to connect our web form to Salesforce by updating existing lead records or creating new ones if the EMAIL field doesn't exist on our database. The problem with FormAssembly is that it loads plenty of resources that slow down our site quite a lot. Because of that, we were wondering if there are better solutions than FormAssembly that still allow to update existing records or create new ones if the email field doesn't exist. Ideas? More

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Amanda Nelson

Summer reading is here! Get your paws on the summer 2019 edition of The Exchange, the AppExchange digital magazine. In this edition, you'll get: - A welcome message from new AppExchange GM @Woodson Martin - A feature story by @Holly Rushton on the impact of tech companies with @John Vinci @Steve Malone - An interview with @Scott Luikart - Tweets from @Bill Powell @Zarina Varley Scott - Upcoming events including Midwest Dreamin with @Eric Dreshfield and Northeast Dreamin with @Steve Baines - An interview about Mulesoft with @Allegra Margolis - Our time in London with cameos from @Francis Pindar @Julie Jacobson - MATCHESFASION.COM's AppExchange story with @Ines Lareo - thanks @Kris Moyse - RCS' AppExchange story with @Alex Koppelkam - thanks @Peter Ganza Enjoy and have a great summer. Amazing work by @Ron Lim @Andrew Gothelf @Stephanie Seger@Ariel Lustig @Jessica Charlton @Clayelle Wolf and many more to make this magazine possible. More

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Holly Rushton

What's on Your Post-Installation Checklist? You've installed your latest solution from AppExchange. Now what? Reply and tell us what's on your post-installation checklist. More

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Kiwi Gisi

Case Merge app - Help please! I've installed the app, followed the instructions for the Case Merge Setup tab. However, on the Case Merge Configuration tab, the guide and video show the ability to select fields to use for potential duplicate records. In our org, there are no fields available to select. I've submitted a case with Salesforce and they suggested I post here. App Link: Guide Link: Step that isn't there is # 2 under Post-Install (General): "From the “Case Merge Configuration” tab you will see a list of fields that the tool can match..." Did anyone else have this issue? Do you have suggestions for how to resolve it? More

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Jillian Krivacek

Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations on apps that help build / track business development activities against strategic accounts? Some examples include the tracking of critical milestones, meetings, deliverables to convert a prospect to an opportunity. We aren't using Leads but could potentially look at that. Thanks, Jill More

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