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Chris Hughes

Having some issues with Labs Case Merge, need some help! Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Cannot read property 'theLabels' of null] Callback failed: apex://Case_Mrg.CaseManageConfigCtrl/ACTION$getCaseDupes @Andi Perrino More

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Seamus Devine

All, Introducing ClosePlan, our native Salesforce application for enterprise B2B sales. We help people supercharge their Salesforce sales cloud with - Relationship Maps, Deal Scorecards and Sales Playbooks. Slides with screenshots and more info attached. ClosePlan Relationship Maps - Build Org Charts natively In Salesforce with easy to use Drag and Drop functionality. Leverage Salesforce contact records. Visualize the organizational and political structure. ClosePlan Opportunity Deal Scorecard - Create a common opportunity qualification language across your team with qualification scorecards that adapt to any methodology. Supports any sales qualification methodology - MEDDIC, Customer Centric Selling, BANT, Triangle Selling, etc. ClosePlan Sales Playbooks - Sales process alignment and execution at scale. Build Best-practice Sales Playbooks for different business lines – Renewals, Global & Commercial Sales, Services, etc. Introduce repeatable process and consistency to your sales teams and reduce end of quarter surprises. Here are a few useful ClosePlan Links 1. ClosePlan Video - 2. ClosePlan Website - Please reach out to us for a demo!!! Thanks, Seamus, Founder & CRO More

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Julie Bly

Hi! I am looking for another possible AMS to work with Sales Force. I know about Fonteva and Nimble, but are there others that people have used and like? More

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David Miller

I am looking at potential form creator apps. What are your faves? More

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