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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! Salesforce for iOS & Android can make your business more efficient, your users more engaged, and you a more productive manager, admin and end user.

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Melissa O'Kane

Hello! I’m a PM here at Salesforce and we’re working to improve our mobile experience for Sales Cloud users (across all of mobile, not just the Salesforce Mobile app), particularly for sales reps and customer success managers who work with customers both in-person and remotely. We’d like to learn more about what a day entails for these roles within your sales organization. Your responses will directly impact the products and features you see in the future. Participants selected for this study will receive a $100 Tango gift card for their feedback and participation. To see if you’re a fit for this study, please submit the survey below. It will only take a few minutes to complete. Thanks! More

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Vitaliy Chaykovskiy

📣📱ATTENTION: Salesforce for iOS and Android v224.070 (Spring ‘20) Now Available📱📣 Salesforce for iOS and Android v224.070 is now available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store respectively What’s new in Salesforce v224.070 for iOS and Android: We update the Salesforce mobile app regularly to make it faster and more stable for you. This version includes bug fixes and performance improvements. How can I get more information? For more information, please refer to the Spring ‘20 release notes here ( More

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Anna Laine

Hello all, We are looking for some help and perhaps reallife experience on our matter. We have application which is created as hybrid, HTML5 application. It is developed in Cordova platform, mainly for Android devices. Most of implementation is done in jQuery Mobile, which is a JavaScript framework and for communicating with Salesforce backend it uses Salesforce Mobile SDK plugin. The problem is that, our custom mobile application is asking Biometric ID login by default. We would like to disable this Biometric ID login but the question is that how to do this disabling? Does anybody have any experience on this matter? More

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jason clapp

Hello All, Please upvote for this idea so that it can be delivered as it is a poor UX that once create record there is no navigation to the newly created record. More

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Shachar Revivo

Hello, I'm starting with the Mobile app customization but apparently, when Ii log into the playground from the mobile app, I can see only a small portion of the screen (screen shot attached). I can scroll the page down but I can see only a small part of the page. Can you please suggest a solution? @Admin MobiWeb Thank you! More

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