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Alysia Grimm

#spring20 #[Mobile App] Hi everyone - We’ve discovered an issue previewing one of our Custom Objects in the new Salesforce Mobile App that works on the current Salesforce App. This custom object was designed to be viewed in Landscape mode on an iPad. In the new app, it renders with the width of the device in profile, and when we turn the device to landscape, the object remains the width of the profile view. This is extremely impactful since most of our remote sales team is on a tablet and uses this object extensively for on-boarding new clients. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks! More

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Archana Indran

📣📱📣Salesforce for iOS v224.0 Beta (Spring ‘20) Now Available 📣📱📣 Beta access to the upcoming version of Salesforce for iOS is now available for download. Note: This version of Salesforce App is intended to be used with the Spring ‘20 release only The highly anticipated new Salesforce mobile app is here! Now you get a faster, unified experience working across desktop and mobile, no matter how or where you work. What’s new in Salesforce v224.0 for iOS: - Get around faster with a new navigation bar -- and choose your own top 4 navigation items to work how you want - Powerful customization and additional components in record pages - Easily copy and share direct links to record pages - App Launcher lets you access and switch between your favorite Lightning apps - Use Einstein Analytics without ever leaving the app Important information: • The build is now available through Apple's TestFlight ( program. • Only users that have signed up for the beta program will have access to the beta build. Sign up for the beta using this site ( • Please join our Salesforce for iOS & Android group in Trailblazer community here ( for updates & information for all future patch releases. If you have any questions, please read through this knowledge article ( For all other inquiries please open a case with Customer Support via the Help & Training portal. More

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Dan Manojlovic

Hi all, - I've built a flow for a client where we need to upload photos of the environment during the course of the flow interview. I've used a lightning:fileupload component, which works fine from a desktop, but does nothing from mobile. It is definitely pulling through the record Id to associate to the file. Even when i run it on the iOS or Android Salesforce app, it is enabled. But, once you have selected a photo from the camera roll, nothing happens. Can anyone guide me in the right direction? More

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Keri Callison

Hi All - I've been working with a small group testing the new Mobile App before it goes live for everyone. I'm having an issue with my iOS users. On my Android phone I can be working in the App, receive a call, answer a text, get timed-out and I can either click back into the app or sign-in and start working from where I left off. My iOS users are frustrated because if they are in the middle of logging an event and they get a call, all of their data is gone. The app closes. I am not familiar enough with Apple products to be an effective trouble-shooter. Any ideas? A setting I'm missing? Thanks! More

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Lyndsay Maby

Anyone using Intune as their MDM? We block our users from copying data out of Outlook (data leakage policy) but do have a use case to allow our users to copy data to Salesforce. We're trying to allow the SF mobile app as an exception but can't seem to figure out the "App URL Protocol" that Intune is requesting. I logged a case with SF but it appears that this is a gray area. We're trying to reach out to MS and Apple, too, for help, but wondering if anyone here has successfully configured this? More

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