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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Chellappa Karimanoor Nagarajan

Hello All, I am new to Marketing Cloud and I have a basic query on Surveys. I am not able to create Surveys in Email Studio. The Documentation says Go to Email Studio -> Content -> My Surveys. But i don't see My Surveys. I am not sure whats going on, I have Surveys Enabled on my role, and i have Administrator and Marketing Cloud Administrator roles. Any quick pointer would be of great help. Thanks, Chellappa More

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Virendra Khatke

Hello Trailblazer, I have intermediate-level knowledge in Marketing Cloud. I am facing an issue in Custom Content Block. What I am doing here, with the help of content builder I have added a custom content block where code deployed in the Heroku domain. In a content block, when the user will select an image it will save in an email template. But when users save images from the content block it will save in email template post. We need to save that image in the content builder asset as well. But the problem is here when saving this image in the asset, we need MC access token required. How can we get MC access token from custom content blocks code? Any hints will be appreciated. like any reference links, JWT logic, etc. Thanks in Advance @Integration Marketing Cloud #CustomContentBlock @Gaurav Kheterpal @Angela Adams @Mark Adcock @Aviral Agrawal More

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Mike Byrd

Can someone point me in the direction on how to send an email to a list generated by a report in Salesforce? I need a tutorial on how to get this up and running with custom fields. Thanks in advance. More

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Aileen Murphy

Marketing Cloud Error "The SendableCustomObjectField is Invalid" Does anyone know how to resolve this error? I received it when trying to save an Import Interaction within Email Studio, attempting to import a Salesforce Report. I've done this many times, and this is the first time I've received this error - More

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Arthur Freitas

Hi folks, Our design team is having some serious trouble with emails being opened by subscribers with dark mode. As most of you probably have been through, dark mode completely messes our layouts specially when the design rely on mixing images and the email background colors. We`re already looking for new design directives for our team considering this new dark mode trend, but, as a quick fix, is there any method to override dark mode, somehow "locking" the layout on "light" mode? More

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