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Carola Mayol Ustrell

Good morning guys :) Happy Sunday. I have a question around auto suppression lists. Do they prevent ANY email sends (including transactional ones)? Many thanks! Carola More

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Geoffrey Nix

Hello, I'm very new to the Marketing Cloud platform. Someone please explain...w/a File Transfer Activity does it always unzip/encrypt a file from an FTP location OR transfer files from a safehouse to an FTP location? More

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Alex Tars

hello, I have an issue an sql query in marketing, i'm trying to retrieve Rows with no data in the 'Event_Title' field, but when i execute my query i have 0 rows as result knowing that i have 20 rows with 'Event_Title' as empty. This is my query : select A.PersonContactId, E.Account__c from Events__c_Salesforce E right outer join Account_Salesforce A on A.Id=E.Account__c Where E.Event_Title__c != 'Subscription' I used also the like sytax : E.Event_Title__c not like '%Subscription%' and also no result. Why i can't retrieve the 20 rows that i have with no data in the Event_Title__c field? Thank you #MCAskAnExpert @Simone Luise @Milton Muthuraj Thangapandi @Darryl Brown More

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Mou Auddy

My facebook active campaigns not showing in list of advertising campaigns in marketing cloud.All others campaigns showing except the active ones. More

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