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Uma Mohanathas

Pardot - Engagement studio Hi! I have a question about pardot : when you create an engagement studio flow with a mailing list and you schedule the sending « immediatly », if you import daily new leads in this same list, is the email sent again systematically to the whole list or only to new leads which are added ? I did a test and it seems that it is systematically sent again to the whole list ... Is there a configuration to do to not send again to whole list every day? Thnaks! More

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Joshua Metcalfe-Parsons

Can anyone guide me on how to resolve this error in Journey Builder? The event key used in the event expression does not match the journey's entry event key. We are: Using a Journey to send an email to the sales rep associated with a contact. We have a Data Extension which uses the Contact's ID related to their subscriber key. The Data Extension has 1 email field value with our sales rep's email address populating that field. The Journey is set up to use Use email attribute from Entry Source and the sales rep's email field is selected. Thanks! More

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Michael Chorley

So I'm creating a reporting definition to run in an automation. I would like the report to be .pgp encrypted and dropped onto the SFTP's export folder.. The reporting definition in Marketing Cloud allows a drop onto the SFTP, but I don't see anywhere where you can encrypt a report. Is there some automation studio function that performs encryption on reports on the SFTP, or is it possible to encrypt on the send from Marketing Cloud? More

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Claire Lewis

University of Washington is looking for an AWESOME Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin! Please apply below or let me know if you would like more details More

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Nagendra Sikarwar

Merge 2 Marketing Cloud Instances into one Hi there, could you please suggest some guide lines and factors to consider when merging 2 Marketing Cloud instances. Basically we want to migrate BUs from One Instance to other to keep all BUs under one Marketing Cloud Instance. Is there a quick way to do this like Changing Parent of BUs and no need to migrated or configure? More

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