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Joe Krasowski

Export Subscriber Attributes How do I include first and last name of people who opened and/or click a link in an email? Currently, I can only export the following attributes: Subscriber Key Email Click-Through Time Link Clicked More

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Raj Padmanabhan

I am SOAPUI to invoke marketing cloud SOAP API and when trying to test the invocation of any method, I am running into this error: <faultstring>An invalid security token was provided</faultstring>. I am using basic auth with user name and password and had to add the soap security header to the WSDL (no issues here). Also, I am able to log into marketing with the same credentials that I am using to invoke the SOAP API. I have researched this error and there something on stackexchange indicating some server time setting need to be changed and I am not able to make sense out of it. Has anyone run into an issue like this when invoking the marketing cloud SOAP API and know of a resolution? Any suggestion would be really helpful. ==========SOAP Response====== <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:wsa="" xmlns:wsse="" xmlns:wsu=""> <soap:Header> <wsa:Action></wsa:Action> <wsa:MessageID>urn:uuid:xxxxxxxe1-xxx-4b88-933f-2d573309aca0</wsa:MessageID> <wsa:RelatesTo>urn:uuid:xxxxxxx-xxxxx---b0f317005508</wsa:RelatesTo> <wsa:To></wsa:To> <wsse:Security> <wsu:Timestamp wsu:Id="Timestamp-5a8174a5-ad78-499b-87d8-1f1794d49eb7"> <wsu:Created>2019-04-19T13:26:44Z</wsu:Created> <wsu:Expires>2019-04-19T13:31:44Z</wsu:Expires> </wsu:Timestamp> </wsse:Security> </soap:Header> <soap:Body> <soap:Fault> <faultcode xmlns:q0="">q0:Security</faultcode> <faultstring>An invalid security token was provided</faultstring> <faultactor></faultactor> </soap:Fault> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> More

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Raj Padmanabhan

Invoking Marketing Cloud SOAP API: We are looking at using marketing cloud SOAP API to extract email unsubscribes. As part of this requirement, we had to create a new data extension and add some additional fields to existing data extensions. When these configuration changes are completed, will the new data extension and new fields added to existing data extension be rendered or be available automatically in the marketing cloud API? or is there some additional code that would need to be developed to expose the new object as a service which could be consumed by external systems? We plan to consume the service from Middleware so the unsubscribes can be mastered in MDM and disseminated to other systems. Any suggestions or comments are really appreciated. More

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Michael O'Connor

Marketing Cloud Update - April 19, 2019 Hi Marketing Cloud Trailblazers! Find below some resources and events to help you in the coming weeks ahead. 👂How has the Trailblazer Community helped you? 🗣 Please take our Trailblazer Community Impact survey: Upcoming webinars Marketing Cloud April '19 Release New Feature Overview Date: April 30, 12pm ET / 9am PT Register: Data & Audience Strategies for Financial Services Companies The Salesforce Data & Audiences team will discuss the ways Financial Services brands can use today's leading marketing technology to create successful audience strategies that allow brands to target today's elusive consumer and real business results. Date: April 24th 11am PT / 2pm ET Register: Marketing Cloud weekly Ask an Expert office hours: Webinar recaps Marketing Cloud Tech Lounge: Introduction to AMPscript Recap: Fact or Fiction? Diving into Deliverability Our experts dive deep into insights from the e-book, “50 Best Practices for Email Marketers” and discuss spam traps, email reputation, scores, opt-in emails and more. By the end of this session you’ll discover the tools you need to make it in the inbox. Recap: 3 Ways To Unify Your Audience Data for Targeted Marketing We look at three ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps trailblazing marketers use audience data to execute intelligent marketing: how Datorama pulls together audience data from multiple sources to provide performance insights, how Audience Studio is leveraged to attract lookalike audiences, and the power of GA360 and Marketing Cloud to trigger website audience data. Recap: Social Studio April '19 Release: New Feature Overview Recap: Marketing Cloud Tech Lounge: Domain Verification for Email Studio Recap: Connections 2019 registration is LIVE! Join us in Chicago June 17-19. Browse each week as new session are added to the agenda. But wait, there's more! - 👉 Blog: @Joan Yanabu (Salesforce), VP Customer Adoption, outlines the Customer Success Toolbox of resources at your disposal: - April's Tech Updates: - Marketers, read Trailblazer @Guilda Hilaire (Aetna)'s recent blog, How to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign: 8 tips you need to know - Marketing Cloud updates in Trailhead: (click Marketing Cloud under Products) - Content Builder for Email Personalization for Partners - Data Studio Basics - Journey Campaign Analytics and Optimization @Sarah Hatch @Becca Cardwell @Darryl Brown @Tiago Marinho @Kirsten Lobley @Megan Reynolds #MCComms More

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