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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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User 03

Hello, see my problem. I'm using the code below to add a pdf to the email. I believe the problem is in the IF because the @ContaCorrente field is boolean. what do i do wrong? thanks %%[ var @fileContaCorrente,@fileName1,@fileContaInvestimento,@fileName2,@fileContaInternacional,@fileName3,@ContaCorrente,@ContaInvestimento,@ContaInternacional set @fileContaCorrente = concat(AnexoContaCorrente) set @fileName1 = concat('TERMOS DE ENCERRAMENTO ContaCorrente.pdf') set @fileContaInvestimento = concat(AnexoInvestimento) set @fileName2 = concat('TERMOS DE ENCERRAMENTO ContaInvestimento.pdf') set @fileContaInternacional = concat(AnexoInternacional) set @fileName3 = concat('TERMOS DE ENCERRAMENTO ContaInternacional.pdf') IF (@ContaCorrente == true) then %%=AttachFile("ContentBuilder",@fileContaCorrente,@fileName1)=%% ENDIF IF (@ContaInvestimento == true) then %%=AttachFile("ContentBuilder",@fileContaInvestimento,@fileName2)=%% ENDIF IF (@ContaInternacional == true) then %%=AttachFile("ContentBuilder",@fileContaInternacional,@fileName3)=%% ENDIF ]%% More

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Anita Vettorazzi-van Leipsig

Hello I am trying to Import Into Data Extension. From Salesforce I have export Details Only Comma Delimeted ( non-locale) csv I can come to the mapping en importing but I keep getting validation error on : ValidationErrors: Invalid Email Address: 1565 Anybody any Idea what I coudl be doing wrong ? More

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GS 62

Hello, I am exporting using an automation the bounce data view but some of the fields have multiple lines. Is it possible to concat or combine these fields into a single line? I am referring to BounceReason for example - is there an SQL command I can use? Or some type of function to just convert this into a single line? thanks! More

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Rajeswari Munagala

Hello Community, I was creating cloud pages and able to receive records to the data extension if I'm using cloudpages_dataextension. when I use my custom data extension, my records are not inserting to the custom data extensions. Can someone help me here, please? More

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Sai Bharath

As per the upcoming update from the marketing cloud, the existing TLS certificates in the Marketing cloud needs to be updated with a new certificate for REST API calls based on some criteria. Can anyone help me where to update the Certificates in MC ?? Thank you in advance !! More

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