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Pedro Lopes

We have set-up successfully web tracking integration with Personalization Builder. The Einstein Data Extensions are getting populated correctly with exception of PI_SESSIONS and PI_SESSIONS_ENDS that remain empties. Does anyone had the some issue? How can these Data Extensions be populated with the session_id information? How can we know duration of each session? More

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Nagendra Sikarwar

Cloud Page Expert Help needed... We want to expose Cloud page link url into our company website and want to a parameter into cloud page link url added (e.g. Empoyee Id of person clicking the link) that we want to validate against data in Marketing Cloud. I'm good implementing it but there a security requirement that, when parameter is passed in cloud page link it should be encoded and MC should be able to decode it. I searched web and found JWT might be good to leverage but I'm not sure how to decode parameter passed in the cloud page code. I'm working with Support but think Engineer who owns the case doesn't that depth level of understanding. Thanks, Nagendra More

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Fernando Madrid

Hi everybody! I'm starting with Web & Mobile Analytics, recently implement the collect code in our website. I have a doubt about the syntax for the identified visitors, the code I used is: script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> _etmc.push(["setOrgId", "100009333"]); _etmc.push(["setUserInfo", { "email" : "Email", "details" : { "first_name" : "Nombre", "gender" : "Sexo" } }]); _etmc.push(["trackPageView"]); </script> I followed the example in documentation: _etmc.push(["setUserInfo", { "email" : "INSERT_EMAIL_OR_UNIQUE_ID", "details" : { "first_name" : "INSERT_FIRST_NAME", "gender" : "INSERT_GENDER" } }]); To replace "INSERT_EMAIL_OR_UNIQUE_ID" and the other "INSERT_" values is needed a specific string or this could be a reference for me? Also, I would like to know where the data goes? Thanks in advance Greetings More

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Eliza Rappaport

We have the Sender Authentication Package in place with a subdomain. We can find plenty online about why a subdomain is beneficial, but not much about how it actually works. For ex, if using a subdomain email address for a send, what is the “real” sending address and where do the replies get routed? More

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Paula MI

Guys, we are trying set up a brochure form on our website via SFMC. The challange is that we don't want the contacts from th form to create new leads in SFDC, but get saved in SFMC (GDPR issue). Is that possible? We use both, lists (internally) and DE (for externam contacts). What would you reccomend? More

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