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Pedro Campolina

Hello community! I am a beginner and first time here. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here i go. I have a doubt regarding emails of a customer inside a Data Extension which will be used in Journeys. The problem is, in my legacy system, a customer can have multiple emails, like "the strongest one", second one, and even third one. More than 15% of the customers have more than 1 email registered. I have a routine to import this legacy database to Marketing Cloud. When importing this data to the Data Extension, there are two scenarios: - Create one line in Data Extension per customer with columns: MainEmail, SecondEmail, ThirdEmail or - Create multiple lines per email (in this case i have many duplicated information) and probably will have difficulty to update this data or i can send duplicated communication to the same person at once, i suppose. Not sure what is the best option for future journeys, since we are starting to use Marketing Cloud now, but i need to setup this Data Extension to start some communication. Any ideias? Thanks! Pedro More

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Sharath Thammanna salesforce Marketing consultant

Hi Team, Can any one help me on Einstein Email recommendation in Marketing Cloud. Thanks Sharath More

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Aaveg Chitranshi

What To Expect From Cloud Computing In 2020? Read More:- #salesforce #cloudanalogy #cloudcomputing #marketingcloud More

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Miku Konsolas

Might need a slight facelift, but high level comparison of when to use the SOAP vs. REST API in MC More

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Mack G. R.

While speaking about the backend, any updates coming up To Add Debugging Support for CloudPages? #MCDeveloper @Marc Cohen More

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