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Patrick Downing

Anyone have any tips on how to monitor if Journey Builder gets stuck on an activity? For example if someone changes the data model causing an activity to not run, how can we get alerts? Thanks More

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Bidisha Mukherjee

Hi I had a coupon which expired in Jan 2020. I registered for the mc administrator exam before that to schedule in I found in webassesor that I am not seeing any history of that seems I missed to hit checkout.i spoke to kryterion and raised a case in TH ..but they could not find my this a technical issue there anyway I can get a replacement coupon code.please suggest More

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Kara Kaczmarzyk

We have a need to report from within Salesforce which audiences (data extensions) we are sending emails to from Marketing Cloud. We are sending from MC and using IER and Email Send reporting in SF. I see there's a DataExtensionId field available on the Email Sends object in SF, which seems like it'd be ideal, but it's always empty (I believe because sends originate in MC, not SF). Has anyone found a good way to get this info into Salesforce? More

2 days ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Zach Rosenberg

Hello, I had recently added subscriber records to a Data Extension and when I received the Data Extension Import Notification, the attached txt file had multiple rows of non-english characters in it between the headers and rows of data. My imported data was all English names and email addresses. I'm wondering if there's an encoding option somewhere that I missed somewhere in my profile maybe? Help! More

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Jason Cooper

Hello! I have what I hope is a super easy question to answer. I'm building an email using a Marketing Cloud pre-built template. The Blank Page template. This template has a footer built into it, which includes a link to an image that's broken. That image is a "Built by ExactTarget" logo. How can I get into the guts of the Blank Page template so I can update/erase this broken image? More

3 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

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