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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Ellen Huang

Hi trailblazers, I'm looking at the Einstein Copy Insights from marketing cloud. Under language factor Insights, I saw 'has personalization' has two circles of negative impact. Personalization is encouraged in marketing, while this showed a negative impact. Is it just based purely on the data - happened that the two subject lines with personalization had low open rate? (my understand) so shall I ignore it? Under Emotional Tone Insights, Joy Tone also has negative -3 impact. Is there any way we could check what are the subject lines with 'Joy' Tone. So we could come up with some actions to improve that. Looking forward to any advice on interpreting those insights and experience sharing. Thank you. More

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Evan Thrailkill

We are trying to figure out how to send email to various email addresses associated with a single contact in Salesforce. We have three email addresses in Salesforce (university, alternate, and hospital). We are using the EDA picklist for preferred email that generates the preferred email in the default Email field. For some alumni/donor communications we want to use the preferred email, however for internal institutional communications we want to use university email. For example some currently employees should get internal communications to their university email, but the same employee might be an alumni and prefer to get alumni communicaitons on their Gmail. In Marketing Cloud the all subscriber list ties ContactID with Email address on the first send, and then uses that email address versus the email address that is in the data extension. This means we cannot send to different email addresses. In this PDF ( it states: "If Jane Doe has multiple email addresses or two cell phones registered in a database, Marketing Cloud enables SFMC to analyze all information about Jane across all devices in order to distribute the right message to the right device at the right time." To me, that sounds inaccurate. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to email different email addresses for different sends while keeping the Contact ID as the key and avoiding duplicates? This seems like a huge mis-step for Marketing Cloud/ Sales Cloud. When Salesforce pitches the idea of a "connected campus" and a "360 degree view" having multiple email addresses and preference for which types of content is key. More

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Wade Vickers

I would like to add access rights to Data Extensions so that members of a department can only see the ones created specifically for them. I have the Data Extensions organized by a hierarchical folder system. My initial thought was to add some kind of permission to those folders but after opening a Case with support to help me with this, I found out that Marketing Cloud does not have this capability. Has anyone come up with a solution to work around this limitation? Am I not approaching this correctly? We can't be the only organization that would like to lock down data, right? Scenario...Department A has a data extension named DE1. Department B is sending an email through Email Studio, I do not want them to be able to see DE1 as an available Audience. More

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Sowmya Balajee

A SMS in a running journey has been made inactive accidentally. The customers who missed that SMS has been sent with the same SMS. Now, how far this affects the Tracking information? More

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Madiha KHaldoun

Hello, How can I change the sending time of mail in a journey builder ? Tanks Madiha More

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