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Michael O'Connor

Marketing Cloud updates - February 28, 2020 Salesforce Connections 2020! May 4 - 6, Chicago, IL Registration is open! Marketing | Commerce | Service: Let’s connect *** Upcoming Webinars ** Marketing Cloud weekly Ask an Expert office hours: Marketing Cloud Accelerator webinars: OK, the January release is barely behind us, ... I know ... but the March release is coming soon! Marketing Cloud March '20 New Feature Overview | April 2 @ 12pm ET / 9am PT Register: *** Webinar recaps *** Marketing Cloud January 2020 (Spring '20) New Feature Overview Recap: Social Studio January 2020 (Spring '20) Release overview, on-demand, featuring Instagram Story Publishing and more: *** But wait, there is more! *** - Follow @Bhavin Patel for this week's tips on - Lead Capture task in Marketing Cloud - Content Builder: - The latest Marketing Cloudcast: "How to Create The Perfect Welcome Series with BELLA+CANVAS" - Two new Trailhead modules to help you with your MC Admin Cert: - All Marketing Cloud Trails: - All Marketing Cloud Modules: #MCComms @Darryl Brown @Sara Vickerman @Ryan Williams @Megan Collins More

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padmavathi vundavalli

Hi I am pretty new to marketing cloud.Need some help with cloudpages I created cloudpage1 to capture basic customer information.I store this in a data extension(sendable data extension with email mapped to subscriber key) I have additional fields in the data extension .I created cloudpage2 to capture these additional fields. I created an email and had a button with the link for cloudpage2( ***/%%emailaddr%%) when i fill the form and assumption is the record in the data extension will be updated with this additional information. But i am getting 500 server error. Am i doing the right thing? More

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Greg Smith

In Marketing Cloud, i would like other Users to be able to create and email reports to themselves, but so far only Administrator Users are given the email option. Is there a way to enable them to email a report to themselves without being assigned the Admin role? More

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Annie Stangel

Here’s a scenario I'm hoping to get some guidance on: - Import email distribution lists from Sales Cloud Salesforce reports into MC. The reports contain both Contact and Lead record types. Then I convert data extensions to Salesforce Data Extensions. - Once the lists are in, I send emails to the distribution lists and have it come from the respective lead or contact owner associated with the record. - We primarily use Salesforce Send Interactions today, but that doesn’t accommodate the different sender fields. I end up building two sends, one to come from Contact Owner and one from Lead Owner. Both of those fields are set up to dynamically source the information from the imported SF report. How can I accomplish this with only 1 send and have the data pass back into Sales Cloud? #MCAskAnExpert More

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Heather Hoffman

#MCAskAnExpert We just sent out an email blast via MC to existing contacts for one our sales people, but a bunch of them came back as bounces with the reason of “unknown” or ““Address is non-existent at the domain”. I removed any “bad email” extension from the DE, so as far as I could tell all the emails looked good. Do you know if there is an app or another process we can use in SF to help “cleanse” our contacts to make sure they are good when we do blasts? More

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