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GS 62

Hello, I am exporting using an automation the bounce data view but some of the fields have multiple lines. Is it possible to concat or combine these fields into a single line? I am referring to BounceReason for example - is there an SQL command I can use? Or some type of function to just convert this into a single line? thanks! More

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Rajeswari Munagala

Hello Community, I was creating cloud pages and able to receive records to the data extension if I'm using cloudpages_dataextension. when I use my custom data extension, my records are not inserting to the custom data extensions. Can someone help me here, please? More

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Sai Bharath

As per the upcoming update from the marketing cloud, the existing TLS certificates in the Marketing cloud needs to be updated with a new certificate for REST API calls based on some criteria. Can anyone help me where to update the Certificates in MC ?? Thank you in advance !! More

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Lic. German Beyer

Hello ! Anybody knows if the certfication exams could be taken on other languagge than english? Thank you in advance More

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Justin Zucker

Trying to build a custom profile center that reads the profile attributes set in SFMC. I'm able to get the ExtendedProperties by describing the subscriber, however when I use a restricted picklist in the profile center (i.e. Gender - Male/Female/Prefer Not to Answer), the JSON returns null values for the picklist. Is there a trick to getting these values so I can populate an HTML form select input? "IsRestrictedPicklist": true, "PicklistItems": [ null, null, null ], #AskAMCExpert #[Marketing Cloud] #MCAskAnExpert More

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