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Cristina Moscoso

:::Webinar Recap::: Data Governance: Capture the Full Lifecycle of Your Data with Field Audit Trail With Field Audit Trail, you can ensure the integrity of your data, deriving insights into how your data and your company has evolved, in addition to providing audit logs required to meet compliance and security guidelines. In this webinar, you'll hear from Jari Salomaa, the Field Audit Trail Product Manager, on tracking field history and the options for retaining audit logs. Carl Lange of State Bank shares how he used RevCult's Field Audit Trail Cockpit to implement data retention policies faster and display settings for easy review and confirmation. Pete Thurston, Chief Product Officer at RevCult, demos the Field Audit Trail Cockpit. Watch the recording: Download your copy of the presentation: ❓Questions❓ Click on our topic tag to view all the questions and answers from our webinar ---> #DataGovernance Have more questions? Comment with them below! @Rachel Beard @Elna Miller @Jari Salomaa @Carl Lange @Pete Thurston @Molly Scholes More

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Anshul Agrawal

We are currently integrating with a payment provider wherein we send some request and get some response. The payment provider then does a callback and posts the status after some time for the request that was sent to my global Rest API where its gets authenticated and gets processed further. We have developed it as a managed product and packaged it. The Apex Rest API class is exposed through public site which should be configured in Subscriber org. Now we want to work out this whole product for customers which uses Professional edition. We dont have sites in PE orgs. What is the work around ? I can think of having a external app which takes a request and then sends data to Salesforce. More

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Virginia Leandro

I have a follow up question to yesterday's Data Governance: Capture the Full Lifecycle of Your Data with Field Audit Trail webinar around Field Audit Trail. How will the ongoing delete action by Salesforce be handled? Is this something that Salesforce will do daily, weekly, monthly, ever three months? For example, Spring 19 comes out and the Field History Tracking data older than 24 months is deleted. Now...I have data that is say 23 months or 20 months old. As that data ages to the 24 month mark is Salesforce automatically deleting that data the day it turns 24 months old or is there something being run within a certain time frame? Thank you. #Datagovernance More

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Remi Schuman

Earlier this year, we introduced Appointment Scheduler, allowing you to easily schedule time with our Success Agents. Today, we've made appointment scheduling even better! For some cases, Designated Contacts will be able to indicate if they want to request an appointment with their Success Agent. In this instance, you will see an additional field on the Case Details page asking if you'd like to request an appointment. If you select yes, once your case is assigned, you will immediately be able to schedule time from within the Salesforce Help portal. Based on your feedback, we have also made it easier to get the ICS file for your appointment on to your calendar. Want to learn more about Appointment Scheduler and the new enhancements? Check out our Scheduling an appointment with a Salesforce Success Agent article in the Salesforce Help portal or check out our video on logging a case ( More

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adeep roka

#Datagovernance so we have a lot of case records (cases for city) that needs to be stored for years and years. Are the case history older than 24 months deleted from the system? Is it the data in Old value and new value that will be deleted? What would be my option, if so? More

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