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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is your home base for all Success Cloud features and services like Premier Success Plans. In addition, our moderators are here to help you navigate the greater customer success family of official groups here in the Trailblazer Community. Ask any question and we help you find what you need faster.

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Daniel Gauthier

Hello all at Customer Success. Here is my question now that I answerd @Aldin Wilson :-) I want to join a success local group where I live. How do I go about finding out if there is one near my home? More

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Aldin Wilson

Hello guys! I am new to Salesforce, I want to ask is there anybody here can help me on how to create a customer invoice template? More

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Michael O'Connor

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Julie Curry

We're integrating Salesforce with Jira and I'm having to create some custom fields for the integration. sorry if this is a silly question...many of the fields are text area (255 characters) field type. I know the fields that these are mapped to in Jira would likely be less than 120 characters, but does it make a difference if I use text area or create text fields with a smaller limit that I specify. I went with the text area field because I didn't think it would matter and it just seemed easy and safe. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help! More

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Adakole Kennedy

Salesforce, can anyone look at our ticket - #22999648? I logged a case on the 21st of May. It is the 24th today. This ticket was a follow up on another ticket(22617038) that wasn't resolved but closed! @Jeff Musgrave @Michael O'Connor Thanks, Adah More

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