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Charlie Lewis

Hi, I'm having trouble removing users from my SalesForce users page -- It won't let me delete people. Any thoughts? More

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Naval Sharma

For cloning opportunity with products you can use the lightning component which is free and easy to install in your org. I'm happy to assist you in case you need me to setup it for you. Shoot me an email at - Sandbox - - Developer/Production - It's open source code which you can find - More

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Frances Day

Hey Community! I'm running into an issue that I'm hoping someone has an answer too, besides "you can't do that", which I'm afraid I may be running into. I'm building out a screen Flow where I'm collecting data for the creation of several related objects to streamline processes for our business development agents. One item I'm trying to create is an Initial Meeting (custom object) that uses the Time field. Flow Builder doesn't appear to have a Time field for a screen, so I grabbed the Date/Time field figuring I could break the entry using DATEVALUE() and TIMEVALUE(), but the Flow is throwing an error saying "TimeofDateTimeFx (Formula) - The formula expression is invalid: Function TIMEVALUE may not be used in this type of formula". I have the formula type as DATE/TIME and the formula is a pretty simple: TIMEVALUE({!Date_Time_of_Meeting}) where {!Date_Time_of_Meeting} is the screen field in Flow Builder that is capturing the Date/Time. Thanks! More

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Michael O'Connor

Webinar today! Join us for a Deep Dive: Success Cloud Spring 19 Release Spring '19 Release is bringing some exciting changes and updates for Success Cloud! Learn about about the new and updated resources that Success Cloud offers to help you get the most out of Salesforce today - and to help you manage all the product changes coming from across Salesforce during this amazing release. All users of all Success Plans should attend. Featured Speakers: - @Rob Kravitz, Success Plan Product Lead - @Remi Schuman, Product Manager - @Andrew Allanson, Product Analyst - @Keren Stanley, Senior Manager Customer Adoption & Success - February 20, 9am PT, 12pm ET Register: More

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Christine Selick

Good Morning Any suggestions on deduping 68K contact records? Records were imported from SAP and Outlook before I arrived and there are many duplicates. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. More

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