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Geet Bhatnagar

Hello, Can someone provide with the best practice of how we can keep a track of what role/profile/ps should be assigned to a new user? Currently we are using excel to keep track of it and was wondering what other companies are doing or what is the Salesforce's recommendation. Thanks, Geet More

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Rushikesh Ramdasi

Hi, Can somebody help me with the size of Static Resources used in Field Footprint app ? I am unable to install it in our full copy sandbox. More

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Frank Lahtinen

@Owen Turkle @David DiGiammarino @Aiyaz Ahmed Salesforce Community.Hello from Denver, We are a small startup looking to utilize the power of Salesforce to help us grow engagement and drive users back into our web application through customized email. We are new to the Salesforce platform and would like to integrate a process builder to help in sending out customized monthly emails to our users, who are segmented by the universities they attend. Currently we using mail chimp to manually build and deploy emails to each segment, even though they share the same content. From a technical standpoint, here is what we are trying to do: Develop a single email template by which we can build monthly email newsletters that go out to all of our users. However, those users are segmented by different Universities and the domain of our application changes for each of those Universities. The URL slug (after the root domain) is the same across all Universities/segments. So we'd need to build the email template in a way that consumes variables for things like root domain, logo, font color, etc. This way we are able to develop a single email each month that gets deployed to all schools and dynamically pulls in the appropriate URL for links, inserts the appropriate logo/branding, and styles the email according to that University's/segments brand standards. Is this possible in Salesforce? Thank You for any help Frank Lahtinen Grit Digital Health More

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Michael O'Connor

[Picks from the Pack: Customer Success] October 12, 2018 Featured Webinar: What’s new with Success Plans? Register here: LATEST RESOURCES - Trailblazer Innovation: Winter ‘19 Special - Pardot Email Deliverability webinar - 3 ways Wells Fargo Saves 100s of IT hours supporting 43 business units ********************************************* COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS - Keep Blazing your Trail after Dreamforce - October's Tech Updates are posted! - Salesforce on Salesforce Story: How Salesforce Re-Envisioned Customer Self-Service Experience #[Picks from the Pack - Customer Success] More

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David Goodier

Hello. I would like to mass move data to my customer facing website (Wordpress) from either Salesforce or a CSV file. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can approach this? Many thanks David More

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