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Nick Vonapartis

Hello Everyone, I've had a tough time trying to recognize revenue. For Example: I may have a 3 year contract worth a total of $500,000 in revenue between 2019-2022. Broken down as such: Y1: $0 Y2: $200,000 Y3: $300,000 I make my opportunity value $500,000 however that will then restrict me from recognizing my revenue per year. Plain and simple my company just wants to answer the following questions: How much money did we make this year / how much money have we locked in for next year, etc Thank you! More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

For the attendees for our "Getting Started: Start with the Fundamentals" webinar TODAY: Here are the webinar resources just for you: - Deck: - Recordings: - Resource slides: - #[Start With The Fundamentals] More

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Dnyanesh Gawali

Hi All, is it possible to track incoming emails and reply intelligently after checking specific keywords? May be some AI Bot More

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Debra Anderson

We are looking for a tool to integrate outbound calling with Salesforce for our inside sales team. Looking at Lightning Dialer but due to some limitations in the product also looking at 3rd party apps that integrate with Salesforce. Love to hear folks recommendations and also horror stories. Thanks Debra @* Sales Cloud - Best Practices * More

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Bhavin Patel

Want to learn all about API call limits? 🤔 Wondering how to: ✅ Reduce API calls? ✅ Increase API calls? ✅ Get info on how many calls were made in an Org? Click 👇 NOW to learn more! More

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