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Patricia Capshaw

My company has a number of email templates created. When our reps email from cases or campaigns...the templates are there as an option but the system doesn't require them to choose an email template. When they don't choose a template the email goes out with a long refrerence number. Is there a way to assign a template as default? Or is there a way to require the reps to choose a template? More

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Patricia Capshaw

I just loaded Config Workbook to my sandobx. Is there a manual that I can read before just playing around in it? I found the link below where it gives me the option to pay around in the system, but i'm looking for reading material. More

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Patricia Capshaw

I have a regular sf user and a sandbox user. I need to create a sandbox user for another employee. Is it as simple as me loggging into SF with my sandbox user and creating the new user. Or is there any different fields that need to be checked in the user set up to identify it as a sandbox user? More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

For the attendees for our "Getting Started: Start with the Fundamentals" webinar today: Here are the webinar resources just for you: - Deck: - Recordings: - Admin / End-user Journey slides: - Resource slides: - Friday Office Hours registration: Premier Online Training Administration Essentials for New Admins: Administration Essentials for the Service Cloud: Standard Help & Training Resources Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce: Getting Started: Administering Salesforce: #[Start With The Fundamentals] #[Getting Started Autograph] More

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Parin Lad

For EMEA customers - join us for our next 'Circles of Success' event on Wednesday, 30th May at Salesforce Tower, London! "Accelerating Adoption with Effective End-User Training" & "Chatter to Increase Employee Productivity" We offer 2 round-table discussions for our customers to ask questions, share stories and learn great best practise. This is a free event, hosted by our Success Management Team and open to all customers. Registration links: - 9:30-10:30am: Accelerating Adoption with Effective End-User Training: - Registration Link: - 10:45-11:45am: Chatter to Increase Employee Productivity - Registration Link: More

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