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Luke Hawkins

Hello, Is there a way to add customised options in "Registration Status" The predetermined options are: Registered Attended Cancelled Can we edit ourselves? More

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Xenia Chilkowich

I want to create a restriction so that only a contact/account owner can create activities for that record. But I can't seem to find a setting for this. More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

Getting Started with Salesforce: Deploy and Empower your Users *********************************************************************************** Engage with your users and take action to achieve your goals! The Getting Started series webinars run in multiple regions, including EMEA, APAC and the US. Go to and click the registration link to get yourself registered. Webinar deck: Webinar recording: Getting Started Resources Community: Success Getting Started Getting Started Workbook FREE Starter Dashboards from the AppExchange Adoption dashboards from the AppExchange Data Quality Dashboards from the AppExchange Salesforce CRM Dashboards from the AppExchangeSalesforce *************************************************************************** More

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Gregory Wong

Reminder! At 8AM PST TODAY Join us for the SALES CLOUD - ASK AN EXPERT OFFICE HOURS! Do you have questions about Sales Cloud? If so, join us for our weekly (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) Sales Cloud Open Office Hours to get your questions answered live by a Sales Cloud expert. There's no agenda, just a time slot that's reserved for you to speak with one of our expert colleagues. It's FREE to all customers! Mark your calendars and register for each here. ** PLEASE LOG A CASE IF YOU HAVE A TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUE! @Aiyaz Ahmed @Shamari Simpson More

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Heftzi Korenzvit

Hi All, I have created a new object called Handoff and i want it to appear in my activity tab in the sales consul is this possible and if so, how? Thanks :) More

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