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Aiyaz Ahmed

How to Successfully Implement Sales Cloud (Getting Started Series) Register in advance for all 4 webinars - Part 1 Prepare: Part 2 Create: Part 3 Enable: Part 4 Deploy: More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

SALES CLOUD featuring INBOX - ASK AN EXPERT OFFICE HOURS Do you have questions about Sales Cloud? If so, join us for our weekly (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) Sales Cloud Open Office Hours to get your questions answered live by a Sales Cloud expert. There's no agenda, just a time slot that's reserved for you to speak with one of our expert colleagues. It's FREE to all customers! Mark your calendars and register for each here. ** PLEASE LOG A CASE IF YOU HAVE A TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUE! Sales Cloud "Ask an Expert" Office hours (Tues, Wed & Thurs) @Gregory Wong @Lisa Ehrlich @Victoria Stoia @Makenzie Pavan @Dylan Friddle @Amey Parmarthi @Keith West More

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Bhavin Patel

✨✨✨✨✨Introducing✨✨✨✨✨ BRAND New: Getting Started with Opportunities Document (Feel Free to download) Opportunities are deals in progress. Opportunity record track details about deals, including which accounts they’re for, who the players re, and the amount of potential sales. If your organization uses leads, an opportunity is created when a lead is converted. ***Be sure to Check Page 2 for our complete content catalogue. Follow Me, Download the File👇 and keep blazing new trails! Resource Included: Opportunities (Article) Set Up Opportunities and Opportunity Products - Set a Default Product Quantity of 1 on Opportunities (Article) - Automatically Enter the List Price as the Sales Price on Opportunities (Article) - Enable Opportunity Update Reminders (Article) - Enable and Configure Similar Opportunities (Article) - Activate Big Deal Alerts (Article) - Customize Big Deal Alerts (Article) Manage Your Opportunities - Things to Know About Creating Opportunities (Article) - Things to Know About Cloning Opportunities (Article) - Things to Know About Sharing Opportunities (Article) - Opportunity History (Article) - Things to Know About Deleting Opportunities (Article) - Schedule Reminders to Update Opportunities (Article) - Guidelines for Finding Similar Opportunities (Article) Move an Opportunity to the Next Stage - Move an Opportunity to the Next Stage in Lightning Experience (Article) Manage the Products on Your Opportunities - Add Products to Opportunities (Article) - Things to Know About Adding Products to Opportunities (Article) Things to Know About Opportunities - Opportunity Fields (Article) - Opportunity Product Fields (Article) Track Your Competitors - Define Competitors (Article) - Competitor Fields (Article) Work Your Opportunities and Manage Your Pipeline (Video) Trailhead, How-to Videos and more… More

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Howard Weinstein

JItterbit - Not seeing certain fields from Contact (e.g. Birthdate) I am seeing strange behavior when trying to query the Contact record of a client for fields like Birthdate. I did authorize this field to be viewed and edited originally it wasn't. But even after that change I am not able to see that field through Jitterbit. Does anyone know why this would happen is there a setting that needs to be updated? I see for my own org that I can access this field through Jitterbit so it is very odd. More

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Kristie Lawrence

In Outlook email, I am not able to link a Salesforce service issue. I am not able to type in anything into the search lookup. Can anyone help me? My salesforce is working fine just not in Outlook. I am able to create new service issues just not able to search at all. More

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