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Jess Habig

Hello everyone! I am not sure where to ask this. Every time I complete a challenge on trailhead it gives me an error saying that my Report does not contain a certain field, but my report DOES contain that field. Does this make sense? Is this a common issue and how can I fix it? I appreciate any advice or support! Thank you :) More

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Julie Curry

Email relaying If we do not set up email relaying, might we experience deliverability or other types of issues? More

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John Eichsteadt

Our whole point in us moving to Salesforce (and I'm sure others as well) is to have everything in one system. We have zero interest in managing our meetings and appointments in an outside system, even Google. Please vote this up so they put this in Lightning. Switching back to Classic to schedule meetings or Resources is ridiculous. More

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Leigh Ann Huffman

Hi All - I am trying to put some reports together for 2018/2019 budgets but haven't been successful. Any help at all would be much appreciated! #1 - I was playing around with our win/loss ratio and am showing that our renewal rate is 33% however, an audit we went through recently shows our renewal rate as 70%. I know I must be doing something wrong with either the formula or report - any pointers on how to do this correctly? #2 - I would like to either add a field to our accounts or at least be able to calculate within a report what the average customer is worth to us per year. I've found some information on roll-up summaries potentially helping with this but none that seemed promising. #3 - Also - any ideas on how I could calculate the number of revenue coming from existing customers vs. new? Thank you in advance! More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

Welcome registrants / attendees of today's ENABLE THE USER EXPERIENCE WITH DATA webinar Its not too late to register: Our Getting Started series webinars run in multiple regions, including EMEA, APAC and the US. Go to our registration page: and get yourself registered. Discover how to import clean data, create valuable reports and validate the solution with your business users. Webinar deck: Webinar recording: Getting Started Resources - Community: Success Getting Started - Getting Started Workbook - Quick Start: Importing Data - Quick Start: Reporting & Analytics Standard Help & Training Resources - Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce - Getting Started: Administering Salesforce - Getting Started with Managing Data - Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards - Video: Data Import How To's Premier Online Training - Administration Essentials for New Admins - Reporting for Sales Managers Dreamforce Sessions 2013 - Administrator Breakout Sessions AppExchange - Salesforce CRM Dashboards from the AppExchange - Salesforce Data Quality Dashboards from the AppExchange Help & Training Links - Preparing Your Data for Import Article - Which Data Import/Export Tool Should I Use - Data Import Wizard - Comparison With Existing Wizards - Exporting Backup Data #[Enable The User Experience With Data] #[Getting Started Autograph] More

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