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Sharjeel Zafar

Hi everyone, I am starting my course ( for admins today, with no prior Salesforce or IT experience. Any suggestions or guidance will be most appreciated. I look forward to being part of the Trailblazer Community! Cheers, Sharjeel More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

For the attendees for our "Getting Started: Start with the Fundamentals" webinar TODAY: Here are the webinar resources just for you: - Deck: - Recordings: - Resource slides: #[Start With The Fundamentals] More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

Question on behalf of customer - Opportunity / Quote line item entry screen (Custom columns) - When a customer is entering in opportunity line items they want to be able to see some custom fields on the column of the line item Edit page - What other customers doing to add additional columns (for Custom fields) to this page, seeing that it doesn't seem you can add them from the "Multi-line item page layout" (on Oppty Product / Quote line item object). cc @* Sales Cloud - Best Practices * @Admin Trailblazers More

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Bhavin Patel

Learn how to grant access to a managed object using a package license. Here's how 👇 More

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Katherine Pena

Good Morning, I am writing to you on the request of our CEO yesterday, it is about starting to use Salesforce in a production environment for sales executives. I explain myself in detail: it has considered that executives could start using the Account part (as it is now, without restrictions or validations), in order to import data from already clients, and leave them enabled just the Notes field, for now. The question is: what would be the impact that this type of action would have in general (project, cost, time) or does it have no impact? At a technical level I also have other questions: - if we do an amount of the data in production directly, but later we do a mapping that diverges from the current mapping in production, would it be chaotic or could it simply be adapted? -If it can be adapted, what would be the amount of work and in how long would it be done? -starting with Sales Executives by Account rather than by Lead is convenient? -at a structural level could it affect future implementations? thanks in advance and I'll be waiting for your answer. More

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