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Phil Snowball

Hi All, is it possible to customise an individual users Dashboard on their home page? More

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Kellie Peckman

Good Morning Team, As with many, this is my first post and I am hoping you can assist. The challenge we have is that we have two spreadsheets 1. List of contacts without an Account 2. List of Accounts without Contacts I have been trying to upload a 3rd spreadsheet, where the contact ID and Account ID feature in hope of creating a link. Typically, I use Account ID and Contact ID, but have tried several combinations including creating a contact account relationship. Once the upload is finished (always successful), we spot check and the Account and Contact are linked. However, the next morning, the have disconnected again. I have tried to use the import wizard, dataloader and dataloader io, with no success. Is there something we are missing with our mass upload that is causing the relationship to be lost over night or could this be an issue with something in the background? Appreciate any advice. More

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Aiyaz Ahmed

For the attendees for our "Getting Started: Start with the Fundamentals" webinar today: Here are the webinar resources just for you: - Deck: - Recordings: - Admin / End-user Journey slides: - Resource slides: - Friday Office Hours registration: Premier Online Training Administration Essentials for New Admins: Administration Essentials for the Service Cloud: Standard Help & Training Resources Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce: Getting Started: Administering Salesforce: #[Start With The Fundamentals] More

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Kelly Spaulding

Hey Team: I am in the process of creating a view for some of my campaigns. I wanted to start with a view that lists ALL campaigns, but I don't see this an option in my dropdown menu? Any ideas on how I get to view ALL. THE. CAMPAIGNS? #salescloud #campaigns #[List Views] More

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