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Aiyaz Ahmed

Welcome registrants / attendees of today's ENABLE THE USER EXPERIENCE WITH DATA webinar Its not too late to register: Our Getting Started series webinars run in multiple regions, including EMEA, APAC and the US. Go to our registration page: and get yourself registered. Discover how to import clean data, create valuable reports and validate the solution with your business users. Webinar deck: Webinar recording: Getting Started Resources - Community: Success Getting Started - Getting Started Workbook - Quick Start: Importing Data - Quick Start: Reporting & Analytics Standard Help & Training Resources - Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce - Getting Started: Administering Salesforce - Getting Started with Managing Data - Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards - Video: Data Import How To's Premier Online Training - Administration Essentials for New Admins - Reporting for Sales Managers AppExchange - Salesforce CRM Dashboards from the AppExchange - Salesforce Data Quality Dashboards from the AppExchange Help & Training Links - Preparing Your Data for Import Article - Which Data Import/Export Tool Should I Use - Data Import Wizard - Comparison With Existing Wizards - Exporting Backup Data #[Enable The User Experience With Data] More

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Patrick Armstrong

I'm attempting to update a custom field checkbox on the Opportunity object based on a formula. I want the formula to look at a custom object called "company" and a field on company called "subscriptionStatus". I receive a syntax error "Error: Field xxxx does not exist. Check Spelling". I've tried: IF(company.subscriptionStatus__c = "Subscribed" || "subscribedInTrial", true, false) IF(company__c.subscriptionStatus__c = "Subscribed" || "subscribedInTrial", true, false) IF(subscriptionStatus__c.company__c = "Subscribed" || "subscribedInTrial", true, false) IF( = "Subscribed" || "subscribedInTrial", true, false) IF(company__r.subscriptionStatus__c = "Subscribed" || "subscribedInTrial", true, false) //because i saw an article that said use "_ _ r" for custom objects. I've successful done this with a formula that looks at the Account object with a custom field by Account.customField__c but I can't seem to do this with a custom object. Thanks in advance for any help. More

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Adrian Gibbons

Hello, We wish to start using Salesforce to generate customer quotes, and have a requirement to assign an asset to a quote line item. When a customer purchases extended warranty for example, the asset warranty expiry dates can be automatically updated. It is straightforward to create a custom lookup field on the quote line item to establish a one to one relationship between the line item and asset. However, a one to many relationship is proving to be more challenging (we would like to assign multiple assets to a single quote line item). I was unable to create a Master-Detail relationship between a custom object & quote line item, and my assumption is this is a system limitation (quote line item did not appear in the Master-Detail object picklist). Does anybody have any workaround ideas? More

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Amit Kumar

new custom object tab is hidden ,,, so i can't create custom object More

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Spencer Coulter

"Get Ready for the Sales Cloud: Getting Started: Set Your Implementation Up For Success Webinar" Next Wednesday, April 24th from 11am-12:30pm ET/8am-9:30am PT Link to register: Your hosts will include @Timothy Kovich (oihiugyvy) & I, @Spencer Coulter. Talk to you soon! More

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