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Aiyaz Ahmed

Posting on behalf of @Debra Jensen - Looking for customers that are utilizing Notes and can provide feedback on advantages / disadvantages from a Sales / Collaboration Perspective. Also, perhaps pros / cons verses using Tasks. @* Customer Success * @Divyesh Ardeshana @Carlos Siqueira @Pierre Despatis-Dupont @Admin Trailblazers More

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Lori Johnson

I am relatively new to Salesforce and am working on a pilot. I need to start laying out a roadmap for implementing the various features of both the sales and service clouds. We want to take an Agile approach. Can anyone point me to resources or can share their own expertise around the best approach to breaking down implementation into phases. Thanks! More

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Lisa Ehrlich

Great ready for the Accelerator LIVE: How To: Sales Cloud: Manage Leads session Next Wednesday, June 26th at 8a PST Link to register: Your hosts will include; - An overview of key areas of lead management: lead workspace, lead assignment, lead queue, and lead conversion. - We’ll walk you through best practices for lead management, help you answer the key questions for planning, and provide recommendations for your business process. - We will guide you through a comprehensive demo of lead management in the Lightning Experience. Talk to you soon! More

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Gregory Wong

Thurs June 20th 8AMPST/11AM EST - SALES CLOUD - ASK AN EXPERT OFFICE HOURS: Do you have questions about Sales Cloud? Don't know where to turn? Join our weekly (Tuesday/Thursday) Sales Cloud Open Office Hours! Get your questions answered live by a Sales Cloud expert. ** Please create a case at if you have a troubleshooting issue! There's no agenda, just a timeslot that's reserved for you to speak with one of our expert colleagues. It's FREE to all customers! Mark your calendars and register for each here. @Aiyaz Ahmed @Shamari Simpson More

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Jessica Koubek

I have a question regarding Salesforce Inbox: When we start using the functionality, will it start saving emails from that point forward? Or will it go back and retroactively save the emails in our Sent Folder? More

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