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Aiyaz Ahmed

THIS WEEK: SALES CLOUD - ASK AN EXPERT OFFICE HOURS: Do you have questions about Sales Cloud? Don't know where to turn? Join our weekly (Tuesday/Thursday) Sales Cloud Open Office Hours! Get your questions answered live by a Sales Cloud expert. ** Please create a case at if something is broken! There's no agenda, just a timeslot that's reserved for you to speak with one of our expert colleagues. It's FREE to all customers! Mark your calendars and register for each here. @Eliza King @Gregory Wong @Shamari Simpson @Justyna Kuczaj @David DiGiammarino @Owen Turkle More

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Narender Singh

Vote and promote! :D More

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Mike Bucci

I am finding that there is no information on this issue... so apparently I am the only Salesforce user on this planet who has this problem. I have been experiencing that emails that I create on Contact and Leads within Salesforce are just disappearing from the Activity History for that record (yes, there one second, gone the next). This is happening every time on every contact or lead. I have had a case open with Support for over a week and have had that case escalated. Here is what I am being told... My company uses both Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture. The primary feature from Inbox being used is the "Availability" for scheduling meetings from Outlook with clients. Love the dynamic updates of available time. Einstein Activity Capture has been great for getting records from multiple mail account and ensuring they are captured on records. Here is the core of the most recent response from support on the case (#20086631): "As per our discussion, I've reproduce the issue here on our end using the login access that you've provided as well as tested this behaviour using my test org with Inbox (Einstein Activity Capture enabled) and I got the same outcome. I've checked on our related cases about this matter as well. In addition, I've collaborate this behaviour with our Internal team and it is working as expected: If you send an email from Salesforce, the email will not reflect on the Past Activities of a record in Salesforce. In some cases, the email will show up but after a refresh of the page, it will disappear. Instead the emails sent from Salesforce will go through your connected email account's sent items." Apparently there is a conflict between how these two pieces of functionality work when both are turned on emails sent from Salesforce disappear. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do about this? If I need to turn one piece of functionality off, it would likely be Inbox. Are there other good scheduling solutions out there that perform a function similar to the "Availability" that Inbox delivers? More

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Ryan Love

I'm planning to take my Salescloud Certification Exam on Sunday. Any last minute suggestions / tips - I've leveraged Udemy, FocusonForce and printed help documentation for my struggle areas / concepts. More

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Natasha Judd

Hi everyone, We're currently running Salesforce Enterprise Edition, in Classic view. My manager would like a Salesforce licence that allows him read-only access to the database, so he can view accounts & contacts and their related opportunities before meetings and when queries come in. He doesn't need the full details of opportunities, if this makes a difference, just what's available in the related list. We've been pointed in the direction of a Lightning Platform Starter licence, as per the following link: Does anyone have any experience of using this licence? Does it work in Classic? And (more importantly, because I can always provide training on where to find things in Lightning) does it let you see related lists on opportunities and accounts? Thanks for your help, Natasha More

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