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Julie Curry

Does anyone have tips they'd like to share about how they approach critical updates? I'm an admin. Honestly many (sometimes most) of the items listed in the Critical Updates don't make any sense to me. I don't really have a team so if one of these causes something to break then it's on me. Right now I listed out all of the updates that have not been activated, or where the 'auto-activation date' is in the past and the status is 'Not Activated'. ...also can someone tell me why there are items with an auto-activation date in the past and a status of Not Activated. This and the ordering of the Critical Updates are a couple of those things where all logic seems to have been thrown out the window. I'd love to be able to filter on 'not activated' and sort by auto-activation date. that's logical to me. thanks in advance for your help! More

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Andrew DeMore

Spring '20 Release Overview - Einstein Analytics Webinar question We have admin users who would be responsible for creating the majority the Analytics, We have managers who would need to make or edit some of the views and filters We have sales people who only need to be able to view analysis results from something an admin or manager created. Can you tell me how does licensing work for these 3 types us users? Would they all need the same type of license or are there different license types depending on the user will be doing i.e. create vs view only? More

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Julie Hills

We would definitely be interested in an Einstein Analytics data connector to a local SQL database. More

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Kiran Naralasetty

On SAQL query, do we have restriction on data limit? #Spring20Live More

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Pavan Peri

What's the maximum number of KPIs I can see under a Watchlist? #Spring20LIVE More

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