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Elna Miller

🐺🐺[Picks from the Pack: Trailblazer Innovation] 🐺🐺January 24, 2020 QUICK TIP: Always open your weekly digest email on Monday mornings – one of the best ways to get quick access to our newsletters. SPRING ‘20 RELEASE READINESS LIVE ************************************************** January 27 9:30am PT: Sales Cloud 11:45am PT: Einstein Analytics January 28 9:30am PT: Platform 11:45am PT: Lightning Flow January 29 9:30am PT: Service Cloud 11:45am PT: Communities and B2B Commerce 🦋🐺LATEST FOR SPRING ‘20 🐺🦋 *********************************************** Lightning Lounge Recap: Get Ready for the New Salesforce Mobile App Admins & Developers: Time to Learn MOAR! Join the Spring ‘20 learning journey featuring blog posts, new Trailhead Trailmixes, and events for Admins and Developers! New Blog Post: How to Get Ready for Release Time: Q&A With Release Experts MORE RESOURCES & HIGHLIGHTS ********************************************* Video:How to add In-App Guidance in Lightning Experience Video Series: Shedding Light on Lightning Experience #[Picks from the Pack – Trailblazer Innovation] More

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Noelle Bloomfield

***New Blog Post -- How to Get Ready for Release Time: Q&A With Our Release Experts*** Get pro tips from our Trailblazer release experts on how to navigate release time with ease. Get ready for Spring '20 and check out the full blog here: Huge thanks to @Harry Radenberg @Ines Garcia @Jennifer Lee @Raymond Rondez @Christian Pajot @Carlos Siqueira @Rakesh Gupta for sharing their insights!! And thanks to @Amanda Lane for helping pull this together! More

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Elna Miller

⚡⚡ WEBINAR RECAP- LIGHTNING LOUNGE: GET READY FOR THE NEW SALESFORCE MOBILE APP (AUTO-UPGRADE IN SPRING ‘20) ⚡⚡ Thank you to those of you who joined our speakers @Pankaj Prasad, @James Harrison and @Behzad Richey for this week's EXTRA special session of the Lightning Lounge. The content was designed to inform you about the auto-upgrade to the new Salesforce mobile app that will apply to ALL MOBILE USERS in the Spring ’20 release. In case you missed it, check out the recording below and learn about the new features that make this new app amazing for both admins and users! As always, we had tons of great Q&A, so be sure to listen to the whole thing to get those extra insights from our expert speakers. Download a copy of the presentation: Watch the recording: ADMIN TIP: To get started with the new mobile app, go to Setup Home in Lightning Experience and click on the New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart menu item in the left navigation, where you should find everything you need. For more information and resources about the auto-upgrade, see this post from @Christina Johnson OR read the FAQ here: @Jacinta Burke @Dan McCall @Amanda Potter @Wayne Cho @Sheena Lee@Cristina Moscoso @Michael O'Connor More

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Scott O'Connell

Exciting - thank you ladies for the great live preview! #[#salesforcelive] More

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Jen Perlee

#SalesforceLive - where will Page layouts be set if we switch to using Perm Sets/Groups. Will we still need profile for that? More

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