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Erin Ryan

Einstein Search: I've enabled Einstein Search in our full sandbox and the team loves it! Regarding the global search --Is there a way to filter the search hierarchy to have Accounts with picklist value "X" display first without utilizing the left sidebar Refine By option? Example: I enter ABC Company in the global search. Twenty ABC account matches display, the first 10 records have picklist value "X", bottom 5 have picklist value "Y". No need to filter Refined By. More

2 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

Sandy Dolan

I created a Queue and associated it with the Task object. I selected the queue setting checkbox to "send email to members", however none of the queue members are receiving emails when a task is assigned to the queue. Am I understanding the functionality correctly that all queue members will receive an email notification when a task is assigned to the queue? If so, is anyone else successfully receiving emails via this queue setting? More

5 days ago · 4 comments · 1 likes

Jamie Rogalski

Hi All - In my community, I've had a bug that shows the "More" overflow popup on my Community Page that has tabs. I only have 2 tabs but the "More" button still appears and clicking on it takes you no where. It appears based on the known issues, this issue was fixed in Spring '20. However, still happening in my community and for the life of me I can't locate the solution in the Release notes. Here's a link to the known issue: Ideas on how I can remove/fix this behavior? Thank you!! More

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Elna Miller

🐺🐺[Picks from the Pack: Trailblazer Innovation] 🐺🐺March 13, 2020 QUICK TIP: Always open your weekly digest email on Monday mornings – one of the best ways to get quick access to our newsletters. 🦋🐺LATEST FOR SPRING ‘20 🐺🦋 ************************************************************* Lightning Lounge: New Flow Features in Spring '20 March 18 @ 10am PST Join our Product Team for a deep dive into some of the latest features in Flow that were delivered in the Spring '20 release - now live and in production! You'll quickly realize why Flow is known as every admin's secret weapon! We'll focus on live demos and keep the session interactive with Q&A. -Marketing Cloud March 2020 Release -Success Cloud Spring 20 Release recording -Salesforce for iOS and Android v224.010 (Spring ‘20) released MORE RESOURCES & HIGHLIGHTS ********************************************* March Tech Updates Celebrate Your 2020 Salesforce MVP’s Become a Service Insider Community Leader Coronavirus: Our Latest Efforts to Help Those Affected @Bhavin Patel's latest tips #[Picks from the Pack – Trailblazer Innovation] More

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Amanda Flint

I am wondering if anyone knows how to filter a report by area code? Thank you. More

15 days ago · 4 comments · 1 likes

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