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Jennifer Lee

Question about a Spring 19 feature: "Internal Users and Admins Can View and Manage Community Members from Accounts" It mentions using Account Management, users can do these things but how does one navigate to Account Management? The release notes does not include a screenshot of this for me to determine where this resides. Thank you. More

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Jessica Higgason

I feel like I'm missing something simple regarding the Spring 19 feature "Print a Record Page". In our preview sandbox, I can't see the "Printable View" action in a Contact's record page. I verified that the standard button "Printable View" has been added to the page layout (under standard buttons) but I can't see the option on the Lightning page - I can see it in Classic, however. There's no "Printable View" button in the Contact object's "Buttons, Links, and Actions" so I don't see any way the button is being blocked or overridden. I'm at a loss here, and appreciate any help. More

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Drew Chaplin

I just signed up for the Spring RR webinar. In the past, there has been a link to add these to my outlook/exchange calendar. Now it seems to only use Google Calendar. Is there a link to add all of these to outlook? thanks More

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Eric Stephan

Hi All, I'm looking over the Release Notes regarding turning on Lightning. It says "All users with the Lightning Experience User permission enabled are affected by this critical update." My question is, if the entire Org has no users with the Lightning Experience User permission, will the Org stay on classic? More

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Arush Dixit

Hi @Elna Miller Even though we are to do detailed Tests, I would really like to Congratulate the Product Team for Joined Reports for what they have delivered in #Spring19 . It really looks easy and intuitive. Was probably one of the biggest reasons for our 'Stuck in Classic' Users for not being 'Struck by Lightning'. More

7 hours ago · 3 comments · 2 likes

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