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Jessica Lana (FLVS)

Lightning Dashboard Gauge Percentages Disappeared With the Winter '18 release, we are no longer seeing the percentages with our Lightning dashboard gauges. When I try to edit the dashboard gauge component, there is no option to add the percentage back. I cannot find any documentation about this in the release notes. It appears that it should still be standard according to the Help & Training documentation ( and was released in Winter '17 according to the LEX roadmap ( I submitted a case, but was told that it wasn't a bug and that the checkbox for displaying % was turned off because they are working on something new that may or may not be available in the next release. Do we know what is going on with gauge percentages or if/when they will be coming back? More

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Michael O'Connor

Our most super awesome Cloud Services Events Calendar: Find all our scheduled Webinars, Circles of Success, Office Hours and even some of our In-person events. #Winter18Live More

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Vincent Chukwuemeka

Please, can someone direct me to the Service Cloud group? More

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Jennifer Day

#Winter18Live Is NPSP fully compatible with LEX yet? NPSP being glitchy or not fully deployed for LEX is the number one reason our NPO doesn't transition and NPSP updates are hard to track sometimes. More

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Maggie Ellis

It is unfortunate that we can't remove system settings from Chatter. When will this be fixed? Is it in the idea forum somewhere? More

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