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Rambabu Ravula

In testing Summer '20 in our sandboxes, facing issue with Lightning App Builder. Trying to apply filter's to the component in new Home Page. Salesforce displaying error code Error Id: 1313793780 [Cannot read property 'validation' of undefined] error when clicking Add Filter under Set Component Visibility of the Lightning APP Builder Issue can replicate all Sandboxes with Summer 20 release. Create New Home Page Add standard component to the Page Click on Add Filter Error Code Error Id: 1313793780 More

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Allen Moy

Can a flow created in a Summer '20 Sandbox be installed in production? My flow works perfectly in my Sandbox but when I try to move it to production I get this error "Required field is missing: assignNextValueToReference". I'm wondering if it could be related to the new flow features in Summer '20. More

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Jacinta Burke

Here's the Summer '20 Release Overview Deck. If you haven't seen this before, it's a visual companion to the release notes and walks you through the major enhancements in Summer '20. You can slice and dice it as you wish to train yourself and your users. This deck covers: - Overall User Productivity - Sales Cloud - Service Cloud - Analytics - Communities - Salesforce Mobile App - Customization - Financial Services Cloud - Health Cloud If you'd prefer a higher level overview of the top features across all the clouds, check out the Release in a Box deck at This is the Powerpoint version, please PM me if you need the GSlides version and I'll share it. Note: there may be errors and crimes against formatting in here, if you spot any please let me know. More

17 hours ago · 3 comments · 13 likes

Monica Doyle

Hi All - Quick question about Flow in Summer '20: We have a flow with 2 screens and leverage component visibility on the 2nd screen based on information selected from the 1st. This appears to be functioning fine in a sandbox in Summer '20. We also leverage the component visibility on the 2nd screen for information selected from the same screen. These components are not appearing when the visibility criteria is met in a Summer '20 sandbox. However, they are functioning in our sandbox that is still in Spring '20. Ex. On the 2nd screen, a user is presented with a checkbox dependent on a picklist value set on the first screen (this part is working) Then, if a user checks that checkbox, a date field should appear but it doesn't. The criteria is set to "if checkbox is selected equals TRUE". Has anyone run into this yet? Thanks in advance! More

19 hours ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Brandon Barr

In testing Summer '20 in our sandboxes, there was an uptick in test failures around callouts. Was there a change Summer around testing callouts or is this a possible bug? More

2 days ago · 7 comments · 4 likes

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