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Jeremy York

@* Lightning Now! * @Reports & Dashboards When viewing any report in Spring 19 it does not default to the top of the report(to see totals or graph if it exist), so you have to scroll up to see it. Is that by design now? I didn't see anything in the release notes on it. Thanks More

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Richa Paliwal

Hi Guys, I have a question regarding Lightning Scheduler. Is this feature only available to use internally or even our customer (Who doesn't have access to our salesforce org) can use it to schedule an appointment. #Spring19Live More

1 day ago · 0 comments · 2 likes

Louisa Reynolds

Hi Trailblazers, I was hoping that a few of you could show some love to this Idea that I have just raised. In Spring 19 we were given the "Remove All Members" button for Account Team and Opportunity Team. For Opportunity Team, I can go into the Opportunity page layouts and remove the button from the Opportunity Team related list. For Account Team, the only way to remove the button is to update the CRED settings on the Account object so that the profile no longer allows Delete or Modify All. We have a business scenario where we have users who we allow to delete Accounts. However, we do not want them to be able to delete the full Account Team in just one click. If we were able to control the Account Team "Remove All Members" button in the same way that we control it for Opportunities, via the page layouts, that would save us a huge headache! Thank you for your time :) More

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Richard Koochagian

#Spring19LIVE - When will we be able to Clone an Opportunity "with Products" and when will Document folders be available in LE? More

1 day ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Sridhar Navva

Is admin setup macros and how to setup/define macros More

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