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Jessica Higgason

Just found a new update in the release notes (from the future even - it's dated June 10) that says "Einstein Voice Assistant is scheduled to be retired on July 10, 2020." (found in the pdf version, pages 7 & 82) I'm confused, is this new and in beta, or is it being retired? #[Einstein Voice Assistant] #Summer20 More

8 hours ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Jonathon Ward

Summer '20, Using Console, when clicking on a record in a report it opens a sub-tab of the record, but does not focus on that new sub-tab. This appears to be new functionality that might not be working correctly, but I can't find any documentation around this.#Summer20Treasure #Summer20 I'm unable to duplicate in Spring Production. Can anyone duplicate or confirm? Thanks! More

9 hours ago · 0 comments · 0 likes

sanjyothi Yarlagadda

Summer'20: dependant picklist Inline Editing: Controling picklist value with single dependant picklist value when selected returning blank In Summer'20 enabled instances we are facing the below issue while editing dependant picklist Inline Controlling picklist value : Resolved Dependant picklist value : waiting for response Inline edit: I have selected Controlling picklist value as "Resolved" and dependent picklist value autopopulated which fine, once I save Depenedat picklist value is saved with blank value. This is not happening when i click on edit button and make changes to my record. Please suggest if this is a summer'20 issue or if there is any workaround or any of you have encounterd similar issue More

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Gerald Bona

@* Release Readiness Trailblazers * Good day. We have a customer that have logged a Salesforce Support Case and they are looking for the Summer '20 Release Overview Deck and Release Feature Matrix that was mentioned to be available today based on the link below: May we know if the said matrix is available and how can we share it to the customer. Please advise. Thank you. More

2 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Rambabu Ravula

In testing Summer '20 in our sandboxes, facing issue with Lightning App Builder. Trying to apply filter's to the component in new Home Page. Salesforce displaying error code Error Id: 1313793780 [Cannot read property 'validation' of undefined] error when clicking Add Filter under Set Component Visibility of the Lightning APP Builder Issue can replicate all Sandboxes with Summer 20 release. Create New Home Page Add standard component to the Page Click on Add Filter Error Code Error Id: 1313793780 More

2 days ago · 3 comments · 0 likes

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