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Penny Hammond

For the Lightning console apps (beta), I'm setting up for a client and following the release notes. I've set up a console app, but when I try to customize the layout I'm seeing different behavior from described in "Customize Your Console App Record Pages with Lightning App Builder". I go to Lightning App Builder and select "App Page" and a 3-column layout. But the Related List and Related Record Components aren't available as shown in the release notes, also basic components like record details aren't shown here. Any pointers? Thanks! More

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Mary Catherine Tubbs

The Spring 17 release notes indicate attachments will be migrated to Files in Winter 18 for Lightening Experience. Does this apply to Classic as well? More

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Matt Urbanowski

Is this bug supposedly fixed yet? I received an email saying it was, but the dev console is still skipping for me. More

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Cari Aves

Use Optimizer to Improve Your Salesforce Implementation More

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Elna Miller

[Weekly Update] Release Readiness & Feature Adoption, March 24, 2017 #BeReleaseReady! Coming Up Next…Integrate Salesforce with Gmail & Outlook Wednesday March 29 @ 12:00 PM Pacific Register: TLS 1.0 Disablement – July 22, 2017 Next webinar: March 31@10am PT This Week’s Highlights -Hot off the Press! Spring ‘17 At-a-Glance -Getting Started Community hits 20k members -More upcoming webinars #[Release Readiness & Feature Adoption - Weekly Updates] @Aiyaz Ahmed @Matthew Horton @Matthew Roher @Jacinta Burke More

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