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Pasan Eeriyagama

Hey Trailblazers, May I know if there any APEX API to check if username exists? As a requirement for a Community Bolt solution, to check username's existence before actually creating the user. There is this idea for this: Cheers! @* Release Readiness Trailblazers * @* Lightning Now! * @* APAC Success Central * More

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Stephanie Wittwer

Help & Training What is the roadmap of changin the content based and user or page for my company's internal training? More

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Darren Henry

@Elna Miller @Jacinta Burke Is Salesforce aware of this "Idea", just curious as this seems like the sort of thing that shouldn't be an Idea when (to me) it is clearly a bug. In short, you set a lookup filter as optional, in Classic the user is able to select not to observe the filter and search outside of the parameter. In Lightning, the user is not given a choice to override the filter and is not even aware that a filter is in operation. More

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Kate Gentry

I co-presented at DF'18 with Autodesk and now there is a blog about the presentation posted on the external Salesforce Engineering Blog. Check it out and share if you think others will be interested. Salesforce Engineering blog post: Autodesk's Best Practices for Continuous Innovation with Salesforce - What this post is about: How Autodesk delivers trust and quality to its customers by using good change management practices while innovating quickly on the Salesforce Platform More

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Naval Sharma

Now, you can use the lightning component which will let you clone opportunity with the products and it's free and open source project. I've release the latest package which you can use. You can find the code on GitHub which is open-source. - Sandbox - - Developer/Production - More

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