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Howard Friedman

Web-to-Lead/ReCAPTCHA Spring '17 Hi all – I am trying to test out the ability to add ReCAPTCHA to Web-to-Lead forms. We have Spring ’17 running in our sandbox and, as expected, when I go to setup Web-to-Lead I see the additional options to configure: If I click the “reCAPTCHA API Key Pair” link, it takes me to a List View but there is no “New’ button available to add new Key Pairs. If I click the lookup icon it takes me to the search where I can then click “New” and enter my data but when I try to “Save” I get “Insufficient Privileges” – I am a full System Administrator. Any assistance would be appreciated! More

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Elna Miller

[Weekly Update] Release Readiness & Feature Adoption, January 20, 2017 #BeReleaseReady! TLS 1.0 Disablement is coming up fast! Are you ready? Join a webinar to hear directly from our experts and ask questions live. This Week’s Highlights -Release Readiness LIVE recordings now available -If you tuned in to RRL, fill out our survey: -Latest Spring ‘17 release notes changes -More webinars, recaps and community highlights #[Release Readiness & Feature Adoption - Weekly Updates] @Jennifer Lee @Jacinta Burke More

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Elna Miller

*TLS 1.0 will be disabled* March 4, 2017!! Are you ready? Join a webinar to learn more: More

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Genna Tripoli

Does anyone know why the account doesn't auto-associate with the opportunity when you create the opportunity through the contact in lightning? In classic, you can create the opportunity from the related list on the contact and both the contact and the account will automatically relate to that new opportunity. Is there a setting I can change to make this happen? More

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Candy Weekes

#TLSLIVE - will the TLS 1.0 App Warning be discussed? More

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