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Mary Ellen Ault

Can I code the '/' chatter mention in Process builder with a field variable or is that not available yet? I just tried it (assuming it worked like the @ mention) and no go. I tried: /[{![SBQQ__QuoteDocument__c].SBQQ__Opportunity__c}] and I got this in chatter: /[a0k460000045gc7AAA]. I also tried it without the [] and it still didn't work - I got this: /a0k460000045gc7AAA More

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Michelle Brown

#TellBlaze More

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Jeff DuPont

Is the link to the Release Readiness e-newsletter posted somewhere on this group? I'm not finding it. Thanks! #Summer18Live More

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Michael French

@Elna Miller Amazing Webinar!!! Thank you!! Sales Cloud!!!!! YAY! More

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Whitney Campos

#Summer18Live: Where can I get the recording of this meeting? I want to see again adding contacts directly to campaigns from the account directly. More

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