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Elna Miller

[WEBINAR RECAP: Summer '17 Hot Topics: Lightning Sales Console, Templates and More!] #Summer17Hot Presentation Deck: Link to Share Recording: Watch the recording and hear Product Manager @Brooke Lane give a sneak peek into some of the hottest Sales productivity enhancements coming to Lightning Experience in Summer '17, including a souped up, Einstein-powered Lightning Sales Console, email templates and a few surprises! As one of our attendees said, "I love how these webinars engage people and help explain ideas and new features. I rely on these webinars because the notion of having to read through 800 pages of release notes is...undesirable. Thank you!" @Cari Aves @Robin Grochol @Matthew Horton #[Cloud Services Webinars] More

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Jeffrey Sbonik

We have a custom action called call that replaces call log (Has a few extra fields on it) and the way we really want it to function is the enhancements to notes in #Summer17. Is there a good way to track notes with their enhancements in summer 17 or does anyone else have customization to call? More

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Sherry Haberman

Please vote up this idea on the idea exchange which asks to Left Justify the Alphabet list on any list view. Many an Admin, and USERS, are wasting time each day scrolling right for this. Thanks!! More

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Matt Urbanowski

How do we report that the bug is still not fixed (CS88)? SF Support are not interested and just want to close cases without resolution as soon as they can. Is there another group we can use for reporting bugs or important issues with new releases? More

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Linda Dugan

#Summer17Hot Does the Integrated Voice feature work for contacts through opportunity contact roles? More

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