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Charles Troster

If I'm going to write a certification exam, is there a cut-off date I should wait for so that I won't immediately have to write a Spring 17 Release Exam? Last release the date was October 26 but this was not announced until October 31, so colleagues who had just written an exam had to immediately write a Release Exam as well. More

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David Curtis

I am ready to roll out the Lightning experience to all my customers but I can not get Chatter to work. I enter Chatter in Lightning or Classic and they will be both show up in Classic but I see no chatter in Lightning. This is very frustrasting? Any Ideas from anyone? More

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Kevin Sheridan

With Lightning for Gmail, is it possible to automatically relate emails to records instead of having to manually add the email to the Opportunity / Contact etc.? More

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Ralf Schundelmeier

UPDATE: Legacy Data Import Tools retired in R0 and R1 Production Orgs The retirement of the Legacy Import Tools for all R0 and R1 instances has been successfully completed this weekend. We will continue on 2/24/2017 with all R2 and R2B instances. (subject to change). ___________________________________________________________________ What is changing? With Spring ‘17, the legacy data import tools for Accounts, Person Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Solutions, Campaign Members and Custom Objects will no longer be accessible via the legacy import tool launch page in Setup or via URL. In addition, the legacy import tool launch page will no longer be available. The Data Import Wizard and Data Loader will be the only two remaining Salesforce tools available to import data. Please post in the Group @Data Import for any questions or comments. cc: @APAC Success Central @Official: Salesforce Infrastructure @** Success - Premier Central ** @EMEA Success Central More

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Elna Miller

[Weekly Update] Release Readiness & Feature Adoption, February 17 2017 #BeReleaseReady! Spring ‘17: Lightning Strikes the Service Console! Thursday, February 23 @9am PT TLS 1.0 Disablement – July 22, 2017 Next webinar: February 24 @10am PT This Week’s Highlights -Spring ‘17 Success Plans Overview (recap) -Introducing Salesforce Optimizer! -Spring ‘17 Hot Topics: Account Hierarchy in Lightning (recap) -Influence the Roadmap for Account Hierarchy Find the Easter Egg: Click on one of the hearts in this week’s update to spread some love. @Matthew Horton @Claudio Castro @Elizabeth Buck @Cari Aves @Julia Zhang @Jean-Baptiste Minchelli #[Release Readiness & Feature Adoption - Weekly Updates] More

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