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Cindy Wu

Tasks on Salesforce App: CRM tasks are no longer linked under Opportunities Related on the Salesforce app. Now, the task has an individual object on the menu. It used to be under Opportunities Related. Is that a setting or they changed the phone app completely? #SalesforceLive #Spring20 More

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Marie Niekamp

Hello. I am super excited about Using Before-Save Updates in Flows! Unfortunately, I don't see the option for "New or updated records—flow makes fast field updates" under the "What Launches the Flow" when I create an autolaunched flow and open the Start element. I checked and I do have the View All Data permission. Is there something else I should check? More

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Amanda Lane

Summer '20 Release Logo Contest is here! Please help us choose the new logo. Find the final three contestants in the comments below. Voting ends Friday, January 31 at 9am PT. More

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Cindy Wu

SF dropfiles: Something changed in lightening. I used to just be able to drop in files under attachments. Now I have to upload files one by one. Is possible to drop all the files at one time? #SalesforceLive #Spring20 More

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Stefanie Sullivan

When can I test out Opportunity Scoring in a sandbox? More

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