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Jennie Desbiens

I was so excited to hear about the Full View (Beta) which I believe was the first thing introduced by Diana in the highlights webinar for #Summer19. The UI has been the big obstacle for us transitioning to Lightning as the general consensus is that the information is too spread out compared to the Classic UI. Hence people still opt for Classic. When going to enable the feature though, I find that it says it's not available for my org. I spoke to Support who informed me as per the release notes that it's not available for all orgs (not sure on what criteria) and that some were disqualified based on having too many fields or related lists (unknown number). Needless to say very disappointing as this would help us turn a corner with Lightning... More

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Rachana Chaudhari

Where can I access the recording for yesterday's webinar "Summer '19 Release Overview - Sales Cloud?? More

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Jessica Eiselman

#Summer19 I heard @Gillian Bruce share on the Admin Live Summer Release webinar that the new row formula feature in Lightning reports could be used instead of the Power of 1 field that we currently use on each object. How is that done? More

17 hours ago · 3 comments · 2 likes

Lujan Galvano

Hello everyone! I have noticed about the end of life of classic in October, so, i am in panic, because I have to update all my apps and the knowledge too, and so codes will be affected. Do you know if this features will be affected? Have I do a plan to migrate everything? Thanks for your help! Best Regards!! More

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Farzana Khan

#Summer19Ask After summer 19 release we are facing issue with Lead conversion. We are getting very generic error with no specific fields or specific errors indicated. After some research I found an article which said similar issue was faced after Winter'18 Release and some org could solve it by checking off “Require Validation for Converted Lead” from Lead Setting, it is not helpful in our case. We also raised a case with Salesforce but didn't hear back from them yet. Please help me to solve this issue as it directly effects pipeline. More

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