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Abhijit Shrikhande

I am stuck at this badge. - Prepare Your Salesforce Org for Users The last step is to create chatter groups. I have created both chatter groups - All Sales and All Supports and also created the relevant posts. It won't mark the trail as complete. I have copied the post message exactly from the trail, to avoid typos. I have logged a case for this as well. Case # is 00066781 More

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Pip Morphet

🥤 Mango Smoothie (March '19) Content Release Mango the distance and follow this smooth trailmix featuring 19 new flavours! 🌟 Public trailmix: 🐦 SHARE ON SOCIAL! Twitter: Facebook: 👀 Check out what’s inside 🏕️ Trails Build Flows with Flow Builder Build, test, and distribute flows to automate your business processes. Administer a Salesforce B2C Commerce Site Set up users, transfer data, and manage instances to keep your ecommerce site running Build Your Salesforce B2C Commerce Consulting Practice Build a successful consulting practice with B2C Commerce implementation projects. Configure Your App with Custom Metadata Types Learn to use custom metadata types declaratively and programmatically. 🎇 Modules Writing for myTrailhead Create engaging myTrailhead content for your company. Einstein Next Best Action Recommend offers and actions at the point of maximum impact. Service Metrics Make better business decisions based on customer service data. Data Studio Basics Learn about consumer data consent and secure data-sharing. Journey Campaign Analytics and Optimization Improve your journey campaigns and measure their performance. Content Builder Email Personalization for Partners Create highly personalized emails with Content Builder. Lightning Scheduler Schedule customer appointments for your business. Business Experimentation Test your business ideas using well-designed experiments. Priority Support Services Learn how Salesforce can help protect your customers from business disruptions. 🛠️ Projects Integrate Local and Remote Data in Einstein Analytics Create an end-to-end integration process to load and prepare data from different sources. Set Up Case Escalation and Entitlements Create processes to help support teams become more efficient. Find and Fix Bugs with Apex Replay Debugger Replay debug logs in Visual Studio Code to discover the root cause of errors in your code. Develop an Account Geolocation App with Aura Components Use Aura components to develop an app that displays account search results on a map. Set Up a Community Build and customize a community. Set Up Salesforce Knowledge Create, customize, and manage your knowledge base. 🌍 REMINDER: Use the language drop-down picker to see the localized updates of our existing content in German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. More

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Kevin Ringham

Trailhead Team, I am working on a Hands-On Challenge called 'Become a Data Explorer' I have Analytics Studio open and working, but in the challenge currently it is asking to open the 'DTC Opportunity' and receive the error "The data required to execute the query is temporarily unavailable. Please retry the request at a later time." Had this been brought to your attention yet? Thanks for any feed back! - Kevin More

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Swati Kuntullu

Hi Team, I have completed Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter ’19) on Trailhead but it shows me that I am still 1 exam behind under the current credential status. I have linked my Trailhead account and Webassessor account. Can someone guide me to fix it up? Here is my Trailhead Account shows completion of winter '19 maintenance exam: More

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Subrat kumar Ray

Hi Team, I have completed winter 19 maintenance badges (admin, pd I and app builder) but only admin status is uploaded on webassessor. You can see the badges on "". I created a case in Trailhead help, but it does not give me a case number, shows the message (uploaded screenshot). Please help. Regards More

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