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Geoff Becker

I am currently working at a state university and working on getting Salesforce up and running. Data sharing is my first obstacle, does anyone in the educational setting have any governance models they'd be willing to share? I'd like to start with governance so things will hopefully go more smooth after that! Thank you for any help! More

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Allison McNamara

I am trying to use process builder to pull multi picklist values from a field on the Account object to the same field on the Contact object. My process is set up as follows: 1. Process starts with Account, when record is created or edited. Recursion unchecked 2. Execute Action: Conditions are set to Segmentation field contains each value, is changed - true, is null - true, when any of the conditions are met 3. If true, Immediate Action: update contact records, no criteria, set new value for Segmentation on Contact with a field reference to Segmentation on Account This seems to work fine, when I deselect all values from the Segmentation field on an account the segmentation field on contact will update accordingly. However, when I check back a few minutes later the segmentation field on contact has repopulated with the previous value all on their own without updating the field on the Account record. Can someone explain to me why this is happening and how to remedy it? More

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Amanda Smith

Hi, i am looking to see if anyone can recommend some apps for us. We are looking at territory planning, and i have noticed there are a few Map apps - anyone got some reviews? We are also looking at questionnaires for some trade shows. I have looked at a few, but when it came to exporting the results they didn't seem great , so again recommendations on this would be great. Thanks Amanda More

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Pradip Chatterjee

I am stuck up at a current development. I have a an object with territory t1 date d1, territory t2 date d2, territory t3, date d3 etc. I have another transaction table having territory field, transaction date and other data as well. I need to filter transaction table to get all transaction data for t1 territory after d1 transaction date, t2 territory after d2 transaction date and t3 territory after d3 transaction date etc. as transaction table having good amount of data, i do no want to load full transaction table and manipulate. please help if you have any solution. More

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Guy Ben-eliezer

While running the following scenario(Customize the Salesforce Platform)in trailhead - From the gear icon (), click Setup to launch the setup page. - Click the Object Manager tab. - Click Contact. - Under Fields & Relationships, click New. Expected result: New form will be opened Actual result: The contact form remained blank What can be the reason for this behavior? More

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