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Nathalie Salomez

Hello, I'm a new player in Trailblazer … It seems that I'm not system admin of my Salesforce instance as I don't see anymore details on my setup section... Can someone help to recover my full access? Much appreciate! More

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Kelly Kaulfuss

I am trying to install the dreamhouse app package. I could you use some guidance but it doesn't seem that their is any customer service support thru trailblazer. is there anyone that will talk to you? More

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Sara Di Martino

Hello everybody I'm here because I need your precious help about MARKETING CLOUD ANALYTICS BUILDER REPORTS. I have sent an email to a Sendable Data Extension where the users had different values for the field "COUNTRY". I would like to know if there is any report useful to understand the performance of the email sent according to the different "COUNTRY values" present in the Sendable Data Extension. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much Best Regards Sara More

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Melissa Linn

Hello! I am setting up Products & Pricebooks for the first time and I am having some difficulty setting up formulas for discounts. Specifically, I have different products that can be discounted at the sales reps discretion up to a certain percantage (15%) and then they can request approval for up to 30%. I wanted to do the maximum discounts just in a formula field. I know I can make a validation for it but was told it would be better to do a formula? More

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Roman Mota

If I want to print a case I select printable view and send it out for printing. Does anybody know how to "select" many cases (let's say 100) and send them all out for printing without having to open each one in Salesforce? Thank you for your help, Roman More

1 day ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

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