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航平 高見

Is the Salesforce Blockchain (link attached) available in Japan or only available in certain regions? More

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Abhishek Sinha

Is there any way to merge two Trailblazer Community account, if yes how? And what all is merged in that. More

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Chandra Karanam

Hello Trailblazers, We, at THE MOSAIC COMPANY, are hiring a SF Business Analyst in the Tampa Bay area and I would like to share the job posting with anyone out there who is interested. Please free to apply at the weblink below or send me your resume at Please share freely with your friends and colleagues. Regards, Chandra Karanam More

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Paul Meekin

Hi friends, I have no idea at all if I am in the right place to ask this question. I am currently creating content in SalesForce Lighting / Classic, and have a bunch of color coded tables - there's roughly 9-10 colors across multiple tables that need to be pasted into a section. When I copy from Google Docs to SalesForce's rich text editor, the formatting mostly remains, but the colors don't transfer - in both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. This results in having to go in and manually adding cell colors roughly 10-24 times per article I update or create. When I copy 'source' of the doc as an HTML page, it works for half a second, then turns to code gibberish after publishing. Is there an easy way to get this stuff to transfer to the Rich Text / Source Editor and maintain most of the formatting and the colors? Greatly appreciate any advice or direction you can give me. Ya'll are great. Happy Monday! Paul More

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Sarah Khalid

Hi everyone, I completed the Add Sound Effects to Your Salesforce Org project well before August 7 but I never received the special Trailshred community badge as mentioned on Will this appear after August 7 or am I missing something? Can someone please help? More

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