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Vera Cvetkovic

recently changed company how to merge my badges from previous accounts? More

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Ryan Cote

How do I build a report that will tell me what Opportunities we have Open that DO NOT have an action assigned to them? I know we have a bunch of Opportunities that are logged but no new action is logged to be taken. More

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Ronak Patel

Hello Everyone! I was hoping I could get some help with allowing Reports to display for my employers Community. Recently, my employer bought a Customer Community Plus License so our clients can access Reports. However, I am unsure what step I am missing to make this possible in the Community. I have made sure the Profile has Reports and Dashboard tab to default on, and I have also made the specific folder under Reports accessible to everyone. I have also made sure the Community displays Reports and Dashboards. When I login to the community as an Admin I can see the Reports tab on the Navigation Menu and access it. But, when I login as a Client Community user I can not see the Reports tab. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you! More

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Tobias Kapinos

Hi community, my Salesforce Inbox App on iOS is not able to respond to Outlook invitations. On Android we don't have this issue. Does anyone have experience with this? More

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Breandan Stempa

Is there a user guide for entry level Salesforce reporting? More

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