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Joseph Metz

Newbie here, feeling lost. Im at "Install Apps and Package in YourTrailhead Playground" When I hit "Launch" it takes me to my trailhead page with the only live link it "Return to Playground" which takes me to the page where I can open "Install Apps and Package in YourTrailhead Playground" What am I doing wrong? More

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LIU ziming

Hello, i have a question about ``Modify your data model`` unit, i follow the instructions creating two type of record for Case. And under the layout of un account, when i scroll to the `case` lower on the page and click new, the system doesn`t show the choice for type of the record, while if i click on the ``Case``, it turns to a full page with cases list. Then it shows the choice of record type when i click new. Is that normal or i missed something? Thanks for your help. More

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Carla Shroyer

When in Lightning Case Management - When entering a case from the account record could the account name be automatically populated, right now the user has to click to search the account name. Thank you! More

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Eric Ramires

Salesforce and CPQ Opportunities at Hi there! New batch of great Salesforce and CPQ opportunities at https// Thanks! More

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Anet Gambina

Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards Superbadge Challenge For anyone having issues with NOT seeing a Data Import tab after they've installed the SolarBot unmanaged package .. .here's what I did to fix: From Setup, locate and click Installed Packages. You should see both the Trailhead and SolarBot package installed. If you don't see both packages, the unmanaged package is not installing to the correct Trailhead Playground (TP), thus causing the Data Import tab not to appear. I viewed the code and did a copy/paste on the unmanaged package link. When you click the unmanaged package link from the module, a new tab opens. Unmanaged Package Link: When you click this link, the "" appends your Trailhead link which would be fine normally, however, you have been instructed to create a new Trailhead Playground. My TP Link You want the beginning part of the URL to match your TP URL. So change the first part of the link to look match your TP: More

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