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Imed Hammami

Défi pas encore terminé dans My Trailhead Playground 5 Could not find the 'Account__c' field on the custom object named 'Energy_Audit__c'. My Trailhead Playground 5 More

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Craig Alleman

First Time asking a question here: in the Admin Trailhead, Create Reports and Dashboards I go through all the steps to create the report and get the error message: The 'Suggestions: By Status' report is not a summary report Tried this in different browsers. same result. What am I missing? More

4 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Houria Mekla

Hello Everyone, i just startedthe certification "Admin Beginner" and I cannot validate my "Defi" i followed all the steps to "build a custom offer object" on My Trailhead Playground 2. I have tried it and it works well but once i want to validate the "Defi" to get my point and move forward i receive this message "Défi pas encore terminé dans My Trailhead Playground 2" I have deleted everything and start it again from scratch but nothing has changed still the same message. Someone can help please? Thanks a lot :) More

4 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

ibtihal tahiri

Hello everyone ! I am still new to SalesForce , and i just started the certification "Admin Beginner", and i am still stuck in the unit Lightning Experience Customization - Set Up Your Org, the problem is i keep getting this error Could not find the 'Account__c' field on the custom object named 'Energy_Audit__c'., but i just cant seem to find the problem cuz as you can see on the object manager the field Account__c does appear , the API is correclty set, help please! More

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Jonathan Fox

During this difficult time for all, the Leeds Trailblazer Community is hosting a weekly Monday morning coffee and catch up. Welcome to everyone WORLDWIDE 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM UK Timezone every MONDAY - A chance to chat about your weekend and offload any trouble you may be facing but hopefully a place to relax and chat before the week ahead! More

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