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Superbadge - Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboard Specialist error on Sales Folder

I set up the reports folders but when I check the challenge I get this error:

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According to the documentation the naming convention is SolarBot (Team name) Reports.  I have created the Sales folder with this convention:
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The specs also state the access is as follows:
  1. The Report and Dashboard admins should be able to see the reports and grant/restrict access to the folders
  2. The Sales Leadership Team can see the reports and grant/restrict access to them
  3. The Sales Team can only see the reports.
According to the documentation here (, the only level that allows for controlling of the access is the "manage" level, which is what I set the Sales Leadership Team to.
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I am confused on what I am missing in this to get the error.
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Rebecca HendricksRebecca Hendricks
I figured it out.  I had mis-interpreted this line in the documentation: 
  • Executive Team members can see all reports and change executive reports
I had interpreted it as Executive members can see and change all Executive reports.  Not that they can see ALL reports, and change only the executive reports.  Once I shared the Sales folder with the Executive Team members, the error went away.