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Stephen ParkinsonStephen Parkinson 

Formula field return results on separate lines

On my custom object I have 3 checkboxes, call them checkbox1__c, checkbox2__c, and checkbox 3__c. I would like to create a formula field that says, for example, If checkbox 1 is ticked return the value Blue, if Checkbox 2 is ticked return the value Red and if checkbox 3 is ticked. If all 3 are ticked it would say Blue Red Green but I would like them displayed in the field on separate lines like this


Is this possible with a formula field?

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
IF(Checkbox1__c, "Blue"     + BR(), NULL) +
IF(Checkbox2__c, "Red"      + BR(), NULL) +
IF(Checkbox3__c, "Green",           NULL)