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Paulien van der KriftPaulien van der Krift 

Geocodes latitude and longitude are not always being filled: why and how to fix it?

For an Org we use the geocodes data integration rule for Account Shipping Address. But longitude and latitude are not always being filled, even though a Google Maps widget does find the location. My check concluded that sometimes, addresses are just not being filled in correctly. But often they are and yet the geocodes remain empty. When I copy and paste the address in Google Maps or in the address is found without problems.

I can't find a proper explanation for this within the community answers. Can anyone help?
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Paulien,

1. Make sure that Geocodes for Account Shipping Address is active.
2. Create custom fields for Latitue and Longitude.
4. Make sure that the address is complete.

Here's an example:

User-added image

Hope that helps.