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Ann CsongeiAnn Csongei 

Dramatic spike in hard bounces??

I send a monthly eNews to 256 partners. Last month: 2 unsubscribes. This month: 162 hard bounces! Reason listed: "Block bounce...Rejected by header based manually Blocked Senders..." Prospect Activity has no manual unsubscribe. What happened?
Niranjan MankameNiranjan Mankame
Hi Ann,

A block bounce, which is considered a type of soft bounce, occurs when the email server rejects the email due to filter issues, such as URL blocks, lack of proper authentication, or the domain or IP address is found on a blacklist utilized by the receiving domain. A subscriber who receives a block bounce is retried in the next email send.

Please check the below for reasons of your block bounce: 

Complaint: Your email is blocked due to complaints
BlacklistIP:  address is on a blacklist
Content: Message was filtered due to content
URL Block: Emails containing your URLs are blocked
Authentication: Message lacks required authentication

please check with this link (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_es_bounce_mail_management.htm&type=5)

Thanks & Regards
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
OOps careful there!! salesforce licences are for individual use only.
This is a self-service community for customers to help each other, whilst generating reusable content. 
Not for sales nor selfpromoting businesses, please stop this approach.
If you are registered the AppExchange team can help you with an actual go to market strategy that wont damage your brand.
Ann CsongeiAnn Csongei
Ines, I'm totally confused by  your response. My Saleforce license is totally legitimate, used only by me. Others users in our organization have their own license. I'm not looking for a go to market strategy. I was trying to find out what would have made my monthly email go from 2 hard bounces to 162 in one month, on a list i've been using for years (ie. it's unlikely that 63% of my subcribers suddenly unsubscribed). I don't know what "selfpromomting" you're referring to???
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Ann, sorry that goes to the other answer profile https://success.salesforce.com/profile?u=0053A00000E5C3B