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Junping SunJunping Sun 

Superbadge Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Challenge 7

I got following error message.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position.
But I think my size or position is correct like attachment image.User-added image
Amit SinghAmit Singh
Follow the below steps which might help you pass the challenge.
SolarBot Pipeline by Stage:
Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
Component Type: Vertical Bar
Tip:Max Groups Displayed = 9
Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership:
Report: Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership
Component Type: Vertical Sack Bar
Tip: Stack to 100%
Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship:
Report: Temperature to kWh Research
Component Type: Line Type
Tip:X Axis=Temperature Range and SolarBot Model
Y Axis=Average KiloWatt Hours
SolarBot Evangelism Countdown:
Report: Accounts without SolarBot Opportunities
Component Type: Gauge Type
Tip: Careful the Segment Range Setting
Opportunity Overview:
Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
Component Type: Lightning Table
Tip: Set Prospecting first on the list stage opportunities

For more information check with below link.
Please let us know if any further help is needed.
Hung HuaHung Hua
Hi Amit Singh / Junping Sun 

I have the same "'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position" issue and still can't find the solution. Do you have any solution for it ? 

User-added image
Junping SunJunping Sun
@Amit Singh
I have seen the article and change my dashboard but even got the error before I send the question. It seems the position is incrrect if the error message is trustable. 
@Hung Hua
It still in truble, mybe we need create a new fresh org.
Hung HuaHung Hua
@Junpoing Sun, 
I created a new fresh org before doing this superbagde. 
my credentialsUser-added imageUser-added image
can anyone help on this errorUser-added image
Fernando VieiraFernando Vieira

@Ravi Raj

Try to review the "R&D Report Modifications" requirements.

Kathy RussellKathy Russell
Can anyone please help with Challenge #7 SolarBot Pipeline by Stage on the error message of incorrect size or in the icorrect position? I have tried so many diffrent box width/length it is not funny any more. The focus should not be so much on this size so one can't move forward.
Mangesh JadhavMangesh Jadhav
@ Hung Hua and Kathy Russell,
               Did you get the answer for The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position
Kathy RussellKathy Russell
No I have not. 
Mangesh JadhavMangesh Jadhav
@ Hung Hua, Junping Sun and Kathy Russell,               
                              This error occuered due to we placed dashboard in incorrect size. Please check Requirements. As mentioned
  1. SolarBot Pipeline by Stage: Position this 6X4 component in the upper left of the dashboard
  2. Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership: will be tall—3X8 in front of SolarBot Pipeline by Stage
  3. Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship: Place this 4X4 component below the SolarBot Pipeline by Stage component
  4. SolarBot Evangelism Countdown: Place this 2X4 component between Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship and Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership
  5. Opportunity Overview: make it 9X4 across the bottom
Please find attachment and let me know if any issue.

User-added image

Kathy RussellKathy Russell
Thank you for your time but that does not. I already had that information in step. I really don't know for sure how many boxes equals 6x4. Plus I aready tried everything that I have already view by other people. Thank you again.
Mangesh JadhavMangesh Jadhav
Just 6 column and 4 row . And put it on top right corner
Kathy RussellKathy Russell
That did the trick. Thank you very much for all your help. I really do appreciate it.
Rana HamidovaRana Hamidova
@Mangesh Jadhav, thank you for your help! I was so confused with the positioning! Much appreciated