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Mark DwyerMark Dwyer 

Waiting for Test Report from Salesforce DX CLI

Hi all,

I am writing a build script to trigger tests with sfdx force:apex:test:run, and then to check the resulting report in order to fail/pass the build.

My question is, if I run sfdx force:apex:test:report --testrunid <SOME ID> --json, what statuses or other values returned can I use to determine the test job has completed before proceeding and checking passed vs failed test counts?

Does this command block until the test run job completes?  Or will I need to poll it periodically and read some field to determine when the job has completed?  I couldn't find any documentation on what is returned in the JSON output. and I don't have a large test suite to replicate a long running job to determine what I should be checking for.

I'm assuming I'll need to look at something in result -> summary -> outcome, but unsure which values.  I noticed there is a -w (wait) parameter, which seemed to possibly hint that the command blocks until the job either complets or times out?

Any help much appreciated.

Pratima ShrivastavPratima Shrivastav
Hi Mark,
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